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  1. Thurlor

    Regarding Indoctrination

    I have heard many people excuse the behaviour of others by claiming that such behaviour is not their fault because they were indoctrinated. A few things about that have always struck me as wrong. - We see people who have escaped their indoctrination, so it can be done. Either they are...
  2. Thurlor

    How does one prove they are not a bigot?

    Given that the public discourse of the last few years seems to focus in some part on rooting out certain forms of bigotry I feel that this may be more important than it may seem at first. Are claims of bigotry falsifiable? How would a person disprove a claim of bigotry laid against them?
  3. Thurlor

    What is the point of killing mosquitos?

    After they have already bitten you? Isn't it just a response born of anger or irritation? Would such a response be appropriate for a dog bite or a cat scratch? I ask because I have heard numerous vegans claim it is wrong to needlessly kill animals yet they will happily kill all insects and...
  4. Thurlor

    A question about languages.

    I figure that this is probably the most linguistically diverse 'community' that I am a part of so this might be a good place to ask this question. Does anyone know of any language in which meaning is formally embedded in the speed at which a word is said? So, if a word takes 0.5 seconds to...
  5. Thurlor

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    It seems only logical to me that if a person fears x then they should also fear anything with a greater chance than x of occurring. A few examples; - People afraid of strangers should also fear friends and family as statistically we are more likely to be hurt by a loved one. - People afraid of...
  6. Thurlor

    Excuses for bullying.

    My daughter (16) is going through an issue with being bullied. Nothing too bad, but enough to upset her. The other day she asked me why everyone is always making excuses for the bullies. Apparently her teachers and even her mother (my ex) have repeatedly told her that her bully is obviously...
  7. Thurlor

    How do we prove causation?

    How exactly can causation of anything be proven (beyond any doubt)? Most of the time when I hear about x causing y it is just a correlation between x and y. Cigarettes and lung cancer, poverty and crime, etc. It seems rather unethical to claim knowledge of a cause when at best you have...
  8. Thurlor

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    Just as the title asks. I'm not asking who determines whether or not something is funny as that seems to be a purely subjective determination. But whether or not something is a joke is a matter of fact. A person need not find every joke funny. Have any of you ever judged something to not...
  9. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    What type of tax charges everyone the same dollar value (not tax rate)? As in the expenditure of a community divided by the population of a community. It's not a Flat Tax as that only refers to percentages.
  10. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    Is there any productive activity that due to it's very nature can't be automated even with the use of some future Super AI? Personally, I think not. It seems to me that if a 'system' is capable enough then it can learn any activity that humans can. I'm not saying that everything that can be...
  11. Thurlor

    Compensation for saving a life.

    Can a person receive financial compensation for saving someone else's life? For example, a percentage of their income until they die. Nothing is free. If I don't want to pay for my life to potentially be saved then I have an opt-out card (like organ donors) and no-one has to save me. The...
  12. Thurlor

    Humans are apes.

    Every single one of us is an ape. One can't be a human if one isn't an ape. Therefore to claim that someone isn't an ape is to deny them their humanity. Actually it is saying they aren't even closely related to us.
  13. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    I have never been able to understand the point of NSFW tags in any situation outside of working with children. What does it even mean? Does something have to be illegal to be classified as NSFW? Let's use pornography as an example. How does it cause harm to anybody if they see it in...
  14. Thurlor

    Hybrids and Humans

    I've been reading a bit about various hybrids that exist in nature (liger, wolphin, pizzly bear, etc) which has raised a few questions. Are hybrids considered to be a new species if they can breed true? Maybe an isolated population is required (not sure). If a population of humans are found...
  15. Thurlor

    Eradication of Unwanted Behaviours in Others.

    How could a society eradicate unwanted behaviours in it's citizens and would this even be desirable? For example, murder is widely considered as wrong/immoral. What could a society do to completely eradicate murder? Would any solution be worth the cost in personal freedom?
  16. Thurlor

    Why is it wrong to stereotype?

    I recently got into an argument with a family member regarding the moral status of stereotyping. They claim it is always wrong. I disagree. Is it wrong to stereotype sharks as dangerous? If not, is that because they don't have feelings as we know them? Most people have no problem making...
  17. Thurlor

    Equivalence Relations

    I'm not sure if anyone else here shares my interest in language and semantics, so I apologise in advance if this seems boring and/or meaningless. I'm sure that most English speakers are aware of the fact that literally can sometimes mean figuratively. In these situations would it be correct to...
  18. Thurlor

    Everyone is good at mathematics?

    I've been considering the notion that on an unconscious level everyone is good at mathematics, or to be more precise everyone's brains are good at mathematics. There is mathematics involved in everything we do. Signal processing, movement and cognition are just a few examples. I'm not sure...
  19. Thurlor

    What do we call someone who can't be convinced by factual evidence?

    Is there a specific term for people who can't (or won't) be convinced by factual evidence? Would delusional be an accurate term? An acquaintance of mine thinks the moon landing was a hoax and he refuses to acknowledge any factual evidence to the contrary. My neighbour is a YEC and refuses to...
  20. Thurlor

    How important is truth?

    I've been thinking about this for quite some time and I still don't really know how to express my point. In much of what we do in our lives how important is truth (or to be more exact, an accurate perception of reality)? I don't mean this in terms of beneficial falsehoods but rather deceptions...
  21. Thurlor

    Making money off of the superstitious.

    I'm trying to come up with various methods by which I could wrought superstitious people of their money (based on their stupid beliefs). Examples; - Release a black cat in a neighbourhood and collect money to capture it. - Find houses that have had a murder/suicide occur within them and offer...
  22. Thurlor

    Kissing leads to death

    Is anyone here aware of any movies in which characters are too busy kissing (at an inappropriate time) and they get killed? I would love to be in a cinema watching a movie in which a couple can't control themselves when they should be running or fighting and instead start making out only to...
  23. Thurlor

    Your Most Hated Movies

    This has probably been done before, but what is your most hated movie and why? I'll start with mine. After Earth Such a slow, boring, empty film made so much worse for me because it was a science fiction. I can't imagine how bad I would have thought it had I watched it with high expectations.
  24. Thurlor

    Looking for a couple of words

    Hello All, I hope you enjoyed your forced break from the forum. Anyway, recently I got into an disagreement with my brother regarding the meaning of the word Homophobia. I believe there should be two terms, homophobia and homomisia (fear and hatred). This got me thinking about how to use the...
  25. Thurlor

    Would you turn yourself in?

    In my arrogance as a law abiding citizen (mostly) I have this belief that violent criminals should turn themselves in or else face double or triple sentencing. Anyway, is it expecting too much of these criminals to actually take legal responsibility for their crimes? To clarify, I'm not...
  26. Thurlor

    If Everyone Is Beautiful?

    I realise that I have no way of knowing if anyone here actually believes that 'Everyone is Beautiful', however this is one of the few communities I have ANY involvement in so I figured I'd ask this question here. If everyone is beautiful does that mean everyone is physically attractive? If...
  27. Thurlor

    I want to donate my organs, but.....

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've posted anything but recently an issue has arisen that I would like some insight into. A couple of weeks ago my mother had to visit the hospital with some kidney troubles and I started thinking about the issue of organ donation. I've always agreed...
  28. Thurlor

    The Semantics of Suicide.

    I was just reading an article in the local paper about a suicide 'vicitim' and it got me thinking. Are people that commit suicide victims or perpetrators of a 'crime' or both? Obviously another individual can't be the perpetrator else the 'crime' would be murder, yet whenever I hear...
  29. Thurlor

    Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

    Whilst I was wondering around the net I stumbled upon this 'article' that seemed to describe something about me quite well. http://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html It's not that lengthy and it even has a funny cartoon. Anyway, I was wondering how many of...
  30. Thurlor


    I'll start off by making it clear that I don't suffer from any phobias and thus find it rather difficult to understand them. I do have a tendency to dislike and avoid painful stimuli but I'd hardly classify my responses as phobic. Anyway, recently I started reading about zoophobia and I...
  31. Thurlor

    Eating Live Animals

    Seriously, what is wrong with these people that feel the need to eat an animal whilst it is still alive? I think they must be suffering from some form of psychopathy. Has anyone here ever knowingly eaten living animals (swallowing a fly doesn't count)?
  32. Thurlor

    Easier to correct than create?

    I've known since my schooling days that the easiest way for me to understand a complicated concept in maths was for me to try and explain it to a third party. Recently I also came to the realization that I find it so much easier to correct or improve something rather than create something from...
  33. Thurlor

    Is paper really enough?

    I apologise in advance if people find this question to be crass or disgusting but I feel it is quite valid. This question specifically relates to the inconsistencies present in most people's thought processes. So, if you were to (somehow) have some faeces splashed on your leg would you be...
  34. Thurlor

    Does anyone else find games to be shallow?

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. Maybe I've even mentioned this on here before (my memory is refusing to work at the moment). For the last few years I have been finding it very hard to really enjoy pretty much any game I have played. They all seem so shallow. If not at first...
  35. Thurlor

    How to pronounce 'adobe'?

    I've often heard people pronounce adobe with a stress on the 'e'. Why is this so? Wouldn't it be a silent 'e' as in abode? I've tried some Google searches but I can't seem to find the reason. At first I thought it was just the company name which was pronounced as such but the same...
  36. Thurlor

    Why is it that those who remain calm during a conversation/debate are usually those whom are right/c

    I'm not sure if this is just a tendency of the people I associate with (in real life and via the internet) or if it is a tendency of humanity in general, but I have noticed that the majority of times I witness a conversation/debate/argument the party who remains calm and doesn't become (overly)...
  37. Thurlor

    Self Entitlement?

    What does a thief think when something of theirs is stolen? Do they accept it as karma or are they pissed off and indignant? How does a bully respond to being bullied? Are they likely to have an epiphany regarding their behavior? Do liars resent being lied to? Why? What sort of mental...
  38. Thurlor

    Military Sci-Fi.

    I'm quite a big fan of military sci-fi with some of my favourite authors and novels being; - David Drake - Republic of Cinnabar Navy series - David Feintuch - The Seafort Saga - Eric Flint - Ring of Fire series - John Ringo - Legacy of the Aldenata series and the Empire of Man series - David...
  39. Thurlor

    Carbon Based Lifeforms

    They are a Swedish ambient music duo. Just wondering if anyone here has heard of them and whether or not they like them. My favourite track of theirs would have to be either Abiogenesis or Photosynthesis. They think of the most unusual titles Does anyone here know of any similar music.
  40. Thurlor

    'Superman' Memory Crystal

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I thought it was rather interesting. Memory Crystal
  41. Thurlor

    Stereotypes of Australia?

    Within a group of rational people such as INTPs there are probably less stereotypical views of the outside world than within other groups. That being said, those stereotypical views we do have are probably atypical. So, a question for the non Australian forum members; What are the...
  42. Thurlor

    Discrimantion vs preference.

    Discrimination - The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Preference - A greater liking for one alternative over another or others. In many societies today discrimination is frowned upon if not banned out-right...
  43. Thurlor

    Your most arrogant statement.

    Just wondering if anyone is willing to share what they would consider the most arrogant statement they've (yet) made. Mine would be; "It's not right because I said it. I said it because it is right."
  44. Thurlor

    The dangers of cigarette smoke vs diesel fumes.

    I'll begin by stating that I'm not wanting to debate whether or not the two are harmful. My interest lies in the conscience of the policy makers who are pushing for smoking bans yet refuse to consider 'diesel bans' despite equally strong evidence for each. Is it all about money or is there...
  45. Thurlor

    Asking questions vs Making Statements.

    My ex used to always accuse me of asking 'leading questions' during debates/discussions. I don't consider them to have been so though. They were just questions who's answers lead to my hypothesis. I've recently been wondering if this is a valid tactic/method to be used whilst debating.
  46. Thurlor

    Why is music so easy to remember?

    I can't play any instruments, nor can I sing (well), yet I find it incredibly easy to remember the music from songs I haven't heard in years. I've found that if I have trouble remembering the words of a song I just have to start 'playing back' the music in my mind and the words come with no...
  47. Thurlor

    Loss of rights due to inconvenience.

    Hello all. I haven't been around for quite a while now as I have been busy with moving from Central Victoria to Phillip Island and getting settled. Recently I've given thought to this topic and have come to the conclusion that many of our rights are being abbrogated or ignored due to the...
  48. Thurlor

    How long would it take humans to independently develop language?

    If an amoral researcher were to obtain a group of twenty or so new-born infants and isolate them, how long would it take them to develop complex language with grammar and what-not? For what percentage of human's existence did we not yet have a complex language? Would the time span (to...
  49. Thurlor

    Pronounciation - The right and the wrong.

    I know this shouldn't bother me as much as it does (actually it shouldn't bother me at all), but I'm completely confused when it comes to pronounciation and spelling. This is one of my many pet peeves. Apparently there is no such thing is incorrect spelling or pronounciation and I just don't...
  50. Thurlor

    A quick hello from a new member.

    Hello all, I just joined this forum of fellow INTP's and thought I'd introduce myself. About 8 years ago I completed a Myers-Briggs test for a job interview (that I never got) and not only discovered that there was a name/classification for 'other's like me', but also that there is nothing...
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