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Default Re: The Random Thoughts Thread

12 days reaped!


By self-observation, I have noticed that I judge many things from trivial details (especially character names in books, and what cars "look" like).

Google says that people do judge people by names (and I have caught myself doing so several times). Correlation does not mean causation, and I am probably biased, but it is plausible that names do give some... vibe.

Personally I'd think that Williams are round in an indescribable way, that Sophia is the center of attention and etc. These do have personal experiences attached, but such associations are hard to get rid of.
To think that I might have loved the name I dislike if I were born with it...
I just noticed the time thing...
If a person's username was "xx", then the time displayed would be xx's time Today/Yesterday (etc) hh:mm AM/PM
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