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Default INTP Family and Influences

What types do your family members or friends have?
Did any traits of these types influence your own personality besides your type?

I'm an female INTP and the results of my family members at the myers briggs test were:
Older sister: ISTJ

My best friend since late elementary school: ENFP
My best classmate friend: INTJ
My best guyfriend: ENFP
Some other friends:

According to my INTJ friend and my own observations i have early developed my Fe because i have so many friends who are a feeling type. And most times i am on time because of my strong SJ influence from my family (except the times i forgot to go somewhere or just didn't look on the clock)
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Default Re: INTP Family and Influences

well, there is still some aspect of personality internally that pushes one to either conform or fight. There are different strategies. One can withdraw from others when the environment is dangerous, or one can fight back (if they feel strong enough), or one can try to throw the environment a bone so as to be viewed as innocuous and thus non-threatening to others. These strategies cross MBTI type boundaries and are available to all types, although some might be more likely to pursue certain strategies than others.

That being said, I grew up in a pretty SF style environment and was cloistered, and I bought my independence by conforming around them to the minimum amount necessary (so I was "disguised") and meanwhile spending a lot of time alone and doing my own thing.

the basic point is that I always was someone who was more interested in how things hang together cohesively and coherently, versus prioritizing making people feel good or imposing myself on them; and I was always more interested in potential and future, rather than the past and what was in front of my eyes. My family and peer group only influenced how and when I expressed these things, but they didn't really change these things.
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Default Re: INTP Family and Influences

ENTP here. I spent most of my childhood in an Ne cloud and just pursued my own interests: doing art, teaching myself how things worked, making up my own kick ass characters and stories, reading comics, learning science, playing video games, riding my bike, getting lost, etc. My mom is an ISFJ, may step-dad is probably ESTP. My sister ESTP and my brother ESFP. I think my own father was an INFP. I felt kind of like an alien on a strange planet. There was so much unnecessary drama in my family. My stepdad was really aggressive and yelled constantly. I just tried and stay away. I spent a lot of time isolating myself from all the nonsense, either staying in my room or going to a friend's house, or going outside. I still love them though....sometimes
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Default Re: INTP Family and Influences

Mother: ISTJ
Father: ESFP
Sister: INFJ

My mother was all about beating the N and P out of me. The N especially. My father wasn't around, so he couldn't affect me. I learned many things peripherally from my sister.
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