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Default Re: Dive into my raw thought processes. (Also my introduction into general population)

It's a personal colloquialism for breaking psychological barriers... >.> <.< proactively. Compact post:

One of my goals was to get you to recognize that you also have access to aspects of agency that transcend the entire science of genetics, let alone your physical shell. Written words and actions (in that order) come to mind as more timeless modes of being. There are more.

You couldn't disagree either. Your agency does limit itself, however, just indirectly via reciprocal determinism. However, upon fully grasping reciprocal determinism, because an individual still possesses agency, its boundaries disappear upon the realization of its influence, and the entire concept of past choice (and time itself if you keep going on with cycles of integration and extrapolation from your own agency) goes with it. Present and future.

"I exist due to horny immature adults that chose to fuck." <3 Me too.

What if you simply couldn't know why? Existential puzzle...

The difference between a vice and an enhancer depends on the reason for use. As I imagine a heroin addict telling me they've been using it for years because of the experiential gain in perspective, I'll note the importance of not rationalizing one into the other. I enjoy life apparently with great zeal without drugs as vices and while being aware of the same existential funk (note <3). Am I lying about my subjective experience? You can't know. But if I'm not, then there's a pathway up the metaphorical mountain for you too.
Which then ties into the mechanisms of the dopamine and glutamate hypotheses of schizophrenia. I'm not saying that you're schizophrenic, just that these are the mechanisms involved.
Pretty much entirely unrelated, but with only a cursory glance, Hermes might just have some cottontail going on...
"It keeps going and going and going..."
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