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  1. pixieness

    Who do people say you remind them of?

    INTP. I'm constantly being likened to cats behaviour-wise. True. I'm a quiet observer. People have told me I look like a junkie but "in a good way". I still don't know what this means. I've also gotten Isabelle Adjani. This is probably the most relevant of all. Also, Samara from The Ring...
  2. pixieness

    How often do you cry?

    I'm interested to see how often INTPs cry. I recently looked up average times people cry within a month and most studies were around 3-4 times for women and 1 for men. I cry about two times a day, maybe more, and I thought it was common to do so and then slowly realised it's not so. I...
  3. pixieness

    How Unique Are You?

    You're wrong.
  4. pixieness

    How Unique Are You?

    How superficial do you want my answer to be? I have a few different answers: 1) Yes, my genes make me astoundingly unique but similar to others at the same time. 2) I happen to not conform in many things so I suppose that I may be uniquer than some other people of my social circle, but of...
  5. pixieness

    Any IB (International Baccalaureate) students?

    If there are any of you out there, I have a question: Do you have a life? Also, how do you cope with the INTPness in ToK?
  6. pixieness

    What Language Should I Learn?

    Try greek. It's a tough language to learn but I find it very amusing that there is no painfully obvious similarity between english words and greek ones but there is a subtle one that makes you feel like a genius when you find it. Great linguistics practice. Good for the brain too, I guess. Also...
  7. pixieness

    Aphex Twin

    How about we settle with a medium eg, experimental Infected Mushroom or noise-ish progressive trance? Don't want to lose that pristine fucked up alien music feel, you see, cause this thread is so cult it hurts :smoker: Btw, goa is good when under the influence of some kind of substance, but it...
  8. pixieness


    Daria Morgendorffer, originally a character from Beavis and Butthead, then was the main character in an animated series called Daria (woah). It's streaming on the internet, so I suggest that you look it up. Daria is basically a cynical high-school outcast. I doubt you can have a debate on...
  9. pixieness


    Since we're talking MBTI here, Daria is such an INTP.
  10. pixieness

    What are you all reading?

    I'm reading Flowers for Algernon. It makes you question humankind's pursuit for intelligence. I do recommend it.
  11. pixieness

    Your game ideas

    What he said *_*
  12. pixieness

    So I finally started living in my van full time...

    I had spent a month in a small sailboat with my parents and my brother when I was little and it was definitely interesting, but tiring. All the while I kept thinking how much better it would be if I could live in it on my own. I think that living in small vehicles is good when you are on your...
  13. pixieness

    What songs put you into your happy place?

    It's usually the few happy songs by artists who make depressive music. The Smiths, Joy Division, Radiohead and other mainly British bands for some reason. And IDM but then it's a different kind of happiness like "I can keep existing because Aphex Twin."
  14. pixieness

    Top five favorite movies

    Currently using this thread as a movies-to-be-watched list. Thanks people. And my top five in no order: 1) Donnie Darko 2) Trainspotting 3) Fight Club 4) LOtR 5) Coraline
  15. pixieness

    Kerouac's On the Road

    I'm surprised by the book selection they made.
  16. pixieness

    Aphex Twin

    Venetian Snares is one of the few artists that somewhat resemble Aphex Twin, like Autechre, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Access to Arasaka, Clark, Senking, Boards of Canada and Richard Devine. Although AT is one of a kind and a pioneer shiz. The tracks he's named after viruses are all pure...
  17. pixieness

    Any others who cannot Math?

    Me. I can not math. Although I do think math is neat, solving equations makes me feel anxious and eventually depresses me when I realise I'm hopeless at it.
  18. pixieness

    INTP and Asperger's

    I suppose you could say that aspies are likely to fall into the INTP personality type category but INTPs do not behave in many of the ways aspies do (eg, not understanding jokes, getting nervous when in social situations to the point of it having physical impact, etc).
  19. pixieness

    Aphex Twin

    He deserves his own thread (or one more thread if such a thread already exists). Replies on how much he kicks ass are welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igTsgYKYDHQ
  20. pixieness

    Ohai I didn't see you thar

    First off, neat username. I don't know if finding completely random things funny is an INTP trait or not, but I do. I myself am a sophomore born into a religious family. I have now realised that the only religious person in my family is my father and my mother is pretending to be religious just...
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