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  1. DrSketchpad

    An update on my introversion

    I hardly visit this forum anymore, but I popped in here because I was extremely bored. It got me thinking how far I've come in self development since I used to check this place regularly. Then, I was trying to diagnose myself as some type to combat some weird introverted form of an...
  2. DrSketchpad

    Psilocybin and Openness

    I don't really have much to say on this, but I thought I'd drop this here. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21956378 EDIT: Complete link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3537171/
  3. DrSketchpad

    Has anyone gotten over the arbitrarity of motivations?

    Sorry if there's a thread on this already.* Have you noticed how arbitrary everything is? I'm not merely trying to express how no atomic truth makes everything... Wait I might have to explain atomic truth. You've probably come across a similar idea in your thoughts, I have no idea of...
  4. DrSketchpad

    Ambiverts and equal personal relation.

    Preface: An ambivert is someone who displays qualities of an introvert and extrovert nearly equally to the point of no clear distinction (Which Jung observed as well. Basically you just have to look closer at the motivations). The people who I'd say seem to be nearly indistinguishable when...
  5. DrSketchpad

    I've become more extroverted. Thought? Help?

    This deals with introversion/extroversion, but I didn't want to categorize it as MBTI & Typology because I'm not really giving information, just looking for more casual discussion. (In case this was in question) This is something that I've become more aware of over the past couple...
  6. DrSketchpad

    Intuitive forum

    I don't currently have the means to start/maintain this ATM, BUT, as a concept, I think having and a forum for intuitives in general might be beneficial. It would probably have the effect of redirecting people who are unsure of their judgement functions to pile into that forum (which would...
  7. DrSketchpad

    A question for thinkers.

    If you want to skip preface stuff, then skip ahead until you see this kind of thing: ************* Again, I've run into a bit of a road block in my coming to understand function dynamics. That is, when I use Ti, generally, it's because feeling called for it. The most intense of these...
  8. DrSketchpad

    TiPe and novelty

    I've hit a speed bump on my progress to understanding the subjective experience of functions. I have a basic understanding of Ti. It's your motivation for having a personal understanding of something. Which can be confused with Ni, but Ni doesn't "want" to form a jigsaw puzzle out of the world...
  9. DrSketchpad

    Everything is subjective- can't we have true objectivity?

    I'll read more on this later, but for now here's my uneducated mindspill- Everything is subjective, but how? My thought process is that there may be a reality, but the only relationship we can be aware of is whatever our amalgamation of senses and reason tells us. However, since these...
  10. DrSketchpad

    nonsensical function combos

    Perhaps to better understand the roles or just for novelty, I tried thinking of of what types made of function orders that went against the theory. So, perhaps to help better understand the roles or just for novelty, I decided to post them. TiNi: Because this type's dominant function is...
  11. DrSketchpad

    pervasive memes

    Something that's been brought to my attention from my attention is that there are small, ideas, mental processes that seem to be memetic (possibly a common solitary development? not necessarily spreading) but you don't really notice until you're looking for them. I'll give you an example or two...
  12. DrSketchpad

    What is boring and repetitious and deserves "newness"?

    The title includes kind of what I want to express, but I'm not sure exactly what that is so I'll reserve a final judgement until maybe I DO know what I want to express. ANYWAYS I was thinking, or recognizing how boring a lot of things are because they all hold patterns that no one ever DARES...
  13. DrSketchpad

    What are your dream living conditions?

    What comforts, leisurely things would you like to ideally acquire/maintain? If you want to just list material possessions that's fine, but I'm emphasizing general living conditions. Me: A smallish house in one of the drier and rockier parts of Texas surrounded by orange plateaus and 1 foot...
  14. DrSketchpad

    Great starter books

    What are books that you'd blurt out immediately (or 5 seconds or 5 days later or whatever) if someone asked you which book is a great way to start interest/fundamental knowledge of a subject/field/whathaveyou.
  15. DrSketchpad

    Wanting to Pioneer and Perfect just for the Sake of It

    There's been a trend I've noticed with myself and that is that I tend to want to get into an area just to pioneer and perfect it. For example, I've been considering getting into game development/design just to make something that irons out all of the kinks out of what's already released. I've...
  16. DrSketchpad

    Sensing and Memory

    Something I've noticed being accredited to Si is specific recollections, and my claim is we should really assign this trait more to *extroverted* sensing or maybe just "sensing". For evidence: My Se dom relative, as I've talked about briefly in another thread, remembers actual details like...
  17. DrSketchpad

    Jungian Based Typology Empirical Roundup

    So, I've come to a conclusion (yeah I know) to make a mega-thread of sorts that "rounds up" evidence that gives or takes credence to Jungian based typology. Here's why: I've been thinking about the functions and dichotomies presented by Jung and Myers-Briggs and whether or not I should give...
  18. DrSketchpad

    personifying natural things/processes

    This is something that has bothered me a bit. That being: people personify things/processes that aren't persons to help make the explaining process of things/occurrences smoother and more intuitive. While the latter part of this is nice, I'd like to find a way to not lose precision in the...
  19. DrSketchpad

    Small Function(s) Specific "Quirks"

    I had an idea. One of those kinda cool, kinda helpful ones y'know? You know! Any ways, the idea is to note any little "quirks" that you've only seen from one type that shows the use of that function, however not direct like, Ti makes logic and Ne is silly :P. Not a description of the...
  20. DrSketchpad

    Is dom/inf the only oppositional dynamic?

    I was wondering. With dom/inf there's an OBVIOUS conflict. Our dominant is like our favorite tool that we were handed to when we started developing out type and we use it with everything we can. Our inferior however is like one of your children. But it's the scary one. You take care...
  21. DrSketchpad

    Pure O (OCD) anyone?

    Have anyone of you experienced this? It has got to be the most annoying thing. Y'know how bipolar disorder will take you're mood high and push it right back down? It's like that but instead of acting directly with mood it works with my certainty. Here's the process: A wild intrusive...
  22. DrSketchpad

    How well do you remember lyrics?

    Just wondering. Me, historically- not well. Lately some of the songs I've been listening to for years have started to "click" lyrically. Now I'm doing better. Its super important to me that I know about this from all of you. If you come across this thread, read to this- this- or even this...
  23. DrSketchpad

    MBTI and thoughts survey

    I've been curious if there's a correlation between the way thoughts are made conscious to their thinker and their thinker's personality type, so I had to make a survey thingy (for science of course). Please take the 20 seconds out of your day/night to fill it out ... for science...
  24. DrSketchpad


    EDIT: I oopsed the title. It was supposed to go something along the lines of: INTP's "the little things" Inspired by Architect's thread: http://intpforum.com/showthread.php?t=21955 What are some things that make your INTP insides smile/sing-a-little-tune/giggle? I'll start. Cleverly...
  25. DrSketchpad

    Type DrSketch

    Basically, I want a second opinion on my type. I'm probably younger than than the majority, so take that into mind. Please ask you're wits away to help. If there's a better way or place to ask please bring it to my attention.
  26. DrSketchpad

    What additional function would you like to have in your stack?

    I mean, we all use all the functions anyway, but if you could have a fifth that's in your "preferences" as well as all the other ones, which would it be and why? I'll start As an INTP, I'd pluck all my hair off multiple times over to have Se. It must be so fun. I mean, how cool would it be...
  27. DrSketchpad

    Anyone grow any feelings?

    So, recently (over the past few months) I've experienced a genesis of sorts of feelings, in general after thinking long and hard after carrying the naive notion that emotions had no place in a squeaky clean rational mind of mine. This was because I thought that emotions clouded my perception and...
  28. DrSketchpad

    Does anyone else think in the form of conversations?

    I've become increasingly aware that my thoughts might not be like other peoples thoughts. As the title suggests, a lot of my thoughts are in the form of a discussion with a specific person in my life (changes depend on what I'm thinking). It's like I'm constantly making arguments that don't...
  29. DrSketchpad

    Music that distances/numbs you ?

    As opposed enticing certain emotions as most music does.
  30. DrSketchpad

    What were you like when you were younger?

    Compare and contrast to the present if you wish.
  31. DrSketchpad

    Its finally happened, INTP or INFJ

    Sorry for a kind of lengthy post. So, the past year or two I've been researching MBTI, the functions, pretty much everything I can find on the matter. So I have a pretty good understanding of this area. One thing that finally happened to me as I'm sure a lot of you have been through, I'm...
  32. DrSketchpad

    REALLY long dreams

    Has any of you had a dream that seemed to last for days/months/years? What is your experience with these? What did it feel like to wake up?
  33. DrSketchpad

    Fear of Suicide

    Let me start off by saying I am NOT suicidal, I've never wanted to not live. What has been troubling me for the past year or so is the fear of committing suicide. Its just this fear that hangs around in the back of my mind all the time. I'm not sure if other people have this or can relate, so...
  34. DrSketchpad

    Minecraft NT

    Soooo.. just wondering, what ever happened to the minecraft NT server, it was fun
  35. DrSketchpad

    Lucid Dreaming

    There's probably already a thread regarding to this, but I was just wondering. What are your experiences with lucid dreams, also, what is the technique you do to induce them; if you use one that is and they're not just random occurrences you have some times.
  36. DrSketchpad


    For all of you MMO/RPG fans out there what is your free favorite MMO and or RPG in existence?
  37. DrSketchpad


    simple question, everyone handles losing a loved one differently, so in general, do you handle death well?
  38. DrSketchpad


    This might sound a little far-fetched even for INTPs ,but I was thinking; Does your name have a significant impact on who you are, as in how you think, what you act like? My reasoning is, you are named at birth, and are referred to as it for the rest of your life, I thought that would...
  39. DrSketchpad


    I didn't know exactly where to post this, so I just chose visual art because it was the closest category (In case you all wanted to know). So basically, just post your current wallpaper or your favorite wallpaper. ready set go
  40. DrSketchpad

    Greetings all...

    I still haven't properly introduced myself to you all, I thought I owed that to you all after a few months of basically lurking.... So, I'm an INTP (Obviously) who enjoys drawing (I might post some examples in the visual art section if anyone is interested.) Hoping to start learning code...
  41. DrSketchpad

    Starwars: the old republic

    Anyone play S:WTOR?
  42. DrSketchpad

    Jack White

    Does anyone else have this love for jack white (no-homo) and White Stripes, Raconteurs, etc.? White Stripes are probably my favorite band of all time, if not, or have never heard of any of these groups, what's you favorite band/ artist of all time?
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