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Default Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

I journal 2-3 hours daily, as a reflection/meditation period where I can get a sense of who I am, from yet another perspective. Please provide feedback in regards to what you think.. does it spike interest? bore you with overly worded crap? Does it get accepted into your thoughts or does it get denied by confusion? Brutally honest people don't hurt me. If life was a pity party, I would have committed suicide long ago.

To be the greatest individual my genetics will allow.

Self-awareness, reflection, situational dissection, adapting to current environmental situations, respondent to clues I provide in regards to my internal perspective. Remain honest and apply no bias mannerism towards digestion of newly acquired information, acceptant of mistakes and recognizing that development is the name of the game. Mastery is boring, understanding that you'll eject into something different once you internally understand one subject, whoring myself out to new information simply because I am addicted to absorbing information, I am obsessed with understanding concepts, simply to maybe use them as something completely different, hence joining the two links into a brand spanking new concept, invented by this regular guy, in possession of an absolutely regular brain. No advancement classes or college expertise was required in my development, nor am I a Mensan.

How proudly will I fly my flag of discoveries letting my normality flag fly in regards of simply being different in conceptualization and remaining unique in particular aspects of humanity that breed innovation and discovery. Not the IQ of the human that conceptualizes the concept.

My theory is that IQ is only a time reference system. How fast can your brain process information. What about those who spend a lifetime of analysis on subjects that they absolutely adore? They have done the research on those who are gifted, use their insight as guidance into their normality of being genetically tied to their brain, and seemingly break ground into new revolutionary thoughts, once a label only for the gifted members who can think outrageously fast. If you want to achieve outrageous results, use outrageous drugs. Amphetamines grant a fantastic ticket for my brain to temporarily become amazing, which I plan on sustaining until it kills me. Addicted? Absolutely, but for a good cause. That cause is to break ground into discovery, document my wonderful experience of enlightenment, briefly experiencing amazing conceptual ideals, and journal my daily surpassing normal human insight, and also providing the stamina boost required to achieve the unreachable potential of our human minds. bypass the intelligent quota of their human minds. By choosing to spend quality time instead of rapidly breezing through subject context.

Those who can wrestle with the genetic predispositions of normality, surpassing even the brightest minds by utilizing their own creations they label as tools, will become the epitome of human ingenuity.

Daily reflection and insight
Author: Confidential, 6-1-1987/12-21-2016,
Document composed using: Windows 7 and Windows basic documentation tool, "Notepad".
Timeframe: 6:57P-8:08P (1 hour 11 minutes of reflection)
Disclaimer: this is unedited and may contained misspelled words and contain unacceptable grammar, some things may not make sense and this is just my rough draft and is simply a tool to get my inner thoughts into a the universe.

Overdeveloping one's vocabulary with unusual terminology creates gaps in the ideas they share. Language is the tool to express ones inner thoughts, nothing more. Grammar shows that the writer has knowledge and has attention to detail to their inputs. Spelling shows where they are in life. The flow of their expressions show their true intelligence. This can be manipulated to create a sense of stupidity, if that is your intent, which sometimes is a great disguise. When I am meeting new people, I talk with a southern drawn accent and wear camoflauge to cover my intelligence. How many people relate white people wearing camoflage with being a nerdy intellectual? Certainly not me.

Simply simplify.

Einstein once said "If you cannot explain something to a five year old, you do not understand it yourself." This is simply untrue, to understand somethings, you may need to cover several foundational aspects before the understanding of the subject you're explaining even becomes remotely understandable. This is why I choose to spend so much time with philosophy, Philosophy to me is for those who do not understand the foundational aspects of life, such as myself.

Turning cellphones around in their caring case acts as a screen protector and only makes the back part of the phone susceptible to damage.

Always ask for discounts and haggle everywhere you go. The only time something is good enough to buy, is when it's at a discounted cost. No haggling, no deal. Always get the lowest price for goods, no matter what it takes. The internet is the best place for purchasing goods. The reason? Overpopulation of businesses and access to competitive prices without inconveniences on the purchases. If you can't wait out a shipping process, you need to seek counseling.

Additional details regarding the statement above, this only applies to those who have the capability of doing so, if the transaction is taking place with a cashier, you are wasting time, a cashier simply charges the set cost of the item and waits for the customer to pay for the goods, the goods are then allowed to leave the store into society to be consumed.

There are so many ways to make money in this world, there is absolutely no excuse why you don't have any. I am starting to realize that those who cannot make money are not paying attention to their surroundings and gathering insight during their periods of trade.

The basic understandings of human nature are the most critical parts of why the world is how it is. We start out as blank slates with no knowledge. As life develops, our perception becomes more and more diluted with past experiences that prevent us from seeing things clearly, there are unique aspects in every individual no one else on earth may possess.

Manipulation is amazingly complicated sometimes, those who have large amounts of insight and life experiences can formulate manipulation only to those with less insight and experience. Those who are equal will wage war, those who are superior will choose puppets. True vulnerability in my opinion means that something; whether is physical, ideological, alive or dead is susceptible to manipulation.

Prioritize your attention towards details give you the forensics to analyze them. No analysis will yield nothing from the experience, moderate analysis generates the most efficiency, long periods of analysis leads to boredom and frustration. Gather heavy forensics, analyses them moderately, learn from them, then document the results.

100% is a 100% delusion. 100% is only 100% in one hypothesis, anything is capable of happening, even during extremely consistent events.

Lifelong relationships are only possible when the relationship has no ties to the physical universe. Physically, nothing is ever given and nothing is ever received. Besides spending time and sharing moments. The only time a true friendship occurs is when two things can communicate effectively to create lasting relationships, feelings in both parties, one should not feel sad while one is happy, one should not feel anger while one is crying, one should not become frustrated while the other is caring, one should not become indifferent while the other is , become happy together, become angry together, become motivated together, understand the world together, do not live for the other person, remain living for yourself in the process but account for the condition of your friends. Reaching out to them frequently allows the relationship to have stability and helps ensure the quality is in good condition.

Introverted life is lonely, no doubt. Releasing my information into the hands of those who consider me a friend are the ones who will try to understand me and give me the opportunity to express myself the way I am. They will only appreciate me if I appreciate them. The experiences of friendship make life grand, lifting me into the clouds of enlighten allowing me to gain more out of life than remaining reclusive.

Introversion is not a cry for help, it is a search for answers.

Those who do not journal will vanish after death. Those who document their lives give themselves a fighting chance to live until the end of mankind. When I die, those who grieve will have a wonderful coping tool to bring back my existence.

Please write back with your thoughts and remarks, even respond back with some of personal insights, none of these documents contain the opinions of others and please avoid expressing other's opinions other than your own.

12/23/16 Friday/ 12/24/16 Saturday

Daily reflection and insight
Author: Confidential, 6-1-1987/12-21-2016,
Document composed using: Windows 7 and Windows basic documentation tool, "Notepad".
Timeframe: 6:00P-6:30P (1 hour and 19 minutes of reflection)
Timeframe 2: 1:07-3:47A (2 hours 40 minutes of reflection)

Disclaimer: This journal entry contains viewpoints that involve religion, if you are a religious person, you may find this article as unacceptable, please pray for me that I find god, I know that will help me change. Let god know that I need help, I also go beyond religion expressing my perception on death, which isn't that good for mental happiness, avoid it if ya want. However, it's my internal mind, I like to express things openly, so here it is. My Journal entry that touches subject topics on death, religion, and even my perception of suicide. I apply a lot of thinking into life, they are just thoughts and should never account as truths, establish this now, or you will regret joining that cult you haven't joined yet. This is unedited and may contained misspelled words and contain unacceptable grammar, some things may not make sense and this is just my rough draft and is simply a tool to get my inner thoughts into our universe.

Tonight's subjects contain a lot of social bullshit, However, my reflection upon the bullshit is rather insightful. This may not be my typical philosophy/intuitive thinking that I normally journal. Tonight was a social experiment. I recommend reading this, even though it contains social details, they lead to larger big picture understandings.

Everyone is capable of making mistakes, using mistakes as clues to determine judgements isn't acceptable. They should be viewed as completely human and we are all capable of doing them. Therefore should not be seen as incompetence.

On the contrary, expertise and competence should not make others appear as superior, with enough dedication to anything in life, good things happen, superior things are produced. Idolizing the things that are highly glorified should be reduced to understanding that anyone is capable of doing great things, of course they will have limitations, but to surpass the limitations in their subject will require them to thing strategically and to understand criticism and to criticize themselves according to the results of their actions.

Raw thoughts need to be proofread, when I proof read, I imagine myself as one who has no subject expertise, no knowledge prior, has moderately developed vocabulary, and is using judgmental tools to gain trust with my documents, understanding the reality of judgmental people is a great aspect to keep in mind when getting your point across to other people. If you apply enthusiasm, they will enjoy the subject matter, if you do not, they will become bored and withdraw their attention from the conversation.

Asking the opinions of others makes one feel important and builds the sense of trusting the person the question is directed to. This makes them feel powerful and can be used as a tool for people to want your friendship. Human nature has bonds that tie us all together, feeling important is one of them.

Topic: My internal hatred of EDITED^


Further details from prior paragraph:
I have the internal need to figure out how it functions, down to the last detail. When I have completed this task, I can then use it to potentially incorporate into my day to day life, viewing systems that are in play, seeing them in action, creating different scenarios the systems I have interacted with in my imagination during my reflection periods during the day, and possibly creating a new tool for society to use. I am not Albert Einstein, nor do I idolize him, however, I find many of my personal characteristics in his biography, one being that I use my imagination to project myself into the unknown things that I haven't experienced, which is the first step to introducing new ideas into society, which others can use. I don't give a damn about society, I don't seek to gain their respect, I want a little bit of each of their income. My guess is that there are 6.6 billion people walking this earth, I just realized I don't know how many people live in modern countries and that depend on technology in their day lives.

Reminder: Google how many people live in countries that thrive on technology. Designing new inventions and avoiding the corporate environment are set in my priorities in life, I don't care to work for others, nor do I have the motivation to do a wonderful job during my work schedule for them. In my perspective, I should 1) Never be employed ever again. 2) Never accept social normality's 3) Not accept social unique characteristics and apply judgement towards others based on their unacceptable behavior 4) To remain flexible, never standing firm in my beliefs that I have established. 5) Abandon my routines that others see as unacceptable due to the fact that they are socially unacceptable. I will do as I please; not seek to please others.

Topic: Fuck I'm Late for that Christmas Party.

7:15P Lost track of time journaling my thoughts, disbanding this wonderful experience for another one to attend family/friend Christmas celebration, Should I sacrifice the tardiness with hygiene? Probably, Realistically, I can't dedicate 45 minutes to self-groom/prepare for the occasion without upsetting someone. Fuck it, let's roll. Note: This is my perceiving trait of the MBTI in play. Characteristics include late for everything. I am an introvert that has a hard time getting into the extroverted atmosphere in life. I get anxiety.

Topic: Review of "Christmas Party"

8Christmas Party went well. The only like-minded individual that attends family events was at home. Adapting to situations is such an easy task for me, however I feel dishonest. I mainly drifted around the party, finding those who I saw getting left out, not conversation with others, or not having a good time, sat with them, getting to know them on a more personal level. Making me very popular for the rest of the evening... charming people, the only aspect of life that is 100% phony, my understanding of human nature carries me through this nonsense, which I feel like a psychopath for using, leaving me reflecting in negative aspects, googling things such as questionnaires of psychopathic behavior, social manipulation, recognizing charming people, etc. But why waste energy being phony? I just did it to fill the gap of my time, and to keep them from feeling stupid. I actually had some very insightful conversations with a couple of normal people about their lives. This typically happens when I talk to people. Asking open ended questions and actually digesting their thoughts is a social uniqueness, when I use this in social crowds, others cling to me, just to fucking talk about themselves. People absolutely love to talk about themselves, especially with people who act like the fucking care. Sorry for the phony counseling, I just needed to practice my social skills a bit,
Note: Andy Moore's girlfriends name is Jen. Which I openly admitted, reassuring her that I'm absent minded after her frustration and embarrassment. Also Nathan's girlfriend is Mary. Which I also forgot, asking the both of them made them feel equal and confirmed that I do, indeed, forget people's names. Me being the only person to ask the other person directly without whispering to others asking "What is that person's name again?" This felt more direct, less manipulative, and built a better understanding of who I am. Other's chose not to talk to the ones who they didn't know the names of, until they were able to directly approach the person with their name. In life, people shouldn't be expected to remember everyone's name, those who have importance, will be remembered, I sure as fuck don't want to waste my memory on people who don't have any impact on my life, thank god for short term memory loss. The brain's temporary junk folder or cache of required information for a short period of time. Good choice on that one evolution, good choice.

Topic: Normal Humans, Parental Stupidity

Those who are marked by me as normal, regular members of society. All my family, all xxxx's family besides xxx, which may be another misunderstood child being raised by stupid parents, therefore being stupid himself. (I have a personal bias towards those who are misunderstood, the bias states socially misunderstood individuals need to be monitored for intellectual superiority) His stepfather is extremely critical of him, probably due to lack of self-confidence which creates anger, frustration, and encourages abusive parental guidance methods. The poor man lacks in basic things such as human emotion and interacting according to human nature. Yelling at children unacceptable unless the behavior is completely uncalled for. Yelling at children for interrupting others, not a reason to raise your voice, (which is also interrupting others, making you appear as a hypocrite to those who observe and reflect onto the scenario) calm acknowledgement will suffice. Choosing masculinity with children signals lack of empathy towards vulnerable people and I label them as "Do Not Associate, Shake their hand, Acknowledge them, Do Not Convers ate.", "Ignorant/Unaware Human Being.", "Typical", "Abusive Parent". Anyone can yell. You are officially dismissed, you may return to your cave with finger-paintings, don't forget to drag your wife by the hair when you go out for food, don't want her to run off and fuck other cavemen right? I hope your shitty wife sticks up for her only son, she's probably terrified to be a single mother, but she is missing the larger scale of things, you aren't exactly a role model parent with good parental tools. , typical abusive step dad you are. Judgement gets points on this one. 100% truth in the bias of step dads are terrible role models, sorry kids, childhood is honestly the roughest stage in life. It was for me, too. It will pass and things will become better. You'll have to take anxiety medication for that once you're an adult, which is fine. It's good shit. If you don't use it, sell it to addicts. Make money off your childhood. Sometimes all you are to your parents is a tax return anyways. Humanity is fucking cruel.
Fucking parents who treat children as inferior adults deserve punishment. I had to pacify the argument, approached the 11 year old, ensured him that it's okay to make mistakes, and that his stepdad needs to get ignored if he is being aggressive. I saw the embarrassment on his stepdad's face when I was giving his stepson advice, Yep. That just happened. Fucking asshole. I'm doing your job. Let us not forget the job of parents, (even though I am not one), and that job is to raise your kids into the best adult that your given genetics will allow. They are not punching bags, frustration outlets, slaves, experimentation tools, manipulation puppets. They are human beings and we have all experienced childhood, data proven statistics show that childhood can determine the quality of life after the childhood period. Childhood is where you gather a lot of internal problems that make life much more difficult as an adult. Those with anxiety disorders may have gained the disorder from aggressive behavior during times of vulnerability with adults. Those who lack confidence may have not had parental support. Those with overly supportive parents, may provide too much cushion for their children to develop self-awareness. Overly supporting children may also prevent empathetic understandings and reasons on why to avoid aggressive, negative input towards undeveloped minds, and not to overly criticize those who are sensitive and who may not digest their criticism in a constructive manner.
Note: Remember your childhood when dealing with children, remember the feelings that were generated during punishment and the fear was felt when things were out of control. View the from their perspective, why do people abandon their childhood memories when they're parents? Ceasing to remembering internal feelings where their parents belittled them. Children are powerless, they also lack life experience.

Topic: A story of denying religion in front of your friends and family (At Christmas dinner, Why not?) .

I took up a stand during the moment of prayer, (metaphorically) and kept eating my food to fly the flag that I don't practice religion, might as well go ahead and see who gets pissed off now, I do agree Christmas dinner may not have been the absolute best choice of timing.

Others made comments about not participating and to stop eating. I acknowledged that I was aware of the prayer. that "I don't do that anymore."

This disgusted more people than I was anticipating! I'm not bowing my head for the lord, I told them to believe whatever they want. "I'm not interrupting your prayer, "stop interrupting the ones praying."

Why do I need to be punished by others for not participating in their rituals.
I understand this, on a foundational level.
1) Maybe the person is unaware of prayer taking place, give a reminder.
2) See if the person is a conforming individual who seeks others approval, accepting the normality factor, thus sacrificing their internal belief system to keep the ones around them from knowing they don't believe in prayer.

If they see it as a bad thing, they will be labeled as
INTP Bias 1. "Do Not Associate, Shake their hand, Acknowledge them, Do Not Convers ate.",
INTP Bias 2. "Ignorant/Unaware Human Being."
INTP Bias 3. "Typical"

Topic: Why INTPs (My labeled personality type) type are labeled as quiet, when in reality, we can't shut the fuck up.
Warning: Religious Opinions are expressed below.

This preserves my ideas internally which contributes to my reserved quietness, I will scare the living shit out them, even 1% of my thinking processes is enough to scare others, imagine if I went full blown verbally expressing my thinking, speaking my internal mind externally, with no filtration, "CALL 911, THIS GUYS FUCKING CRAZY, HE'S ON LSD, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT??" Would be the question to that answer, So I pass judgement and stay out of their delusional stubborn beliefs. They are FIRM believers in what they accept as the truth, holding onto their dearests thoughts,

unbearable thoughts are always hard to accept, it was incredibly depressing when I was reflecting on religion and that I established to myself, there is no afterlife. I was crushed! Fuck, we're not going to experience eternal life. This is scary!!! But I held firm in my belief, due to its rationality and held much more weight than having a preferred religion. I can see why they would be so resistant to the ideas that I believe in, such as life after death in my perspective is easy to determine, simply because I do have one thing in common with death, I have no memory of being alive before being alive, which gives me a clue to what live will be like when death occurs, which in my opinion, will be the same as before I was born. Unconscious nothing, for eternity, which is scary in terms of not being able to have life,

More reflection was needed, finally seeing another angle of my intuitive perception of the afterlife, giving me another feeling internally, where my reflection ended, peacefully establishing my internal concepts of death, "Meh, it's not bad.", "it's not good.", faction with death is still scaring me. The fact that dying will probably be uncomfortable and scary as fuck, remains the scary part. I can only imagine if suddenly I developed symptoms of a heart attack, freaking out, and dying. That part is going to be scary. My only countermeasure to that would be to end my own life, on my own dime, with a bullet directly into my central processing, which would be the brain, no pain, premeditation would provide comfort, I would die with no anxiety or fear, and I would walk into death with control, not allowing nature the chance to end it for me, thus giving me the conclusion that suicide may be the better choice in comparison with experiencing a natural death. My best option would be to sedate myself with sleeping medication and set a gun to fire while I was unconscious, thus never knowing I was ever alive, totally withdrawing myself into the unconscious realm of sleep before the actual death process occurs. comforting my anxiety of never experiencing life, not scary of 100% unawareness of anything. Unaware of anything that has happened, my whole life will not matter, the things that I did on earth will be exactly the same meaning to me as if I lived an incredible life, full of contribution, when I'm dead, that won't have any impact. Therefore, life itself, really is a joking matter. Only being a flicker of time, and passes almost instantaneously, which is why I am so indifferent about possessions and chasing the corporate lifestyle. I refuse to spend my very very short time on earth driving someone's business, to become their tool to generate income based on a larger scale, and by avoiding the work themselves by paying out dividends to those who can't get a business off the ground themselves or see life as work, work, work, for a business owner (who probably plays golf as a career and has the financial aspect of life automated), Don't ever try to do that.. oh no. You need to work and have "stability". I'd rather have my life in my own hands, avoid hourly/salary income, and work (if I even consider it work, which I don't) on inventing cool shit for dumbass people to use. Honestly, inventions don't even require a smart person. I'm not capable of delivering a Nobel prize winning discovery, but I can add some features onto things that are already on the market, which will resolve financial problems, not hourly, but residually! Which means that I'll have financial income payouts for the rest of my life. Those who don't work on creations and new inventions may not see the end results, disbanding their inventive thinking, trading them in for steel toe boots to go work for a steel mill, never ever using their brains again.

I am not knocking those who are religious, they can think whatever they desire, but they need to see that some others may not believe in their traditional thoughts, and they need to do what I am doing. Not get involved, shut the fuck up about other's beliefs, and hold onto the ones they believe in during the process. seeing another doesn't believe the same thing they do. Maybe it will allow them to become a little more acceptant to new ideas, if they're disregarding reflection periods, they may fall victim to believing new ideas that are untrue, which is why they lack the understanding of how the world actually functions. These people are the uninformed adults that dominate the middle class society.

Note: Reasoning behind my labeling; others can't understand my internal thought processes and I will cause this person a lot of problems if I drop my ideas onto their small plate of delusional thinking processes. They may lack the tools to have open conversations about possibilities, therefore I stay away from them, letting them associate with their like-minded friends. These people will likely end up hating me if I speak openly, therefore I keep them away from my internal thinking processes. What a sad life... No personal thoughts, Just repeating the thoughts of others is frustrating to witness, much like those watching me eat during their moments of prayer. I completely understand the frustration that generates internally. Who am I to judge them anyone as inferior. I would feel terrible convincing them into my beliefs, enforcing my ideas into their reality, if I could just tap into the positive aspects of opening their minds to self-awareness I would converse with society more frequently, but why invest energy into the ones that require training to converse with me? I wasn't trained in my internal thinking processes, I've always reflected on ideas, worked on them if I couldn't digest them accordingly, and made rational conclusions after learning the subject. There goes my narcissistic behavior kicking in, I'll stop ranting.

Note: Another natural human characteristic- finding likeminded individuals to associate with. I am guilty of doing this myself, by labeling those who are different than I am as "Do Not Associate", that is completely acceptable. I keep to myself and find those who are enlightened with open concepts and excel in critical thinking, those are my people. Completely understood. Judging is a tool we all use, even I.

12/23/16 7:17P
Please write back with your thoughts and remarks, even respond back with some of personal insights, none of these documents contain the opinions of others and please avoid expressing other's opinions other than your own.

Life Structure and Time Management:
24 Hours/ Day.
168 Hours/ Week 24*30= 20*3=60 60*10=600 4*30=120
720 hours/month
Socializing/ Extroversion/ Social Skills/ Experiences with Others: 5 Hours/ Week

Things to teach my nephew.

Breaking down Large Multiplication into Smaller Pieces to Solve the Equation.

First, get the number into easier forms.

24 reduced= 2 and 4, simplest. 20 and 4 for less steps,
30 reduced= 3 (you /10 to equal 3, so you would need to multiply anything by 100 to get the equation answered correct)

First, tackle the 20 portion:
1. 2 hours (2)*3) (try to simplify the question into manageable chunks)= 6
2. 6 needs to get * by 100 to get 30 days,

Second, Tackle 4.
4. 4*30 (20*30=600, (20 of 24), 4*30= 120. (4 of 24)
5. 120+600= 720 (add the two together to get your total)
6. The answer is 720

Third, add the two math problems.

(The first number in 10, then adding one zero every time we have dropped a zero from the actual question) In our case, we dropped 2 zeros and therefore need to multiply accordingly) first rule add 1, second step- place 2 zeroes in back. Answer= 100
Why? Any reduction in the question needs to get put back into regular format once the simpler ones are answered, we do this by first starting always with 1 6*100=600 (We have completed the 20 portion of the equation), we still have the 4 we need to calculate

To do list:
Practice Tasks 15 mins/day to secure into long term memory.
Conversations: 3 Individuals 2 days/week, capture the conversation for analysis
Large Basic Mathematic Equations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
Buy audio recorder to capture mom's gossip, hand out gossip recordings to all the family members and watch them wage war.
Dad's Christmas Gift: Install television into dad's footboard in his bedroom, further research is required.
XXX's Christmas Gift: Microsoft "Flow" automate some of his daily routines into the system, something that involves home projects/home improvement. Intrusion detection systems, maybe a raspberry pi with sensors
Mom's Christmas Gift: 50 hours of manual labor, no bitching, complaining, deliver this gift with a log report and signature sheet.
XXX's Christmas Gift: Musical Instrument/Music Lessons.

Future Project List:
Tekken 7 Guide 1,000 Hours Completion

Penetration Testing Equivalency to Bachelor's Degree: 4 years (5 hours/week. 5 months 30 days= 150 Hours/Semester. 300/Year) Homework Assignments (1/2 hour/subject daily, 25 hours on projects) 1 Hour study/reviewing material daily, proving knowledge of course material 1/week, quiz after daily lessons. Projects based on subject mastery to pass course and advance into the next subject or semester.
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

Do you take your emotions into sufficient account(to much logic suggests otherwise in many cases)?

Also don't you think this is to structured? While it's great for analysis I fear you could get stuck considering things in too static a manner. Though the biggest problem(and really my real complaint) I'd see in making a thought journal is how slow it is. My mind is way faster and having to slow down to write things down sounds like a pain. Maybe a bullet point list? Or particular points of contention?

Though, the actual content seems like of the kind/way I usually think.
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

Yo that's too many words...what's the tl;dr?
Have read little and understood less.
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

My vote is for less analysis and more cracking. Why limit yourself with your own genetic boundaries? Why do you exist and do what you do? Do you enjoy life in the present at any given moment? Why/why not?
"It keeps going and going and going..."
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

Cracking is not a term I am familiar with. Can you elaborate?
I limit myself in regards to not having the ability to manipulate my genetic expressions. Which also limits you. Denying these limitations would be too romantic and foolish for my depth of searching for universal truths, purity in conceptual intuitive thinking that syncs with our tangible universe is "Why is exist" on a moral compass. I "do" things in accordance to my own personal agenda. Which gets reestablished and shifted every 3 months to another scheduled agenda, which

Unfortunately, we are all limited in genetic boundaries. We don't ask for life, we're born without agreeing (theoretically, we may lose our memories in the agreement process of a different realm or dimension?) We do not choose our genders, personality characteristics, etc. We are limited, I do not limit myself, we have restrictions in our shared genome and also have just .1% of unique genetic expression. Also limiting in regards of genetic boundaries. (just emphasizing the scale of how fast I would "choose" to operate, I know that the IQ system has loaded perceptions, but still "benchmarks" our biological CPUs. The limitations are shackled into us all. I exist due to horny immature adults that chose to fuck. I would like to have delusional imaginary romantic perceptions on why I exist.. such as "serving a purpose", or "having a life that is bound by destiny".. but the cold hard truths of life offer me no feedback mechanisms.

I enjoy life, yes, absolutely. But with the help of drugs and vices. My brain chemistry is always tweeked with amphetamines, THC for relaxation/decompression/humor, Diphenhydramine for restful sleeping, alcohol very occasionally for belligerence. Phenibut for GABA control, aspirin/white willow bark to allow smooth blood flow in all of my internal plumbing. L Carnitine for mitochondrial energy production, L-Tyrosine for forming dopamine/seratonin, nicotine for... (wow, I don't know why I am addicted to nicotine... it doesn't do anything to assist in my functionality.. what a useless vice) Metformin (not diabetic, just to increase insulin sensitivity for nutritional absorption) and I also manipulate my brain's emotional status with harmonic

Need to cut off.. I'll pick up when I am not getting interrogated by my 4 y.o nephew.
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My vote is for less analysis and more cracking. Why limit yourself with your own genetic boundaries? Why do you exist and do what you do? Do you enjoy life in the present at any given moment? Why/why not?
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

It's a personal colloquialism for breaking psychological barriers... >.> <.< proactively. Compact post:

One of my goals was to get you to recognize that you also have access to aspects of agency that transcend the entire science of genetics, let alone your physical shell. Written words and actions (in that order) come to mind as more timeless modes of being. There are more.

You couldn't disagree either. Your agency does limit itself, however, just indirectly via reciprocal determinism. However, upon fully grasping reciprocal determinism, because an individual still possesses agency, its boundaries disappear upon the realization of its influence, and the entire concept of past choice (and time itself if you keep going on with cycles of integration and extrapolation from your own agency) goes with it. Present and future.

"I exist due to horny immature adults that chose to fuck." <3 Me too.

What if you simply couldn't know why? Existential puzzle...

The difference between a vice and an enhancer depends on the reason for use. As I imagine a heroin addict telling me they've been using it for years because of the experiential gain in perspective, I'll note the importance of not rationalizing one into the other. I enjoy life apparently with great zeal without drugs as vices and while being aware of the same existential funk (note <3). Am I lying about my subjective experience? You can't know. But if I'm not, then there's a pathway up the metaphorical mountain for you too.
Which then ties into the mechanisms of the dopamine and glutamate hypotheses of schizophrenia. I'm not saying that you're schizophrenic, just that these are the mechanisms involved.
Pretty much entirely unrelated, but with only a cursory glance, Hermes might just have some cottontail going on...
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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

Originally Posted by Seteleechete View Post
Do you take your emotions into sufficient account(to much logic suggests otherwise in many cases)?
I have a dopamine/seratonin problem. My emotions are not as high as other's, this has been counter measured by amphetamines. Yes, I factor in as many elements as I can think of when I'm documenting or analyzing subject matter.

Originally Posted by Seteleechete View Post
Also don't you think this is to structured? While it's great for analysis I fear you could get stuck considering things in too static a manner.
Structure isn't for me, it's for the reader. What purpose do words serve when they're not comprehensive and produce no clarity for the audience.

Originally Posted by Seteleechete View Post
Though the biggest problem(and really my real complaint) I'd see in making a thought journal is how slow it is. My mind is way faster and having to slow down to write things down sounds like a pain. Maybe a bullet point list? Or particular points of contention?
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Though, the actual content seems like of the kind/way I usually think.
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