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  1. Seed-Wad

    Infinity is not what you think it is

    And here's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-I6XTVZXww :storks:
  2. Seed-Wad

    No Such Thing as Mental Illness

    Wouldn't that mean that her illness was wrongly prognosed as physical, where it was emotional/social?
  3. Seed-Wad

    Friendly Teenage INTP Passing Through

    Why do you feel it is necessary to state that you are friendly? Are you afraid? :cat:
  4. Seed-Wad

    No Such Thing as Mental Illness

    If you are a threat to yourself, where you do not wish to be, or a threat to others where you do not wish to be, you are mentally ill. (In the example of the paranoid schizophrenic). Previous is based on individualism. But the assignment of illnesses is very much a social process, meaning that...
  5. Seed-Wad

    Is "close minded" related with "J"

    I am very interested in this also, I hope some veteran MBTI experts can answer this concisely. What you said rings true. It is negative to say someone is closed minded, because it is negative. But you bring a good turn to say it also has it's positive sides, some very good sides that complement...
  6. Seed-Wad

    Evening comrades

    Funny, I am also often obsessed with not being narcissistic. It's often painstakingly difficult to uncover the underlying motivation for things, and easy to be proud of not being a proud person. The nice thing of MBTI types, imo, is that advantages and disadvantages are inseparably connected...
  7. Seed-Wad

    Manipulator's Family

    Psychological types are not physical entities that you can keep track of using Mendelian inheritance.
  8. Seed-Wad

    I Need New Music

    yes, princess mononoke, and they were creepy there as well
  9. Seed-Wad

    A Direct Apology to Moderators

    How Can Mods Be Real If Our Forum Isn't Real I love how virtually every topic in here instantly digresses into a meta-discussion about the topic or its qualifiers :smoker:
  10. Seed-Wad

    I Need New Music

    Wow those first 10 seconds really got to me at 04:24 in the night. Creepy ass shit :kodama1:
  11. Seed-Wad

    A Direct Apology to Moderators

    Is this why you opened the 'good intentions' topic?
  12. Seed-Wad

    I need intp advice. Urgently.

    [1 characterz]
  13. Seed-Wad

    I Need New Music

    Free, no commercial, eclectic radio station: www.radioparadise.com Music from your fellow forumites: http://dec24th.nl/intpmusic/ My favorites playlist on youtube, has some vary varied music in there: /watch?v=xSB74LZDNr0&list=FL4McNtqkavwJYOrvAoguEyg greetz
  14. Seed-Wad

    I need intp advice. Urgently.

    I must say, I had expected my university to be a lot more... university-like too. I've been to the WUR, Netherlands, the highest rated university of my country. A lot of people actually became annoyed at some of the questions I asked, proclaiming that 'it isn't part of the curriculum' and...
  15. Seed-Wad

    I need intp advice. Urgently.

    If you are going to drop out anyways, you might better do so sooner than later. But as Jenwok said, it is better for your position in the discussion if you can show you've put some deep thought and work into it, instead of stressing out and hysterically deserting (no offense, I know I at least...
  16. Seed-Wad

    I need intp advice. Urgently.

    Step 1: Inform with your University student office whether you can get a full or partial refund if you decide to drop out. Step 2: If you can get nothing or only a little back, decide whether you can make do with what the university does offer you, ways of minimizing the worser aspects. Step...
  17. Seed-Wad


    To continue my rampant speculation about unknowable nonsense, here's why: As a God, you can take in the smallest of details of the world you are watching and from that you can already know, in an instant, how it will play out until the end of time. You don't need to let the record play on, so...
  18. Seed-Wad

    Principelia Asthetica

    You can find beauty in the smallest things. Beauty is also not the subject here, it's aesthetics. You can find a thought beautiful, but can you say it is aesthetically pleasing? And art, imo, uses aesthetics (not postmodern art, but as said, I don't consider that art) , along with other...
  19. Seed-Wad

    Principelia Asthetica

    *Principia aesthetica Best video on art I've ever seen: http://documentaryaddict.com/Why+Beauty+Matters-542-documentary.html But even though that totally fits your requirement of snobbery, it does not really answer your question. I think the arrangement of shapes & colors summon quite...
  20. Seed-Wad

    Ask Helvete

    Do you think your parents raised you well?
  21. Seed-Wad


    Cool, can't wait to see what you come up with :cat:
  22. Seed-Wad


    Good one, took me a long time to think before I could answer, and still, I have no good answer, but: Like with rule 30, the numbers are generated by a known algorithm. So their origin is orderly, but in relation to each other there are no patterns to be found, there is no order. The 3 is...
  23. Seed-Wad

    Last movie you watched

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096332/ The Unbearable Lightness of Being Quite artsy, sometimes a bit slow, absurd, but in it lies a kind of humanity that I search for everyday and can never find. I am a robot in a world of robots searching for human emotion and here I find it, in a film, in such...
  24. Seed-Wad


    It's chaos because there's no order to it, it may be predictable (but only through the original function) and it may be deterministic and even simple, but if you cannot discover patterns in it, it is chaos pure and true. Could be that there are patterns in it, that we just can't see, but...
  25. Seed-Wad

    Why am I being so pervert?

    1. 2. Yes, THIS! Secondly, see post above. ALTERNATIVELY: (That is, wear sunglasses all the time, everytime.)
  26. Seed-Wad


    Hi Blarraun, that is an interesting notion of God, and one that I share. I agree with you that this notion of God does not agree with the idea I tried to explain here, and that whenever we ascribe human reasoning (like motivation) to a creature of higher intelligence we are just lacking in...
  27. Seed-Wad


    I'm not sure whether this should be in philosophy or Faith&Spirituality, but as it is more an entertaining of an idea than actual faith in it, I guess it belongs here. The following is an explanation of what I think god would be like if one were to exist, based on everything I know of the...
  28. Seed-Wad

    Favorite literature quotes

    "Inside me were unexpressed forces. Because surely self-respect comes not from what we do, but from what we we could do." - Lights out in Wonderland " 'Less shame,' my Guide said, ever just and kind, 'would wash away a greater fault than yours. Therefore, put back all sorrow from your mind.' "...
  29. Seed-Wad

    Can *Physics* be evolutionary theory?

    (...) Maxwell created his EM theory using mechanical model with small balls, springs, bearings, . . . . etc. What kind of logic is such thinking? Planck invented his constant (h) phenomenologically / intuitively. Where is logic? ==. Intuitive thought is indeed non-linear, and a...
  30. Seed-Wad

    Can *Physics* be evolutionary theory?

    Physics aims to describe primitives and how they interact. This interaction leads to emergent features. Evolution is an emergent feature at a very high level (perhaps the highest?), where certain processes take over the environment through the totality of ever progressing interactions. At the...
  31. Seed-Wad

    Forum Statistics

    I don't know in what way you are collecting the data, but one way would be to parse all the pages of a subforum, use regex to make a list of all the values of the 'views' fields of each topic and then to make a sum of the list.
  32. Seed-Wad

    Do ALL INTPs like Computers, Math and Logic?

  33. Seed-Wad


    http://documentaryheaven.com/the-century-of-the-self/ Great documentary about the rise of advertisement/PR and the resulting consumerism. Thanks for the link! I normally use http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ but it's good to have a mirror.
  34. Seed-Wad

    Do ALL INTPs like Computers, Math and Logic?

    The only reason for an INTP to hate those things is because he sucks in them. QATC
  35. Seed-Wad

    cultural indoctrination?

    A small quote that reminds me of this topic: "And above all, it is your civilization, it is you. However much you hate it or laugh at it, you will never be happy away from it for any length of time. The suet puddings and the red pillarboxes have entered into your soul. Good or evil, it is...
  36. Seed-Wad

    To all practioners of Meditation

    Good thing I don't believe in incarnations... Yeah, it slows down, but at a certain dose it stimulates again. Not sure how that should work... Anyhow, I seem to be extremely sensitive to the stuff, as many people say it couldn't even work because much too little/none could ever cross the...
  37. Seed-Wad

    Poetry Recommendations

    I liked Dante, but it is quite hard to follow and at times not really worth the energy put in. Really loved Christina Rossetti, have a collection of her poems And there ended my knowledge of poetry. I really hope to find some good new material in this thread!
  38. Seed-Wad

    To all practioners of Meditation

    Yes, I did read it. I was on my first week of taking GABA* and I was feeling strange... I googled some cryptic description of my troubles and found that book in the first click, the synopsis captured my fascination immediately, I was like 'OMG that is EXACTLY what I feel'. That made the book -...
  39. Seed-Wad

    The Return, Pre-Postmodernist Art

    To anyone using the term post-post-modernism, this can only be done in the art world, as the art world is ridiculous. For any other uses, please consider the following: Modernism is the act of 'liquefying solids', or in normal language: breaking down traditional rules and limitations...
  40. Seed-Wad

    To all practioners of Meditation

    After reading your post, thinking again at my own experience: isn't it the desire to sleep which causes all of this? Whenever I finally get myself into bed the attack fades away (or better, I go to bed when the attack fades) and I find myself strangely relaxed and numb. Late in the calm night...
  41. Seed-Wad

    To all practioners of Meditation

    I've had that feeling as well. Not during meditation, but often at the end of an evening of relaxing and finding my mind empty. I would not call it phobia myself, more like a kind of silent panic, hysteria. Since I gave up on ever accomplishing anything in life, nor wanting to, I haven't had...
  42. Seed-Wad

    Eyedea always reminds me of this forum

    Now, this is a special kind of rap. Together with Atmosphere and Aesop Rock (and others???), Eyedea means deep philosophical shit. So yeah, go and listen to him, I bet a lot of you will like it very much. Some random songs in which the scientific Eyedea shines...
  43. Seed-Wad

    Shaving is self-hatred

    Re: Shaving is self-hatret If going in against nature is an act of hatred, then being human must be an act of immense hatred. I think, if you like something you take good care of it. Wanting to improve on something does not mean the thing is bad, only that it can be better and that you...
  44. Seed-Wad

    Antiquated Language

    I like how old language and old literature (e.g. Oscar Wilde) has a certain class to it, a beauty and passion - passion that seems lost in the present. It's passion and beauty that I seek in everything, and so I too am drawn to archaic language like you. The same thing for music from about...
  45. Seed-Wad

    Recent Forum Outrage

    Re: Account has been suspended? I once bumped my head during snowboarding really hard and went into a dreamstate for like 2 seconds, much like when you faint, and when I got down the piste I had the strange idea ringing in my head that I had died during that head-bump and that everything...
  46. Seed-Wad

    Is Law Insulting?

    > implying people are not total fucktards > implying a fully integrated human community is even possible
  47. Seed-Wad

    Are Insults Legal?

    This. Group selection has effectively overtaken individual selection in modern society. Only when society breaks down into a postmodern society (as we are headed to) roles reverse once more. Many people were afraid the theory of evolution would be misused to deconstruct society, and they were...
  48. Seed-Wad

    Are Insults Legal?

    Because society is the subjugation of the aggressive to the meek. If aggression is tolerated then it would allow the most aggressive to dominate those meeker and/or ruin the fun for everybody without anybody being able to say anything against it, as being aggressive is apparently allowed.
  49. Seed-Wad

    What are your biggest scepticism fails in your life?

    Yes, that debunk article you read was just the system trying to poison the movement:storks:
  50. Seed-Wad

    Thread Closings

    I'm no saint, I posted snappy remarks I shouldn't have, so maybe I'm not the one to talk, but I found it strange that after the JG thread close and the nice close message, Kuu came around the corner and added some insults without anyone able to respond to that. I found that misuse of...
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