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  1. 40winks

    Odd INTP habits?

    I'm often "somewhere else" when I am having conversations with others, when I'm forced to be present in a conversation (depending on the person/It better be good!) I become annoyed.
  2. 40winks

    One of those INTP days I guess

    I used to have these kind of days, until I began grounding myself every morning and taking notice of when I am overstimulated. Feel better.
  3. 40winks

    Electronic Music & Sub-Genres

    I'll wait a little while before completely crushing this thread... you have great taste in genres of music. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tKnDDzuWkNo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NSOYeY2G-hw
  4. 40winks

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    You are not your race, gender or financial status -- it is merely your experience.
  5. 40winks

    Is it possible to see intelligence in the eyes of a person?

    You may be tuning into confidence, which could indicate some level of emotional intelligence.
  6. 40winks

    On feeling useless.

    Few things here -- 1.You cant love anyone until you've learned to love yourself. 2.You cant love yourself until you've learned who you really are. Most on this planet PRETEND to be aware of the above. Spend time mastering you -- it will provide all of the insight needed to learn how to love...
  7. 40winks

    Apparently it goes like this.

    The only thing getting in the way of your happiness is YOU. Spend time in thought creating your ideal reality and then action it.
  8. 40winks

    ADHD as INTP

    You should try it, even if just for a week. Everyone deserves a front row seat to witness the REAL zombie apocalypse. Sugar is a hell of a drug.
  9. 40winks

    What 'hurts' you?

    not so fast, it keeps a lot of the layman civilized.
  10. 40winks

    What 'hurts' you?

    Baseless arguments stemming from emotion, rather than facts. Anyone who impedes my introvert time.
  11. 40winks

    ADHD as INTP

    I have a relatively cheap cure for you, its called nutrition. ADHD is largely due to consuming allergies. Review the "blood type diet" and your ADHD symptoms will subside. If you'd like to REALLY blow your mind - completely remove sugar from your diet. Grounding rituals in the morning will...
  12. 40winks

    You experience what you believe. If you believe that this is not the case, you experience it as...

    You experience what you believe. If you believe that this is not the case, you experience it as "not being the fact", which in turn verifies it as being true...
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