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Game suggestion for INTx (The Talos Principle)


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Today 10:20 AM
Apr 5, 2021
I would like to suggest a game perfect for NTs: The Talos Principle.

It's a first/third person 3d puzzle-game similar to Portal series, but better in my opinion. The puzzles later on are quite challenging. However, it's in the kind of reasoning you need to imply that the game really shines. It requires a lot of lateral, out-of-the-box thinking: you have the constant feeling of cheating the game itself by idealizing creative, innovative solutions to problems, which happen to have multiple solutions sometimes. Also, there are many tools you have to use for solving the puzzles: the interesting thing is that you need to figure out by yourself how to use those tools, every time discovering new innovative ways of utilizing them. I personally felt like a scientist in this regard. Moreover, the game follows a unique way of storytelling, and the suble theme is rather philosophical, with problems like "what is consciousness", "what is humanity", "what means to be alive", artificial intelligence, God and spirituality, and so on.

I couldn't reccomend a game more. Have you ever played it? Did you enjoy it?
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