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Default Hello

I somewhat randomly stumbled on this site:
I often ignore these types of tests but I decided to give this one a shot and came out INTP. I was surprised to see the description sometimes express how my mind worked better than I've been able to figure out on my own! And that I'm not crazy and there's others like me.

I took the test twice and came out

I: 83-88%
N: 65-66%
T: 52-56%
P: 74-83%
A: 58-65%

So looks like borderline INFP.

And socionics results
ILI-1Te NiTe (INTp)
LIE (ENTj): 91%
LII (INTj): 81%
SLI (ISTp): 76%

I'm still reading about what the socionics types are. Looks like having ILI and Te ahead of Ni is a bit unusual for INFP though?
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Default Re: Hello

Test Result

Your Sociotype: EII-0 FiNe (INFj)
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Default Re: Hello

I can definitely relate to the aspects of not liking large social gatherings and parties. And getting lost in my thoughts and ideas and forgetting my other duties including eating, sleeping, studying...

Growing up I liked to read a lot although my mind would often go off on tangents mid-sentence. I didn't mind solitary activities like fishing since they allowed me to let my mind wander. I actually did pretty well in high school since that was mostly just using my thinking skills to figure things out and listening in class, and maybe practicing a few problems, but not much independent learning. I'm pretty good at logic problems, spatial reasoning and figuring things out, often winged it with tests and figured out what I was supposed to have learned before as I'm writing the test.

I still have somewhat of a sense of adventure though. I like to travel and explore places, biking, hiking, walking around in cities. Those are somewhat solitary so I can reflect on what I'm seeing. Swimming can be fun too, and snorkeling too (basically exploring underwater). I'll enjoy some thrills too where I'm being pushed a bit outside my comfort zone, like skiing through moguls, rock climbing, even some of the more moderate rollercoasters. The too extreme rollercoasters that make me feel completely vulnerable and not in control with feelings of free fall are not pleasant.
This was too extreme:
" title="YouTube" target="_blank">YouTube
These were still fun for me:
" title="YouTube" target="_blank">YouTube
" title="YouTube" target="_blank">YouTube
I like to play soccer too, mainly in defence where I'm mostly reacting to what the other team and the general conditions instead of making moves of my own. I like juggling the ball and taking shots on net too but not so good at going on the offence and faking out opponents.

Growing up I didn't have many friends. I often got stuck with the "outsiders". That included some unkind ones that took advantage of the fact that I was too tolerant to stand up to them, and one mildly bipolar kid that was ok sometimes but the mood swings combined with an arrogant attitude made him difficult other times. There were some kinds that I got along with but didn't feel a very strong bond with, probably many of them ENTP, INFP or ISFP. The 2 closest friends I had were ESFJ and ESFJ/ISFJ if I had to guess. I appreciated their friendship and they were happy to give it, they were also ethnic minorities which maybe meant they didn't fit into the in-crowd as much.

In university there was less pressure to have friends and you didn't stand out as much if you were alone. I had some friends in 1st year but I didn't really put in the effort in maintaining those friendships and things started to go in a downwards spiral after 6-12 months. I was into online games and online forums and spent way to much time on those (still a problem...) due to the P and no friends to keep me in line. Plus a much greater need for working independently compared to high school.

From then on it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that mostly seemed to depend whether I had friends to keep me on task. 2nd year I just went completely unanchored and depressed and failed (I think all?) my courses. My university let me back in on account of the depression, but I was still struggling for 2nd (repeat) and 3rd year (to a lesser extent as I started to make friends) with slightly below average grades. Late 3rd year is when I met a good friend (probably ESFJ? - male like me) to make sure I was studying enough and then my grades improved significantly, making the dean's list for 4th year (~3.0 GPA). Then my friend graduated while I still had to finish my BSc thesis which I kept procrastinating on and got a long extension, and felt guilty and terrible for how that went. Combined with a crappy job market, lack of work experience, and living with my parents away from all university friends after graduating, and not being able to commit to what to do about my situation, things were going nowhere for way too long...

Finally was able to get my shit together enough (with pressure from parents) to get into grad school which started this September. That's another big move into a new social environment, and much further from my parents than with undergrad this time. So far I still haven't really made friends, I would say more like acquaintances mostly, and it's not going great, but at least not disastrous like 2nd year and the time between my BSc and MSc studies.
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Default Re: Hello

University is a huge jump that involves so much things. I see that it unlike high schol/colleges, the transition is very huge indeed.
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Default Re: Hello

I identify with some of the things you have said, especially the K-12 stuff. I could have written some of that stuff word for word.
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Default Re: Hello

I was wondering about the 91% as likely LIE and if it was a fluke and took the test again.

Now I just came out as LIE
90% as likely to be ILI
89% as likely to be LSI (pls don't hate :P)
81% as likely to be LII

It's surprising because on MBTI I come out as INTP with the I and P being the strongest INTP points so coming out as LIE (ENTJ) seems unlikely. Maybe the two tests aren't that compatible? Or what I value and what I'm good at are different?
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