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  1. DrSketchpad

    An update on my introversion

    I hardly visit this forum anymore, but I popped in here because I was extremely bored. It got me thinking how far I've come in self development since I used to check this place regularly. Then, I was trying to diagnose myself as some type to combat some weird introverted form of an...
  2. DrSketchpad

    What's your favorite aspect about yourself?

    I'm just self aware enough to change myself and get some insight on things. Oddly I guess though that I'm without passion and drive. I've just realized this about myself pretty much. I have no passion for anything honestly. I have emotional judgments, but no personal drive. I'm pretty much a...
  3. DrSketchpad

    January Goals Thread

    Become better. DrSketchpad_2: "Overcome my lazy sack of shit part of my personality. The weight of my ego." DrSketchpad_1:"But I thought we were cool with not being a physical part of reality, DrSketchpad! Come to the non-materialistic side!" DrSketchpad_2:"That's great and all, but I...
  4. DrSketchpad

    World Council for Gifted and Talented Children

    I was in what they called GT at my school through elementary school (didn't care about the last "test" when I hear the higher grade's gifted classes weren't as interesting) and it was a nice experience. I'm not sure if it was helpful for me overall though. My GT teacher made sure that no one...
  5. DrSketchpad

    Psilocybin and Openness

    @nanook "Influencing attitudes, such as philosophical appreciation of being alive, is easy, a moderate dose of any entheogen will do the job. The change would show up in a psychological questionnaire, so i wonder how they have tested for openness." Hrmm... I'll have to look closer at the...
  6. DrSketchpad

    The General Obliviousness of the Post-Millenial Generation

    Information shminformation. I've thought about this sort of thing a lot in the past. XKCD (as always it seems) provides something relevant. Basically, It'd be nice if people were curious enough to seek out information or even realize that they'd be a more useful person by doing so and...
  7. DrSketchpad

    type me 3.0

    If it was from chapter X, I'd say it's probably an exaggeration of Ni/Si types in general. Unless he says that he's actually observed it. In the Ni section, he points out that a *pure* Ni type (basically no noteworthy thinking or feeling present) will be interested only in aesthetics. He does...
  8. DrSketchpad

    Psilocybin and Openness

    I don't really have much to say on this, but I thought I'd drop this here. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21956378 EDIT: Complete link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3537171/
  9. DrSketchpad

    Your Druthers

    Most definitely you have! Where do you find them? In the wild? Do you have to dig an interesting friend well and draw them up?
  10. DrSketchpad

    Two Opposing Personalities Within One Person

    Three words: Read Psychological Types. Carl Jung's typology is basically built around the premise of conflicting "personalities." Psychological Types: https://deenrc.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/carl-jung-psychological-types.pdf I love explaining this stuff if you have questions.
  11. DrSketchpad

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    That still feels really pointless.
  12. DrSketchpad

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    Yeah that has everything to do with what I said. That's basically what my personal "solution" is. That is, to follow an instinctual passion (which functions basically already describe, which is convenient). It's just disappointing that my ego is counterproductive is all. I want pulling my own...
  13. DrSketchpad

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    @Tannhauser That's the thing! Why do one of those things though? @Brontosaurie We should form a club. Wait, why though? Damn. @Sinny91 Word.
  14. DrSketchpad

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    Sorry if there's a thread on this already.* Have you noticed how arbitrary everything is? I'm not merely trying to express how no atomic truth makes everything... Wait I might have to explain atomic truth. You've probably come across a similar idea in your thoughts, I have no idea of...
  15. DrSketchpad

    Function most appreciated by you

    Also, if you didn't read below my username, I'm most likely NiFe. And Ni isn't the opposite of Ti. They're very similar in some ways, but are still completely different motivations. Ni wants to build on an idea from surrounding associations and gain a unique sense or understanding of something...
  16. DrSketchpad

    Function most appreciated by you

    I assume you mean pretty exclusively "What function do you tend to notice yourself liking in particular in others or in yourself?" as opposed to "Whats your favorite function?" or "What function is mot useful to you?" I appreciate all functions (except for maybe Si). Se doms are...
  17. DrSketchpad

    Male INFJs

    Found out I'm INFJ a while back after thinking I was INTP (silly Dr.Sketch) so now I have a nice contrasted insight into the differences of Pe/Pi (except for Si. My understanding of Si is shit). Ni people secretly crave Se people. They're so in tune with their reality and are completely...
  18. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    @Happy Clarification: While I am a bit more extroverted traditionally (socially) I mean in the more general sense as well (focusing on the outside, objective world and its dealings with the consequence of subdued personal input/reflection). Although I think it's a type thing as well...
  19. DrSketchpad

    Ambiverts and equal personal relation.

    Preface: An ambivert is someone who displays qualities of an introvert and extrovert nearly equally to the point of no clear distinction (Which Jung observed as well. Basically you just have to look closer at the motivations). The people who I'd say seem to be nearly indistinguishable when...
  20. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    Yeah, I guess. As for your flip-flopping, I thought as much was possible/common. Yeah I'll definitely have to monitor myself and do some reflection.
  21. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    It's an attention and priority matter. My attention is shifted away from myself and my ideas/thoughts and toward the outside world and it's demands (or rather, more-so than before). Shallow may give too negative of a connotation. I mean shallow in the sense that I'm dealing more with things...
  22. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    I was more inclined to deny a need for interaction, but I do really feel as though I was closer to myself a few years ago through pure inclination. Now it almost feels like the reverse of what you describe, I can very consciously recognize and feel the need for a stronger relationship with...
  23. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    @QuickTwist "It is now up to you now that you have come to this realization on how to set your priorities I think." I'm hoping that it's that conscious of a choice and I'm not just suddenly more shallow or something. Oh well, I should have bundles of alone time some time *sort of* soon. Time...
  24. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    This deals with introversion/extroversion, but I didn't want to categorize it as MBTI & Typology because I'm not really giving information, just looking for more casual discussion. (In case this was in question) This is something that I've become more aware of over the past couple...
  25. DrSketchpad

    Am I an INTP?

    Not INTP, but have spent a large sum of time researching them. My questions: How important is understanding, for it's own sake, to you? How comfortable are you in social settings? Would you agree that you work to maintain independence? How so?
  26. DrSketchpad

    How are you different from others of your type?

    I've also noticed that. It's not that I haven't met quite a few INFJs, which I have as far as I can tell, but there seems to be too many based on the statistics I read a while back. I think people don't like answering the MBTI questions that indicate INFJ properties I guess. The one ENFJ...
  27. DrSketchpad

    How are you different from others of your type?

    I had some other things to say, but then I realized I could condense it to this: My Fe is more passive. Sure, my reflections / ideas are largely centered around people, but other INFJs seem like Fe doms in social settings a lot of the time. Whereas, in a party or whatever, I can comfortably go...
  28. DrSketchpad

    Intuitive forum

    @Jennywocky Yeah, I'll think about it more in the future. Though, what forums are you referring to? I could only find personality cafe/ the various singular type forums (intj, infj, etc.) @Tannhauser Also a good point. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but yeah, an "intuitive" is...
  29. DrSketchpad

    Intuitive forum

    I don't currently have the means to start/maintain this ATM, BUT, as a concept, I think having and a forum for intuitives in general might be beneficial. It would probably have the effect of redirecting people who are unsure of their judgement functions to pile into that forum (which would...
  30. DrSketchpad

    A question for thinkers.

    If you want to skip preface stuff, then skip ahead until you see this kind of thing: ************* Again, I've run into a bit of a road block in my coming to understand function dynamics. That is, when I use Ti, generally, it's because feeling called for it. The most intense of these...
  31. DrSketchpad

    INTPs bodies and subtypes

    Thanks that's actually interesting. I haven't read the links ATM, but here's my initial thought: What if this implied something about attraction/type as well. I mean what if, because attraction is based on the perception of useful traits, and also, the development of mind/body is...
  32. DrSketchpad

    The Inferior, other things, and my sort of OktoberFEst

    @Inquisitor Was that from Man and His Symbols? If not, do you know where it's from? If so, I'll have to finish it.
  33. DrSketchpad

    What is your purpose in life?

    If I have one I don't know about it. As for one assigned to me by me: I'm trying to figure that one out. I tend to shy away from choosing pure emotional gluttony as that'd give me the greatest amount of joy inherently and instead assign things that have "true meaning" (whatever the flipping...
  34. DrSketchpad

    Which Star Wars character are you?

    I got the emperor. I saw the manipulative choices as a generally morally justified/neutral or good choice :/ Although didn't the emperor, in the extended universe books, try to build an empire to fight a giant invasion?
  35. DrSketchpad

    INTPs bodies and subtypes

    Genuinely curious: What is argument for the connection between the body/face shape and individual psychological makeup/type? It's got to be interesting if there is one, but I can't take it seriously atm.
  36. DrSketchpad

    The Inferior, other things, and my sort of OktoberFEst

    This is a comment with mixed/unclear intentions: You'd think, right? This happened to me for a long time. It still happens sometimes, mostly when I'm really furious. I have a theory for this. Under the assumptions that functions have some sort of psychic link (that came out way more mystic...
  37. DrSketchpad

    top reason for death wish for you guys?

    To your question: Complete smashing of every one of my hopes. This would probably come from some freak bout of severe depression however. I think I can otherwise pull myself through whatever disappointment I can think of. I think I'm on the path to feeling all too similar (though not...
  38. DrSketchpad

    Are some types more likely than others to choose the wrong career?

    I mostly agree with you, but I have one point to add. I'd say that Ni types are less motivated to "get shit done" on account of inferior Se. You see, Se will want to jump into and interact with the world in a very visceral and in a "nothing held back" way because of how physically apart of...
  39. DrSketchpad

    Thread title.

    Attempt to offer insight. Lose point. Try to pick up it's pieces. Use cheap glue on them. Push any future foreign doubt away by saying it was on purpose and how the crippled argument was a meta metaphor on the essence of the discussion as a whole.
  40. DrSketchpad

    Dissolution points for the function dualities

    He's talking about points of mediation between fundamentally opposed functions. Ti and Ne or Fe and Ni aren't fundamentally opposed, that's why they can 'pair' together. Anyways, I like the idea. I've been thinking for a while on something similar. What if the opposed functions weren't...
  41. DrSketchpad

    What are you all reading?

    The Emotion Machine by Marvin Minsky. Of what I've read of it: Basically a book on the topic of consciousness/AI. I wanted it to be more interesting than it was. I already have an idea of what he's talking about most of the time. It's not a bad book per se, but I just made a hastily hopeful...
  42. DrSketchpad

    TiPe and novelty

    I've hit a speed bump on my progress to understanding the subjective experience of functions. I have a basic understanding of Ti. It's your motivation for having a personal understanding of something. Which can be confused with Ni, but Ni doesn't "want" to form a jigsaw puzzle out of the world...
  43. DrSketchpad

    INFP using Ti better than 80% of INTPs...is this possible?

    Firstly, Thinking in a dominant Feelers is its most unconcious function. If it works similarly to my inferior, an INFP is basically unaware of anything Te almost all of the time. How about you? What is your attention to your inferior like? Do you tend to notice small details in your...
  44. DrSketchpad

    INTPs’ & ISTPs’ “One Thing”

    Disregarding unproductive conversation... I actually rather liked it. Drenth points out something that I've been thinking about in regards to function dynamics. That being that a dominant Ti (or what I think, is that every dominant) is tied to nearly seemingly contradictory in(Fe)rior in someway.
  45. DrSketchpad

    Everything is subjective- can't we have true objectivity?

    To onesteptwostep: I like it, but it's conflicting with what I've refined to be my stance on it: Whether reality exists or, subjectivity is the relationship (and only thing) we have with "objective" reality. So engaging *with* reality at all is subjective.
  46. DrSketchpad

    Everything is subjective- can't we have true objectivity?

    I'll read more on this later, but for now here's my uneducated mindspill- Everything is subjective, but how? My thought process is that there may be a reality, but the only relationship we can be aware of is whatever our amalgamation of senses and reason tells us. However, since these...
  47. DrSketchpad

    How many of the users on this forum are INTPs?

    @'Mills Think astrology, but there's actually something to it. It has total net amount of utility nowadays because of how people just kinda hand the MBTI out to everyone for fun. There's something irritating about Jung's work degrading into something that people use in the same manner as one...
  48. DrSketchpad

    How many of the users on this forum are INTPs?

    @Jenny Floppy disks? I have the feeling this is some sort of cruel joke towards non-INTPs ;)
  49. DrSketchpad

    nonsensical function combos

    @Tb Really? Where? @nil Those aren't nonsensical though. Where there isn't nonsense, I will not be found.
  50. DrSketchpad

    nonsensical function combos

    I also think Jung mentioned Kant to be TiNi, but this is generally considered an obvious mistake. I think, I could be completely incorrect.
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