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That's good. But I guess one can always claim that the beings who run the simulation have super powerful computers capable of running exponential-complexity algorithms. Nevertheless it is a good argument against naive Elon-Musk style reasoning like "our video games are so realistic, surely eventually they will be just like the real world"
Good to know!

I have to wonder how accurate the journalist's interpretation was. I clicked on the link to the scientists' article and the abstract doesn't suggest such far-reaching conclusions. For a start they limit their observations to "classical computational resources." That kind of tones down the sci-fi implications. I don't really understand all the jargon but they also emphasize that one of their central questions is unanswered. Comparatively, the journalist's summary of the study sounds more conclusive.

Cases like this always renew my skepticism about science journalism. Something major always seems lost in translation, which is frustrating to me, as a non-scientist who relies on such journalism for basic knowledge about such things.
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