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  1. Big 5 INTP: high agreeableness

    Just wondering, have any of you intps have high agreeableness for the big 5. The reason i point that out is cause i have it and it ruined me so far. Why? Well because if you have high agreeableness then you crave intimacy. So any other intps deeply crave intimacy with another in the romantic...
  2. k

  3. List of all my typings

    Im always surprised how people could think ed's an introvert. Maybe cuz of his music but he is to me an ESFP. Loves to party and getting wasted, social charisma is his second nature.
  4. What do you think of my very long dream?

    maybe the new john wick commercial got my head reeling, since neo and Morpheus are back together.
  5. What do you think of my very long dream?

    Altho sex is part of my dream, its not the driving force in my opinion. But i was never able to get close enough with that girl from 4 years ago. The first girl i ever fell for. Maybe this dream is highlighting a fear that i wont be able to get close at all to this new girl that im crushing on...
  6. What do you think of my very long dream?

    Im new to this site and im an intp. I had this dream only a few hours ago and had to write it all down before i forget. Its kinda long but hey im an intp what'd you expect. Here it is: So it starts out as me going around campus to get to a certain spot that my crush always walks...
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