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  1. Becs


    I visited the usa for the first time this year and fell in love with nyc. I loved the grid layout and I think for a similar reason was so happy to roam with intent around the city. Easy to identify a place to head for a route to sightsee but know that interesting things would pop up along the...
  2. Becs

    About you?

    What is your name? Becs Where are you from? London, UK How old are you? 38 What is your gender? Female How did you come to find out about that you were a INTP? Online testing - some type me as INTJ but INTP seems a better fit. How did you find out about this form? it was at the end...
  3. Becs


    Haven't worn a watch in 23 years
  4. Becs

    Enneagram Test(with Tritype)

    The Distribution of Your Scores Type One: 16 Type Two: 3 Type Three: 13 Type Four: 15 Type Five: 49 Type Six: 16 Type Seven: 13 Type Eight: 8 Type Nine: 30 I have no idea what this means - just getting my head around the MBTI designations - but what the hell here's another way of categorising...
  5. Becs

    John's Personality type 25quiz.com

    41% INTJ 15% INTP 14% ISTJ 9% ENTJ 5% ESTJ Yet another test where I score INTJ. :kodama1:
  6. Becs


    No, but I did a fair amount of knocking about on firefly/serenity fandoms
  7. Becs


    I never show up anywhere overdressed.
  8. Becs


    Oh I see ;) Ha - so true. And it's only going to the dr's imagine what it's like when I have to think through something more complex!
  9. Becs


    Well yeah definitely not ENTP and I do overthink & overanalyse everything like crazy. I would have planned my journey to the doctor's the day before though, leaving it until an hour before would be too late. And what does it matter what I am wearing?
  10. Becs


    I like your concise analysis, seems to make sense. Now tell me why?
  11. Becs


    I don't drive (not much point in London) but if I did and the traffic wasn't an issue that would mean the journey might take longer, I'd leave in 15 mins to ensure that I was at the doctor's in good time for the appointment. I'd drive as fast as I was able within the speed limit and I'd wear...
  12. Becs


    I've just got into this whole idea of personality typing in the past couple of weeks and have being trying to understand it. I've done a bunch of online tests including paying for an official MBTI test (which I found the least useful as it only gave the four letter type with no weighting). In...
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