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  1. AmacdaTNPI

    Maybe psychological effect

    Do you ever think sometimes things happen to you that you completely forget about that have such an significant impact on you that you choose to block it out of your memory because it’s too harsh to grasp? But it dictates a certain way you behave for that duration of time and maybe this same...
  2. AmacdaTNPI


    I’ve lost my will of life, my skills I don’t have any energy to do anything and I’m turning 18 soon and I want to move out of my parents house but it will be way slower than I wanted and hoped. I’m pitiful of myself I’ve lost my used of trying to be smart. My ego was represented through my...
  3. AmacdaTNPI

    I’m sad

    I’m sad because I’m tripping on acid a day earlier than I wanted to and now I realize why, I was trying to time it a day later and now I’m lonely
  4. AmacdaTNPI

    Any body play for honor

    just curious because I play a shinobi on for honor and I could see how intps could play an assasin in this game, currently the 38th best shinobi on Xbox also have a youtube Channel called atachi Uchiha cause my charcater is a chick
  5. AmacdaTNPI


    -what is your reaction to this
  6. AmacdaTNPI


    Sometimes it’s best to not try an figure out things you can’t rationalize and rather just feel it out purely
  7. AmacdaTNPI

    My INTJs

    I’m not sure if I got lucky or if I am actually partially an intp because of this but my dad is an intj and always has been. And I never really took in the significance of this from an extroverted perspective I guess but I think I’m improved on several psychological skills because of my dads...
  8. AmacdaTNPI

    I’m lost

    I’ve been finding myself to be so detached from the world through my will to keep a solid perspective and not fall to social conformity to such an extend that I have lost who I am and stopped caring about the fun things I would promote about my personality. I am now extremely serious to an...
  9. AmacdaTNPI

    The Other 360 Subtypes

    I want to read other people theories on either more description of thier subtype(or closely related others)- http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=12181 and help me theorize other types subtypes compeltly. I am strong in the thinking aspect and i know a lot of INTJs. I am very ambiverted...
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