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Default Did i find the meaning of life?

Is anything moving alive?
Yes, everything is alive. You remain alive throughout death and have been alive.
Death isn't death, it's just another form of existence.
You have always been in the universe, you have traveled the universe and were there during the infancy.
You have lived with the dinosaurs, been in the clouds existing as a cloud, you have been part of your mother and part of your father.
The experience you are having, known as life will always continue, and nothing ever disappears.
The processes of the universe are always ongoing, even after everything has become stagnant, it will still live on.
Why become god, when god is everything, god is the universe.
Can you communicate with elements? No, but you know they exist, because they have measurability. You have measurability, too.
God is in you, in trash, in computers, in the moon, in black holes.
He doesn't have to communicate, communication isn't always necessary to live.
Being alive is just as important as being dead, being dead is just as important as being alive. It is equal.
Happiness and sadness are the same emotion. Every emotion is the same emotion, which is motion.
In order to become the universe, you need to be the universe, which you have been, which is why you experience life, to return yourself back into the universe after you experience it.
You possess everything that is in the universe, because everyone is the universe.
The animals, the trees, pollution, cars, stars, lava, thoughts, technology, mathematics, everything is already here.
The only thing that is measurable in the universe that isn't real, is time.
God is just as real as he isn't real.
Life is the universe in action, even when it isn't in action. It still is alive.
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