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Default novel experiences/sensations in dreams

this has been bothering me for a long time
is it possible to experience novel sensations in dreams? i know i have
but how is that possible? what are dreams to begin with? what gives birth to dreams?
for example, is it possible for someone who has never seen a bear, someone who is completely oblivious to the existence of bears, to dream of a bear chasing them? i dont think so.

is it possible to experience a feeling you have never experienced before, in a dream? how can the mind structure a dream from data it is completely missing?

ive seen/read lots of horror flicks/books during my early teens, and i once saw a girl(rescued from a failed abduction attempt), shaking violently in aftermath-shock/fear. her face was so ghastly pale. and i remember thinking "wow this must be what fear looks like"

these are the only resources from which i think i could have conceived an idea of what acute fear feels like. but none of this comes even remotely close to what i experienced in the dream im talking about. i remember reading descriptions of characters paralyzed by fear, and i thought i had a vivid enough picture in my head. but imagining and experiencing fear in its full magnitude are two different things

in this dream, i experienced the sensation of being so paralyzed by fear, i was unable to flee from looming danger. and my heart pounding so hard i could hardly think or take in the situation i was in. all i could think of was that i had to run, but my body wouldn't budge, i then tried to focus all my concentration on moving my fingers, but all i was able to achieve was a pulse, and then nothing. the whole time, ive been trying to scream for help(setting was a congested neighborhood, next to the house my parents were staying in at the time). i knew if i called for help, someone was bound to listen and come to my aid, but i remember all i was able to produce was an inaudible whimper. i could hardly breathe. i remember being overwhelmed by the sheer novelty of the experience, the intensity of the fear i felt was so paramount. it was unmistakably real and novel. i know that i had never felt anything like this before. this was NOTHING like the pictures of fear i envisioned in my head while reading horror, in fact they couldnt be more different. many years later, i am still haunted by this experience.

so how is this possible? how can it be that the first time i ever felt violently intense fear was in a dream?
Have read little and understood less.
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