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Default Apathy?

Hey, all. Just wondering, and hoping for a bit of advice. How do you react when you discover a job environment is less than up-front? Like, management is corrupt/irresponsible, you're asked to sell something you know is bad for the consumer, or the promotion/performance-evaluation system is arbitrary or unjust?

I'm starting to notice a pattern in my own job history, and I was curious if this is an issue with other INTPs, as well. Of the last four jobs I've had (over a decade), I left three of them because I lost interest/respect for the environment. Not because I was outraged and refused to work or anything. It's just once I saw the flaw in the system, I couldn't unsee it, and I lost all interest in playing my part in the machine. Disinterest led to apathy, which led to quitting before things got bad. I'm one of the hardest working people out there when all my attention is devoted to a task, but lose my respect and I struggle to summon even minimal levels of interest.

Anyone else have this problem, or have any strategies for curbing the apathy?
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Default Re: Apathy?

It happens to many of us.

The Idiocracy we dwell in is inescapable. People dumber than you will get ahead of you. For the simple fact dumber people outnumber us in business and life. Thus dumber people are more likely to be the social majority and we the social minority. And we both know how life treats minorities of any regard.

Dumb managers approve of dumb subordinates. Dumb executives approve of dumb managers. Dumb board members approve of dumb executives. They're all social animals that value merit in a dumb way. What they don't see doesn't count.

Mind I'm not saying I'm a genius or anything. I do have an above average IQ but where my strength exists is in the enormous amount of time I put into understanding our species on an intuitive level. I know of nobody that dwells on the subjects I dwell on for as long as I have. Except others on this forum. Part of that is probably due to my childhood. I think my childhood shaped me an INTP and that craving to explain questions stems from that. You can't lack critical thought in such an environment.

Anyway INTP/Js are few and far between. The good thing for us is that the dumber among us cannot be rid of us. For to be rid of us would mean their entire illusion of superiority would collapse under the weight of their inevitable failure. I rationalize my engagement this way. You just have to prove to people dumber than you that you are valuable in your own way. Even if that comes across as threatening.

Now obviously there comes a point where a company has become so bankrupt of merit at the top that it is wise to leave. Such a ship is headed for the bergs and there won't be any stopping it. You do not want to be on it when it hits the bergs.

Edit: I feel compelled to say this as I know it's advice we should all follow on this board. Those of us in the INTx category anyhow.

The biggest mistake an INTx can make is thinking we're like other people. We're not. We'll never be content with what those people do for a living and we'll never be on that social ladder they climb every day. We're married to the facts because the facts guide our thirst for answers. That excludes us from ever being part of the rat race proper.

Rather our marriage to ideas should be where we sign our contracts. As idea men / women designing solutions for the rat race direly in need of them. We need autonomy and we need plenty of room for intellectual exploration. While this seems to suggest being on someone else's payroll it doesn't. What it means is to live frugal until your ideas afford you better. Remember. We are not like them. A desk job in some pissant role is absolute hell for an INTP. You'll do yourself a great disfavor settling into that for steady money. Recognize the financial shackles for what they are and avoid them. Design things at your leisure. Follow your true passions and well.. forget what the world thinks you should be doing.
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Pressure's Spring
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Default Re: Apathy?

I find that certain work environments can be hostile, but, in subtle ways (which is far worse than overt, direct hostility.)

For example, gossip plays a big role in performance/evaluation system, which tends to over-weigh any sort of objective assessment. In these spaces, words set the stage of perception, and words are carelessly spilt and absorbed uncritically.

Beware the garrulous!
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