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Default Rules and Etiquette

The only rule i found from the basic FAQ was,
"You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is annoying. "
apart from not posting copyrighted content.

So, what is the definition of "annoying"?
It sounds rather subjective

As per the Urban Dictionary all i can find is;

1. annoying
Me, see example for reason.
I once woke up my mate at 12:00AM to show him my completed rubiks cube!

annoying is when someone TyPs LyK OmFgGGG ThiSS BeCauSe TheY TiNK It Lyk OmGGzzZZz Looks LyK ToTallY LyK AwsoMe

another annoying thing is when people base their lilking of a band based on whether mtv says its the "in" thing at the moment

another annoying thing is when someone is OBSESSED with themselves so much that they feel the need to ask every day arent i like sooo sexxi? (spelling sexxi that way even though its actually more letter then sexy is also annoying as is spelling hot hott or anything else like that)

3. annoying
a goony little bastard or bastardess who won't stop stalking their prey no matter how big the clues of pissed-off-ness there are.
Lucy is annoying.

4. Of one who can be tiresome to deal with. To be bothersome to the point of exhaustion.
-Insert String of Pointless Comments-

In general, i dont know whether it is because im an INTP, i kinda suck in having a feel of what is acceptable in different social environments. So, the lack of any clear rules makes it difficult for me to understand what kind of behaviour is expected from the forum.
Sometimes, i want to make a post or reply and if im not done in by laziness i think that maybe it will be annoying or uninteresting or it will be of such quality that it might degrade the others evaluation of me, making all my later posts less appreciated in a way.
What is your general rule of thumb before making a thread/ comment?

Also, i have zero sense of etiquette in my real life.
I find this forum to be of a more personal nature/ less anonymous than reddit or facebook, so etiquette is kinda relevant and it is more of a discussion forum rather than an attention seeking place
So, what would be recommended etiquette for conversing in this forum.
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Default Re: Rules and Etiquette

I think the lack of a clear rule is intentional, as it provides more leeway.
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Default Re: Rules and Etiquette

annoying is when someone TyPs LyK OmFgGGG ThiSS BeCauSe TheY TiNK It Lyk OmGGzzZZz Looks LyK ToTallY LyK AwsoMe
Ha! Redbaron's annoying, and I feel totally validated

The rules obviously leave room for majority lynch.
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Old 21st-June-2016, 02:20 PM   #4
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Default Re: Rules and Etiquette

Hard rules are easy to abuse, there's always edge cases, in theory the mods judge each situation as it occurs with intent to protect the culture of this place, whatever they deem that should be.

In practice it's more a case of troublemaker whack-a-mole.
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Default Re: Rules and Etiquette

If you make yourself annoying you will be made cognizant of it. Letting your fear of what others might think of you inhibit your actions is generally a bad strategy in life.

Also, the rules are here, FAQ is just a generic one...
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Default Re: Rules and Etiquette

Such questions rarely are of any use.

The situation is very simple, either you are predisposed to be accepted here, in which case you can forget about any rules because you aren't going to break them to a punishable degree (and some rules can and indeed should be broken at the right moments, no rules are the same under different circumstances), or you want to know the boundaries to allow yourself to test them and in the latter case you are already going against the basic regulative principle of this place.

You will stay here or be rejected as part of a natural process of affirming whether it is to your and others best interest to coexist here or try your luck somewhere else.
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