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Old 6th-April-2016, 06:59 AM   #51
sPaCe CaDeT
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Default Re: Do you watch TV?

Rarely. Okay, I have been living vicariously through The Walking Dead, but now that this season is over, I will have plenty of more time to not watch any TV until next season.

I really cannot stand the incessant chattering that occurs on most shows. Commercials are incredibly annoying.

Mostly, TV just distracts from reading and contemplation.....and from the internet. I spend a lot of time in bed with that whore.
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Old 6th-April-2016, 07:35 AM   #52
tsuj a notelpmis
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Default Re: Do you watch TV?

Any day
Patterns in the radio. Oh, Em, Gee.
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Old 7th-April-2016, 01:25 AM   #53
*Silent antagonist*
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Default Re: Do you watch TV?

I find it quite hard to watch TV actually.
Probably a byproduct of growing up ina household in which the tv was hotly contended with 9 other people. However I've probably also fallen victim to the modern ailment of having a very short attention span, so I tune in whenever I like one show in particular (Game of thrones, Doctor Who) and then stop watching for another week.

Antiques roadshow is awesome! Antqiue shows are awesome in general.

Yes I'm 300 years old...
'He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting 'All the Gods are bastards.
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Old 13th-April-2016, 07:09 AM   #54
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Default Re: Do you watch TV?

No, unless someone turns it on, then I'll watch bits and pieces of it. I have the house to myself for about 11 hours a day until my brother returns home from school and my parents return from work. My dad usually turns on the tv when he reaches home, and he's always encouraging me to watch tv because he doesn't want to me to have any time to think for fear that I'll "think too much". That's bullshit anyway, he's an ESFJ dad. When I do watch movies, I find myself more interested in analyzing the techniques used to make us feel a certain way etc. than the actual movie itself. Of course, as a visual creature, I like looking at attractive actors and actresses.
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Old 2nd-November-2016, 01:06 AM   #55
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Default Re: Do you watch TV?

I watch TV in the sense of downloading the entire series after it is already over, but even then I usually give up after a few episodes because most of them just aren't very good. The idea of tuning in weekly at a specific time for "my show" seems very tedious and boring. I liked Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire but other than that it's mostly sci-fi (surprise!) like BSG, Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, etc. Sci-fi has some cheesy stuff in it too but it has enough nerdiness I guess that I can tolerate the cheese.

My favorite comedies have been The Colbert Report (biting social commentary), Last Week Tonight (biting social commentary), and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (twisted crazy humor with no boundaries)

I go "hot and cold" with tv and movies in general too. I don't watch anything for months then will watch a bunch all of the sudden for no particular reason.

Originally Posted by higs View Post
Adverts are really hateful, they set my teeth on edge. I hate how they're usually at a slightly higher volume than whatever series is on so they get your attention, it's aggressive and hard to blank out.
I download everything I want to watch, movies and series. I like the radio (channels with no ads).
Yep same for me. I know some relatives who will say "that's a good/funny commercial" but to me they are almost unbearable (honestly so are those relatives...).

Originally Posted by PaulMaster View Post
I actively resist marketing and advertising. One of my absolute least favorite things in the world is the giant commercial that the whole country (I've never left my own country) is becoming. Its as if every interaction is a sales pitch. The phoniness of it is beyond infuriating.

Is this a common INTP thing? Do we all hate advertising?
I can't speak for all of us obviously but so far it looks like the answer is yes. I think it just goes completely against what we like. It is usually totally lacking in information/detail or is just outright lies. It also tends to rely heavily on emotional manipulation which we are almost completely incapable of being swayed by. Advertising really isn't "made for us".

Even when I am thinking about buying a product that is somewhat expensive I will do hours upon hours of research learning about all the details of what may make one thing better than another, and the pros/cons of each. In the end I may up buying nothing too, or buying it months down the road.
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