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  1. Thoughts on this music website!

    Check it Out: https://www.guitaa.com/chords/anson-seabra-robin-hood
  2. Should I first go for the interview or music promotion for my new music?

    Hey everyone! I've just created my own music and was hoping to promote it. I've found several websites or persons who are promoting it and are also providing copyrights things, but strangely I found someone who was providing me the interview thing as well. what should i do? Will these things...
  3. Chords extracting website

    Guitaa - Immersive music learning platform
  4. flow

    Greatest Hip Hop Albums of All Time

    Okay, I dunno how most INTPs feel about hip hop, but there are actually great, intellectual, hip hop albums out there. I'm sure I've missed a few, so if you have any suggestions I'd be much obliged! Some of my favorite albums (in no particular order): Dr. Dre - Chronic 2001 (the production is...
  5. flow

    low-fi lovelies

    Over the course of the summer I've dived pretty heavily into this genre of music, probably because there are suddenly an abundance of artists doing it so well. If anyone else digs this kind of stuff, I've got a few recommendations! The first band is Neon Indian, their debut album releases in...
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