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Default How stupid can you be?

There are currently two other threads about the problem of being smart about life, but i like to look at things from a typological perspective, because getting even smarter about life is always a process that is specific to our type. We can't be like other people.

If thinking is your dominant function, then your life should be dominated by good judgement. But it is introverted judgement after all, so the judgement is not universally good, it's only good according to a certain subjektive standard and presumable bad according to a contrary standard, such as that of ESTJ - "whatever works".

So where is the boundary of your good judgement, when are your tactics becoming futile and what happens then? Do you become irrational (as in Si or Ne) or feeling?

I am so stupid about my life, that i often took it as a proof that i can not be intp. My prejudice was that INTP are machiavellian. That they do whatever it takes. That they would not live in slavery like i do.

When i say machiavellian i am really thinking about anyone who makes money out of money. Wallstreet people.

I can't figure out if the machiavellian principle is introverted or extroverted. It is antisocial which seems introverted, but it is effective, practical, well adapted, which seems extroverted. And i have little doubt that INTJ beat INTP in that discipline.

You know how political parties just wont change their attitudes, even if it does not meet the challenges of the presence or future? Because its about who they are, not about what works?

I mean it's in the name: "conservative". LOL. In the age of technological singularity, they choose to be conservative. Like they WANT to be wrong. Now that is stupid.

But similarly i have been stupidly acting under a subjective premise and failed to acknowledge that its not appropriate for years. I have assumed that i could attain more social freedom one day and should invest all of my mental focus into this possibility of psychological change.

Like conservatives invest in economic growth for the sake of creating more employment, when in reality the machines are coming to take over all jobs and resources require economy to be more efficient, not greater.

Likewise in my reality dementia and younger generations are coming on, making it impossible for me to catch up and find a place in their world. I should have seen that coming. I was never going to make it to social freedom, in a world where shaming the oddball is the most basic principle of hierarchy and will never be given up.

I should have invested all my brainpower, prior to becoming demented, in learning how to earn money on a laptop and living in a truck.

Like conservatives should have abandoned their parents live stock farms while they had the nerves to learn how to do vertical farming & green houses.

Actually i had a hunch about all it all going down like this, but disregarded it, because i couldn't believe in succeeding with the whole digital nomad thing. Too much of it seemed out of my control and possibly out of my IQ league.

Meanwhile i had the illusion, that psychology could be entirely within my control. If only i were keen enough to come up with the right hypothesis, or so i thought in the age of psychoanalysis and then later in the age of spirituality i thought if only i were brave enough to face annihilation of ego, i would attain integration, wholeness, awakening and most likely some version of social freedom along with it. But that was an illusion. Control, bravery, overcoming anxiety, its all illusion. Development of that kind happens like puberty. In its own time.

So that was my subjective condition: I really wanted to make it, but it had to be my way.

Like the conservatives want to stay in charge of the world.
But it has to be in the good old tradition of human and animal exploitation.
synthesis achieved
ready for abduction

I'm some other type until proven INTP.

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