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Default IRC Tutorial

Many people asked me for help about the IRC in the last time. Because I don't want to explain myself anew every time someone needs help I did a small tutorial.

I. First we need an IRC client. I still recommend Hydra IRC for beginners because it is small, stable and does not need much resources. You can get it here for free (it is Open Source):
(scroll down)

II. Download and install Hydra IRC to the folder of your choice and start it.

III. Go to “Options” and click on “Prefs...!”.

IV. Choose the section “User Identities” under “Users and Identification” and click now on “New”.

V. Now you have to create a new identity. Only the four fields “Identity Description”, “Real Name”, “Username” and “Nick” are important for you and before you have not filled in anything there the program won't let you create a new identity. One simple letter should be enough at this moment – only what you fill in at “Nick” will be displayed in the chat as your user name.
Be careful with “Real Name” because that one will be visible if one uses a specific command (/whois). After you are done with that, click on “Add”, “OK” and again “OK” to leave the menu.

VI. Time to set up the server. Click on "File" and then on "New Server".

VII. Click on "Add Network", fill in "#ECNET" and hit the "OK" button.

VIII. Right-click now on the new entry "#ECNET" and choose "Add Server".
Fill in "ECNET" at "Description" and "" at "Adress / Port", then hit "OK".

IX. When you click on "OK" to leave the menu you will automatically connected to the server. Later, when you have disconnected and want to connect again, just hit the "Connect" button and "OK".

X. But now you should rather see the channel list. Apparently it is empty. When you click on "Populate List" it will show you every channel (chatroom) you are allowed to join. Since our channel, is not listed you can ignore that function for now and click on "Close".

XI. You should see the server window now. This window is always open and show you what is going with the server, when you connected and sometimes you receive messages from the server in case of technical problems or stuff like that. Also, you can type in non-user or channel related commands.
Apropos commands. Time for you to learn your first ones.

1. Every command begins with a "/". No exception.
2. There are two "services" that are your way to communicate with the server: Nickserv (user related) and Chanserv (channel related).
To do stuff you usually have to type "/msg nickserv <command>” but most modern clients allow you to shorten it to “/ns <command>” or in some cases with often used commands they offer the direct command with “/nick <newnick>” for example.

And that will be your first command – try it out and type “/nick mynewnick” (without the “ of course). Voilá – your displayed nick should be different now. If your new nick is already registered, you will receive a message from the server that you have to identify yourself as the owner of the nick or it will rename you forcefully into “Guest<number>” within sixty seconds.
So what means “registered” you ask? Well, since most humans are bastards it won't take very long until you find someone who will abuse an unregistered nick and will and say things that person would never say (in extreme cases, this can even lead to a ban for the person with the unregistered nick and it's kinda hard to prove that someone else used your nick). I wish this would be an overstatement but it is rather the opposite.
So before you really dive into the depths of the IRC, register your nick with this command:

/ns register <password> <youremailaddress>

(fill in the password of your choice at <password> and, duh, your email address at <youremailaddress> (the email address is only used to recover your password))

Now the nick is yours – but you have to identify every time you reconnect or change from a different nick to your registered nick. How do you do that?

/ns identify <password>

But it is annoying to type that identify command every time you connect, right? Right. There is an option to let the client automatically run commands at the start. This function in IRC clients is usually called “Perform”.

XII. Remember where we set up the “User Identity”? Yes, “Options” and then “Prefs...”.
In the menu we click this time on “Scripts”.
Now you have to delete the letters in the box under “Command Profiles” and type in
“#ECNET_OnLoggedIn” after that click on “Add”.
On the right side under “Commands” you can type in the commands that shall be performed at every connection. For now we will use only one:

/ns identify <password>

It should look like this:

You can reconnect now and see if you were successful – you should receive a message in the server window that you are identified now. Keep in mind that you still have to identify when you change your nick and then change back to your registered nick.

XIII. That was boring, wasn't it? Exactly. Now it is time for the real action.
You can join channels with the command:

/j #<channel>

But we want to visit and so we type in:

XIV Say hi to everyone.

XV. Most important point: Have fun!

Oh well, I'm not good at such things... I guess you can do that better.

Before I forget: with “/me <text>” you write in the third person.
So “/me writes” becomes “*Anthile writes”.

XVI. Appendix I.: Other useful commands:


If you are disconnected or someone else is using your nick, you may have a “ghost”.

To get rid of this ghost type:

/ns ghost nick password

To RECOVER your nickname if it’s in use type:

/ns recover nick password


To drop a registered nickname.

First identify to NickServ then type:

/ns drop NICKHERE


Information on a nickname

This command shows information on a registered user, the date and time the nickname was registered, if the user is online or the last seen time the user was on:

/ns info <nick>

Email Address

To change your Email Address for a registered nick:

Type /ns set <oldemailaddress> <newemailaddress>

High Protect

To set High Protect on your nickname so no-one else can use it type:

/ns set protect high

to remove type:

/ns set protect normal

Change Password

To change your password type

/ns set <password> <newpassword>

XVII. Appendix II.: If you have a question – just ask me. I'll try to help as fast as possible.
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Default Re: IRC Tutorial

Some ppl don't want to d/l a program. I think you should show them how to use it through
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Default Re: IRC Tutorial

Any suggestions for mac users?
I am. I think. I will.
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Default Re: IRC Tutorial

I have no experience with mac but you should be able to use the web-based clients which automatically conenct you with the network so you just have to join the channel

YOu can find them here:
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Default Re: IRC Tutorial

Originally Posted by hope View Post
Any suggestions for mac users?
I've been using Colloquy for some months now. Works nicely for me.
Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do — Asimov

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