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  1. del

    What jobs have you held?

    I'm not asking for a resume or anything, I'm just curious what jobs you guys have had in the past. I'm asking because I have a relatively short job history (I just turned 24), but I've already held some very odd jobs, and I'm wondering if this is an INTP thing. Pizza Cook (last year of HS to...
  2. del

    Mass Effect 2

    Who else is playing this game? Thoughts on the sequel? Speculations on the future of the series? I've been playing it obsessively since it came out, and have been overjoyed by it. Amazing sequel, and the best game I've played in a long, long time. For those of you who don't know, Mass Effect...
  3. del

    Your favorite thinkers that exemplify the types

    So I was talking with a friend about some of my favorite thinkers throughout history and I began to wonder about what types they could've been. Here's my partial list I came up with. Note that this is very incomplete because I don't have a lot of time and frankly don't have any idea as to a lot...
  4. del

    Dvorak Simplified Keyboard

    I was wondering if you guys had any experience with the Dvorak keyboard layout. How easy it was to learn, any tips you might have, etc. Although I was very skeptical, I recently switched and can really see the benefits and theory of it in action... If I ever get proficient in it, lol --...
  5. del

    Video examples of cognitive functions

    I was browsing through another forum and looking at YouTube videos and as I was watching a debate, I realized I was seeing a PRIME example of dominant Ti by the debaters. Anyone interested in dissecting videos as examples of cognitive functions? Here's what I got after a bit of searching...
  6. del

    Fictional Characters

    Has anyone tried putting together a list of fictional characters by their MBTI types? I know it's dubious, but for whatever reason I kind of enjoy it. Some of the lists online are mind-numbingly terrible, and I've found that what's generated through discussions like this tend to be much more...
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