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  1. gilliatt

    important skills and values for outside world that are not taught in school

    In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", Dagny follows John Galt into the sunrise, this is symbolism. Point is, all through the story, Dagny has been in the dark, but now she is about to see the sunrise, the first light comes from the wings of Galt's plane. Symbolism needs to be very clear, defined. One...
  2. gilliatt

    Hello there

    I am an Objectivist. We have two choices in this world. Objectivism or Communism. Take your choice... I am an INTP, although do not like labels.
  3. gilliatt

    what is impossible to prove and know

    Motion, this circular motion, has no efficient cause. It seems that motion must have a 'reason why.' Why motion at all? Its excuse for being. Cannot find a beginning of motion, like time. 'Infinity'. Like an unending chain, neither beginning nor ending. Same with man, he beget a son, cannot go...
  4. gilliatt

    there is no such thing as meaning

    This thread sounds of Kant where he is out to destroy reason. Everyone knows that the world is in a terrible state and it cannot continue on its present course much longer. All I ever hear is meaningless generalities and shameful evasions from intellectual leaders. Philosophical publications...
  5. gilliatt

    what is impossible to prove and know

    I will try to say this. What is, in this world, came from what is not. It was a kind of filling a void. Genesis: The primary form of change. For it is more reasonable that what is should cause the coming-to-be of what is not, than that what is not should cause the being of what is. Now that...
  6. gilliatt

    important skills and values for outside world that are not taught in school

    The individual child, this idea, method, the child becomes the focus, the center of education. The teacher, a director, guides the child's own self-learning. Freedom for the child in education, so important. The Montessori Method, it is the simplicity of the method.
  7. gilliatt

    What is real

    The consideration that the things of this world simply are what they are what they are in themselves independent of what we think about them.
  8. gilliatt

    there is no such thing as meaning

    You have to recognize differences between knowledge as by the senses and that which comes through the intellect. Take, for example, the color red. As a form that is the source of that determinate feature that is present in any and all red objects, the redness of any particular red object can be...
  9. gilliatt

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    There is only one issue that is important: Is man free. Under Capitalism man is free, its up to the man, his choice. I find that the majority of the world, people were, is the past, slaves, peasants, and can't get over it!
  10. gilliatt

    what is existence?

    Existence: what is real in the world that one perceives. There is a difference between existence and man-made, there is the 'primacy of existence.' It means existence exists, that the universe exists independent of consciousness, that things are what they are, that they possess the specific...
  11. gilliatt

    universe cosciousness

    Existence and consciousness, you cannot escape it, these are the primaries for every action you take. Think of nothing existing, there is no consciousness in that case. Existence is Identity, Consciousness is Identification. Really, consciousness is like any other existence, it possesses...
  12. gilliatt

    Two Paths to Utopia

    In man's conscious: reason, mind, values, concepts, thought, judgment, volition, purpose, memory, independence, self-esteem. All these exist, they are not illusions, myths, superstitions. These are man's inner world, that inner world, very important. In "Atlas Shrugged", there is two variants...
  13. gilliatt

    Climate change and capitalism

    Climate is primarily a scientific problem, not a political problem. If say your neighbor damages the climate, we have courts, laws against that. You can hold him responsible for messing around with the environment. Laissez-faire capitalism, only a social system based on individual rights, it...
  14. gilliatt

    Hacking Covid

    Is this coronavirus man-made or a metaphysical given. A metaphysical given, it cannot be changed. Man-made did not have to exist, but once made, does exist. Nothing made by man had to be:::it was made by choice. The metaphysical given cannot be true or false, it simply is...
  15. gilliatt

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    Well, capitalism protects our survival. And it is all about human freedom, freedom is the fundamental requirement of man's mind. Why would a person like to go back to the Dark Ages, slave labor, executions without trial, torture chambers, concentration camps, mass slaughter...capitalism...
  16. gilliatt

    How do you arrive at you morality?

    First of all, my morality, the morality of reason, ex. existence exists. Another thing, one choice--to live. Everything else proceeds from these. Take reason-purpose-self-esteem. These three requires all of man's virtues. In dealing with morality, you are dealing with man's free will, man's...
  17. gilliatt

    can the brain/mind exist without the body

    A body without a brain(soul) is a corpse; a brain without a body is a ghost. A corpse and a ghost, let's not surrender the world to evil.
  18. gilliatt

    i'm not an engineer, i'm an artist.

    Art is a kind of language, it uses language as a tool. Language is an objective instrument, that have objective meanings. An INTP's art are whatever, maybe they are nonobjective? maybe subjective? Like the modern dictionary vs the old dictionary. INTP's have loosely defined words, need definite...
  19. gilliatt

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    Capitalism-Marx slang/negative word for free enterprise. The first question to answer. The rest is immaterial. The basic issue is only: Is man free? In all of history, capitalism is the only system that answers: Yes. It is all about freedom, the recognition of individual rights, a capitalist...
  20. gilliatt


    The truth about Karl Marx was, his whole concept was to deprive man of his right to life, to deny all rights to the man of ability, atone for what man has earned. Marx the mystic, the collectivist, a street corner evangelist, the man of envy. In economic classes, Marxism, Keynesianism- how you...
  21. gilliatt

    What is space really?

    Space is not an entity, like time, it is a relational concept. A relationship only existing in the universe. Everything is finite, even the universe. Nothing outside the universe, that would be a contradiction. Everything is in a position, means a certain relationship to the boundary to some...
  22. gilliatt

    what is the mathematics of the universe

    Let's say we slide a box along the floor by pulling it with a string or pushing it with a stick. We are to slide it by exerting a force on it. The point is that the motion of the box is caused not by the 'objects which push or pull on it, but by the forces which these exert. There is magnitude...
  23. gilliatt

    Why philosophy sucks

    Three questions I ask: Where am I? How do I know it? What should I do? I am in Guernsey, that is self-evident. How do I know it. It is self-evident. What should I do? Whatever everybody else does. Well, I do not see a lot of happy people in the world, not very confident, they fear, undefined...
  24. gilliatt

    What is one superpower that u would have?

    Intuition. Healing power. Psychic powers. Read minds from long distances. Remote viewing. PK.
  25. gilliatt

    The single flaw with hard determinism

    Objectivism rejects the theory that nothing could ever have happened differently from the way it did & everything in the future is pre-set & inevitable. I am an Objectivist and I reject this theory. I believe in freedom for man, reason, volition, do not accept that man must always the a slave of...
  26. gilliatt

    What is space really?

    Space is a relational concept. Well, the universe is not in space, it is not in time. Let's be logical, there is space between two objects, each occupying different positions. The universe cannot be anywhere because places etc are in the universe, not the other way around. Everything is finite.
  27. gilliatt

    what is transformation

    Change presupposes the concepts of what changes, from what and to what, that without the law of identity (A is A), no such concept as 'change' is possible. I am atoms, those atoms were here before I was born and will be here after I die. No change whatsoever.
  28. gilliatt

    What is space really?

    Let's say us humans are compelled to eat once a day. I give this no thought, I get hungry...eat. You probably do not understand me, will try to explain this perceptual illusion. See, I always take for grant the food will be there. Then, what if I was in nature, in the wilderness, that would be a...
  29. gilliatt

    Should I get a job or work for my dad?

    Well, that is a tough one. Question, what can you do? My suggestion, study the technical side of the market, then, once you know it well, began making your millions/billions. Richard DeMille Wyckoff could help with that career...good luck, my 2 cent...Do not even think of learning much in the...
  30. gilliatt

    What is space really?

    Space is a relationship, only in the universe. The universe is not in space any more than it is in time. Everything is in a position, a certain relationship to the boundary of some surface which you stand. Ex. you are in say Richmond, Virginia, there is a point of the earth's surface on which...
  31. gilliatt

    what are your biggest questions in life?

    Maybe the future of the mind? Neuroscience and physics?
  32. gilliatt

    The future of humankind

    I am fighting for something. That thing is the supremacy of reason and I view man as a rational being. I am fighting against collectivism, altruism, irrationalism. So I am fighting for the future of mankind if he is to have a future. This is an intellectual battle. I refuse to surrender this...
  33. gilliatt

    Financial Independance

    In the market almost everyone wants to know 'what' and 'when'. If I were to give you a tip on a stock and it did good, I would not be doing you a great favor. If I can show you how to trade successfully without asking for tips, I would have accomplished something worthwhile.
  34. gilliatt

    Let's talk about art!

    Art: The reason man needs art is that man's cognitive faculty is conceptual, man acquires knowledge, it guides his actions, not by single isolated percepts, but by means of abstractions. It is not material, it is man's consciousness, his soul that needs it. That is important. Art is a selective...
  35. gilliatt

    The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few

    This 'Common Good' business? It is Tribalism, a tribal notion. All tyranny use this moral justification-in history. Its society's enslavement, anti-freedom. It is an undefined and undefinable concept. Think about it, the tribe, society, public, is only a number of individual men. Nothing can be...
  36. gilliatt

    What is wrong with modern life

    Happiness is not to be achieved at the command of some emotional whims. That would be an irrational wish. Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy--joy without penalty or guilt. If a man values destruction, like a sadist or self-torture, like a masochist-or life beyond the grave, like a...
  37. gilliatt

    Chicken or the Egg

    Two alternative expressions of the same thing. It is the same circle conceived under two different "attributes." Both the identical individual. This here chicken distinguished from all other ones. Go back, find the elements out of which the egg is made up, the material of the egg, its from What...
  38. gilliatt

    What are you all reading?

    Aristotle by John Herman Randall Jr. & Studies in Tape Reading by Richard D, Wyckoff. Also The Great Explosion by Eric Frank Russell. These books, all different subjects, not just world and people, earth and sky, birth and death, of time and change, sunshine and rain etc, etc, etc.
  39. gilliatt

    What do you think substance is?

    Substance: what it is, what kind of thing, "what"? A living organism, the substance first are afterwards. Was it alive before. Well, the substance may not change, a man can move to a different place, become small to large, but substance does not change, not from being alive to not being alive. A...
  40. gilliatt

    INTPs and their amazing ideas

    I always thought 6 billion individuals of this earth, all free and thinking for themselves. Anything everything is possible under Freedom. "Reality is comprised of concrete, individual entities, each with a definite nature, each obeying the laws inherent in nature. The universe is our lab to...
  41. gilliatt

    New way of tackling teleology, ontology?

    Like how do you understand Hitler better? You do a complete analysis of his material and formal causes. But the universe is a single interlocking hierarchy of matter and form. Hitler, we go back to his childhood, his social and culture milieu in which his family lived, and there is no end to the...
  42. gilliatt

    where are we going as a society?

    There is 6 billion of us humans on this earth. I say 'Freedom' for all people on this earth. You can think so much better under Freedom. The possibilities of more progress, happiness, everyone raised up a level. Children learn much better under Freedom. Its being left alone to think that is so...
  43. gilliatt

    Cured my depression

    You are so right. The self, one's power to think, the 'you' which you cannot define or express. It's simply your intellect you have to depend on. And this help you search for, for mental/physical help, watch out for shyster, feelers, con men of all degrees. The independent mind recognizes no...
  44. gilliatt


    What a lovely subject. There is this option we have, existence or non-existence. We are a living organism and we are substance. Matter is indestructible, it changes its forms, but keeps on existing. Living organism::life or death. Living organisms had to keep moving, action, keep the process...
  45. gilliatt

    Immanuel Kant (CoPR) Modern Relevance to Science

    Kant, he is anti-reason, he is trying hard to save self-sacrifice, mysticism, altruism. His idea is to create doubt. He does not believe in human freedom, laissez faire capitalism. His whole system of epistemology is a "straw man" to create skepticism about man's ability to know anything-Kant's...
  46. gilliatt

    Where did humans go wrong?

    I believe not believing A is A. Two laws, Law of Identity & Law of Causality. Each piece is what it is like Chess: a queen is a queen, a bishop is a bishop & its actions each can perform are determined by its nature, straight or diagonal, a bishop cannot: a rook can move from one side of the...
  47. gilliatt

    How do people in the West avoid Nihlism nowadays?

    First of all, Nietzsche is a mystic and an irrationalist. He is a somewhat! He is more on the emotional side, feelings side! He wants to rule others and sacrifice them to himself. There is a psychological subjectivist that is unable fully to identify his values or to prove their objective...
  48. gilliatt

    Identity is the Enemy

    Identity: To exist is to be something, the other way is to be nothing, non-existence. Existence is Identity. A is A. Red is Red, a circle is a circle. Everything is what it is, its characteristics constitute its identity. The Law of Identity remains the same, never changing. Capitalism is not a...
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