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  1. Type Filthy Frank

    ey b0ss. I'd probably say ENTP or something, because if you listen to his rants he has a lot of good points and can sell any idea. He's probably N because of the theoretical thought behind his motives, and he seems like a more intuition-driven person. The T is obvious. He's made jokes about dead...
  2. Can anyone type a few characters for me?

    I'd say that Beetee is an ISTP. That type is common among engineers and other tinkerers.
  3. If Everyone Is Beautiful?

    Here's a better version of that crappy Christina Aguilera song. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=isrF__5gdII
  4. Type This Jerk

    I have this adversary. I used to be good friends with him, because we liked a lot of the same things, and we were both awkward. Things went downhill when he sought to take control of our little group of awkward people. He'd constantly insult people by saying that we would follow him everywhere...
  5. How would the various types fare in a military setting?

    As an INTP, if i ever get drafted, I'll convince them I'm a better scientist for them, because I will be of great scientific help. If I can't do that, I'd be a Spy. Why use a genius for brute force? I'm also good at both faking accents and learning languages to get into enemy territory. If I...
  6. What books have influenced your world view?

    Mein Kampf.
  7. If you could choose your MBTI which would one would you choose?

    I love being INTP, but if I had to switch, I'd go with ENTP. I act like one sometimes, and it's pretty cool having everyone listen to you like that. But as of now, I'll stay INTP.
  8. What is the mbti type of your best friend?

    I have two people I consider best friends. One's an ESFP. Although not tested, it's obvious that he is. He's always outward and is the life of the party or the class clown a lot, thus fitting the name 'the Performer'. I usually would never consider en ESFP, but he's into some of my weird crap...
  9. MBTI and game role preferences? :)

    This is likely years late, but you're right about Medic. Medic and Spy are my two favorites. I main Spy because I enjoy the solo aspect and the immense strategic needs provided. In life I am a mixture of Medic and Spy. Medic is when my INTP takes full control and I become immersed in the...
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