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  1. NaturalOrder

    America's Shadow (en masse: ESTJ)

    Sorry for the length…please throw in your 2 cents - any insight would be appreciated What follows is a transcription of the first couple of pages of the last chapter (11) of the book “Compass of the Soul Archetypal Guides to a Fuller Life” by John Giannini. (Aside: I've left a review for the...
  2. NaturalOrder

    As INTP - we all know we're J's and not P's right?

    OK - so I'm new here (glad to be here btw - nice to hang with others of the Tribe NT) and so am not trying to purposefully incur any flaming BUT.... This was one of the first distinctions about being an INTP (more correctly understanding the MBTI) that really surprised me, but then when I...
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