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  1. GodOfOrder

    Would God Suffer from Existential Dread?

    Now, I do not believe in any gods whatsoever, but for the purposes of this thread, let's assume God exists--discussions of God's existence are not germane to the topic. Also, as the question is really about existentialism, I have placed this in the philosophy rather than faith section...
  2. GodOfOrder

    A God Awakens--What did I miss?

    Anyway, I am GodOfOrder. I am a law student. I like ranting about history, the market, moral sentimentalism, shitting on Kant, politics, and taking long walks on the beach. Most probably do not remember me. My last post was years ago, but I still lurk from time to time. I imagine that much...
  3. GodOfOrder

    Bad arguments for things you agree with

    Is there some position you hold on some various topic, but hate the way that it is being argued for? Make a list of bad arguments for good points. One point at a time, and your counter reasoning. Or, you can present an argument that you think has been framed incorrectly, and should be put into...
  4. GodOfOrder

    Bill Nye vs Ken Ham

    Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6kgvhG3AkI I'm curious about a few things specifically. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A CREATION DEBATE. (Part of my motivation for making this thread is seeing whether or not you can resist the temptation) 1. How did Bill look? 2. How did Ken Ham...
  5. GodOfOrder

    Time Time Time!

    I think I get it, but let's talk about it anyways. New advance in physics. https://medium.com/the-physics-arxiv-blog/d5d3dc850933
  6. GodOfOrder

    A & B theories of Time

    Which do you side with? To help explain: A theory overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw6hS_gy9MY B theory overview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_mVSlWBf7k (Also on a side note, lets leave the concept of God out of this, though each theory does have heavy implications for his supposed...
  7. GodOfOrder

    What Is It To Be Human?

    Before I begin, may I say that this post will be controversial, and may bring some to tears and others to froth at mouth. If it does either, forgive me. May I also say, that it seems as if it could fit under multiple different forum sections, among which are philosophy, spirituality, and human...
  8. GodOfOrder

    What is your interpretation?

    I found this video on YouTube recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PGzghUQRVk8 Please discuss. It seems a smart commentary on religion, and perhaps just fear in general.
  9. GodOfOrder

    Merged threads: Distill your crap/any minimalist on board?

    Not by means of effort or necessity, I have realized I only need/use a few thing that I own, and can keep my list of things well under ten. Perhaps it is the simple external world of the INTP that allows this, I do not know. Anyways, how much of your crap do you actually use, and how much of...
  10. GodOfOrder

    Morality of Counterfeiting

    Suppose you have a perfect method for making fake bills of your preferred denomination and type. (And I only mean money, not Prada Handbags!) It doesn't really matter what they are, for the sake of this thread. The only thing that does is that you are perfectly able to, and could do it at a...
  11. GodOfOrder

    My ultimate question about life

    For the sake of argument assume the following statement to be true: Life has no true purpose, and ends with death. Nothing follows death, and death is merely the termination of your consciousness; which has ended because your brain has ceased to function. Many I have spoken to see this as...
  12. GodOfOrder

    xNTx sexuality and romantic desire

    I am curious to find out what NT preferences trend towards regarding romance and sexuality. I have no true hypothesis, I simply want to see if the data has proportions that differ from the standard population. Definitions- Sexuality; hetero/homo/bi/pan/etc. sexual (sexual attraction...
  13. GodOfOrder

    Indentured Servitude

    Is indentured servitude a bad thing? In a hypothetical space, where the government offers very little protections, and mostly just enforces contract law and keeps civil peace, would a contract of indentured servitude be something permissible from a moral or ethical standpoint. We are...
  14. GodOfOrder

    Qulaity Quantity and Luxury

    When shopping, many people buy things in bulk. When buying little luxuries, they often opt for lesser quality, for the sake of convenience. Consequently, these people do have a luxury of sorts, they have mass availability of a variable amount of products at a relatively cheap price. Often, due...
  15. GodOfOrder

    Make a Utopia...

    Is there a way to reconcile an information based, technological, society with the mindset and culture of a preindustrial one? Simply put, I mourn the loss of renaissance men, and abhor the thought of hyper-specialization in one field and ignorance of all the rest. I think the perfect man must be...
  16. GodOfOrder

    Where Would You Go?

    If one ever wanted, or had to, expatriate where would one choose to go and why? I have a list of nations I would move to for varying reasons, simply because I am constantly looking for better alternatives... to everything. Have fun with it. Most likely 1. Switzerland; I love their...
  17. GodOfOrder

    Define What Is Good

    Today, I heard a friend say to me that if everything was good, the world would be out of balance. Yet this obviously would be bad. So it seems if something was to be "good" it would have to be absolute. I suppose the notion that even too much of a good thing is bad is what they meant, but at...
  18. GodOfOrder

    Count to 1,000,000

    why, because let's go for a forum record 1.
  19. GodOfOrder

    Does Anyone Here Play Go?

    The japanese strategy game based on area denial and resource distribution. It is really quite wonderful.
  20. GodOfOrder

    Citations and Sourcing Methods Legitimate?

    As a student, I am well versed in MLA and Chicago style citation, and I find them clunky. Yes, I see their necessity, we can't have unsubstantiated claims or theft of intellectual property, but the way in which we cite things is so unwieldy. I also recognize the need for a standardized way of...
  21. GodOfOrder

    Does anyone here have their own conlang?

    A conlang is an abbreviation for an artificially constructed language. The purposes for designing one's own conlang are various. Some people may wish to enhance the atmosphere of a fictional universe they are creating, some may wish to encrypt private writing, such as a journal, and some may be...
  22. GodOfOrder

    Why Hello There!

    I am Zachary, but you may call me GodOfOrder. I am a university student majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy. Among my greatest interests are philosophy, classical music, playing my violin, and researching any bovine excrement field I can come across. Incidentally...
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