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Default Si

Si is The Relief Role for INTPs and we use it to relax, but very often it can distract ourselves and others, getting us off target. When is am stressed out I usually just lay down on my bed and watch other people play video games that I used to play which is complete waste of my time. How do you guys use your Si, how to use it accomplish something productive (like istj). What do you guys do to "be" in physical rather than dwelling in Ne being half asleep. Do you drink coffee? Caffeine pills? Other pills? Is it hard for you to pay attention to physical details, for example reading small text in a book?
What do you do to stay concentrated?
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Default Re: Si

By definition Si is a subjective approach to all things sensory, where, in my understanding, sensory means all things that can be grasped as static: objects, structures, qualities - but also numbers - on all levels of abstraction (for instance concepts like "softness" or expressions like "weak economy" are subjective, sensory, abstracted).

Unless we count something awesome like drawing concept art or at least painting star wars models with those dusty organic vintage colors, the way i understand Si in my life is that it is the formation of sensitive and familiar routines in my every day life, basically something like going to a mall, buying food, going to a park, eating that food on a park bench - its always familiar foods and often a familiar spot. Also wearing only a small range of very familiar clothes that make me feel at home, both sensually, via familiarity and symbolically, according to my idea of identity.

Si becomes productive, when i refine and evolve my routines and set up or acquire the structures, tools or tactical circumstances that are required for this.

When i set up my operating system using scripts and software and configuration, so it becomes an extension to my self, meaning the system is only functional because i know it 'in and out' in my mind - a stranger could not use my computer at all.

This is also where Si is obviously married with Ne, understanding possibilities and making processes happen, my system (Si) enables my workflow (Ne).

A most ambitious example for setting up a familiar organic structure (Si) that can facilitate processes or possibilities would be setting up a message board or self help group and defining the basic rituals and laws of it, or the subforum structure. I never do this, because this is where it all gets out of my hand. Others must find my concept agreeable, i must promote it constantly. Not going to happen, i don't have the nerves for that.

When i was a child, i was fixing up my BMX or painting on the grip tape of my skateboard, thereby making my world most familiar, marking my territory, even a park bench or two. Through the Eyes of Si, a skatepark looks like i imagine seashells may look to they eyes of one of those cancers who like to live inside of them. It looks like the perfect safe place.
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Default Re: Si

For me, Si is the stake the line is attached to while I Ne wander.
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