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  1. Thurlor

    Time probably doesn't exist as we culturally conceptualize it

    Unless you are willing to factor out constants isn't this true for all units of measurement?
  2. Thurlor

    the goal of life is self perfection

    Is this specifically in regards to humans? I ask because I believe all living things share the same goal. Reproduction or replication. Everything else is just a means towards that end. Maybe it could be said that humans have extra goals but they aren't the goals of life.
  3. Thurlor

    Regarding Indoctrination

    I have heard many people excuse the behaviour of others by claiming that such behaviour is not their fault because they were indoctrinated. A few things about that have always struck me as wrong. - We see people who have escaped their indoctrination, so it can be done. Either they are...
  4. Thurlor

    How does one prove they are not a bigot?

    @Hadoblado I can't remember ever having been called any kind of bigot. But it seems that if an accusation of bigotry is unfalsifiable that it could easily be weaponised and deployed against anyone, especially non-conformists (which INTP's tend to be to some extent). @washti You are correct...
  5. Thurlor

    How does one prove they are not a bigot?

    Given that the public discourse of the last few years seems to focus in some part on rooting out certain forms of bigotry I feel that this may be more important than it may seem at first. Are claims of bigotry falsifiable? How would a person disprove a claim of bigotry laid against them?
  6. Thurlor

    What is the point of killing mosquitos?

    After they have already bitten you? Isn't it just a response born of anger or irritation? Would such a response be appropriate for a dog bite or a cat scratch? I ask because I have heard numerous vegans claim it is wrong to needlessly kill animals yet they will happily kill all insects and...
  7. Thurlor

    A question about languages.

    I figure that this is probably the most linguistically diverse 'community' that I am a part of so this might be a good place to ask this question. Does anyone know of any language in which meaning is formally embedded in the speed at which a word is said? So, if a word takes 0.5 seconds to...
  8. Thurlor

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    Thanks for all the responses. I've only just woken up so this will just be a few quick points. - I'm not sure that it is fear of the unknown as I doubt these people are fearful of tomorrow pr turning a corner or crossing a crested hill. - A fear of losing control would also result in being...
  9. Thurlor

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    It seems only logical to me that if a person fears x then they should also fear anything with a greater chance than x of occurring. A few examples; - People afraid of strangers should also fear friends and family as statistically we are more likely to be hurt by a loved one. - People afraid of...
  10. Thurlor

    Racism is innate

    Apparently every single community has a list of taboo topics. Kind of dissapointing that our taboo topics are the same as those of society in general.
  11. Thurlor

    Thoughts on circumcision

    I'm so disappointed that there is such a double standard for circumcision regarding boys and girls. If it is a girl it is automatically considered mutilation (FGM) despite the fact that at least 2 of the 5 forms of female circumcision practiced don't even involve the removal of any body parts...
  12. Thurlor

    Excuses for bullying.

    Thanks for all of the responses. I was starting to think my daughter and I were in the wrong. My daughter knows why she is being bullied, but as she has pointed out to her mother the why doesn't matter. Bullying is wrong. My daughter knows karate but she doesn't want to use it in a 'real'...
  13. Thurlor

    Excuses for bullying.

    My daughter (16) is going through an issue with being bullied. Nothing too bad, but enough to upset her. The other day she asked me why everyone is always making excuses for the bullies. Apparently her teachers and even her mother (my ex) have repeatedly told her that her bully is obviously...
  14. Thurlor

    Rape is usually about sex drive

    Yes, rape (by a male) requires sexual arousal. This implies that all prison rape is carried out by homosexuals or bisexuals. Why do you think rape is a learned behaviour? It seems more likely that not raping is a learned behaviour. Non-human animals rape, implying it is a natural behaviour...
  15. Thurlor

    Racism is innate

    I hate to be the one to ask this but what definition of racism are you using? What you are describing seems more like in-group vs out-group dynamics.
  16. Thurlor

    NS debate split from LBGT INTP

    I may be a bit late to all of this but here goes. No one seems to have mentioned bisexual individuals (maybe I missed it) and the possible role they could play in the heritability of homosexuality. Other than a search for truth, does it matter? What I mean is that this search for truth can...
  17. Thurlor

    How do we prove causation?

    @Grayman So a repeatable test in a controlled environment would be required? What if the environment can't be controlled? For example what if the studied environment was the solar system, how could it be controlled?
  18. Thurlor

    How do we prove causation?

    How exactly can causation of anything be proven (beyond any doubt)? Most of the time when I hear about x causing y it is just a correlation between x and y. Cigarettes and lung cancer, poverty and crime, etc. It seems rather unethical to claim knowledge of a cause when at best you have...
  19. Thurlor

    geometry and shape of universe seems to be not flat

    @sushi Wouldn't curvature be impossible to determine in an infinite universe? At any scale in which we observe the universe, wouldn't space appear 'flat'? @Cognisant All paths on the surface of a sphere are three dimensional. If you were to take a two dimensional path you would have to leave...
  20. Thurlor

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    Just as the title asks. I'm not asking who determines whether or not something is funny as that seems to be a purely subjective determination. But whether or not something is a joke is a matter of fact. A person need not find every joke funny. Have any of you ever judged something to not...
  21. Thurlor

    In a perfect world, _____________________________________

    In a perfect world everyone would choose to do the right thing and there would be no need for governments to compel us.
  22. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    I think the term I am looking for is Regressive Tax. But all of the definitions of tax rates seem to focus on the percentage of income paid into taxes as opposed to the actual dollar amount which seems a bit disingenuous. Progressive Tax - The higher the income the higher the tax rate...
  23. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    The size of the community is irrelevant to my question. I'm just wondering what the name is for a tax system that charges everyone an equal figure.
  24. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    What type of tax charges everyone the same dollar value (not tax rate)? As in the expenditure of a community divided by the population of a community. It's not a Flat Tax as that only refers to percentages.
  25. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    @Pizzabeak I'm not exactly sure how to reply to any of that.
  26. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    @Cognisant We know the exact value of pi. It is pi.
  27. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    Is there any productive activity that due to it's very nature can't be automated even with the use of some future Super AI? Personally, I think not. It seems to me that if a 'system' is capable enough then it can learn any activity that humans can. I'm not saying that everything that can be...
  28. Thurlor

    Compensation for saving a life.

    It seems obvious to me that I should value my life more than anyone else values my life. If I am not willing to compensate someone for saving my life (I opt out of the system) I must not value it very much. How can I expect someone else to value it more than I do? It seems wrong to expect...
  29. Thurlor

    Compensation for saving a life.

    Can a person receive financial compensation for saving someone else's life? For example, a percentage of their income until they die. Nothing is free. If I don't want to pay for my life to potentially be saved then I have an opt-out card (like organ donors) and no-one has to save me. The...
  30. Thurlor

    Humans are apes.

    @Serac How so? We are Great Apes which is a family of Apes AFAIK.
  31. Thurlor

    Humans are apes.

    Every single one of us is an ape. One can't be a human if one isn't an ape. Therefore to claim that someone isn't an ape is to deny them their humanity. Actually it is saying they aren't even closely related to us.
  32. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    @lightfire No, I compared the dislike of porn with the dislike of a mullet or corduroy pants. @Polaris I think I'd have to take that up with my daughter or partner. @Minuend I can't really see a reason why any of that would be a problem. If the co-worker is a consenting adult what is the...
  33. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    If not wanting to see something at work is all that is required then anyone I work with shouldn't wear corduroy pants or sport a mullet. This comes back to who decides whether a want is legitimate. If the argument is one of numbers then in a workplace where the majority of employees are...
  34. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    @Cognisant - So if I were offended by dyed hair would the other workers not dye their hair in an attempt to not offend me? Or is there someone who decides which feelings of offense are justified? @redbaron - But why do they care? If it is about a loss of productivity I'd assume they would...
  35. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    So, chatting or browsing social media (neither of which are work) are also frowned upon to the same extent? I don't think the issue is sexual arousal as I have seen the NSFW tag appear with content that is not sexually arousing at all. Besides, why ban the content that causes sexual arousal...
  36. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    But why would HR care?
  37. Thurlor

    What is the point of NSFW tags?

    I have never been able to understand the point of NSFW tags in any situation outside of working with children. What does it even mean? Does something have to be illegal to be classified as NSFW? Let's use pornography as an example. How does it cause harm to anybody if they see it in...
  38. Thurlor

    Who not to listen to

    - People that believe there are multiple truths. - People that insist all language is only descriptive. - People who believe things for no good reason. - People who value feelings over facts. - People who believe all cultures are equal.
  39. Thurlor

    Hybrids and Humans

    Some interesting points have been raised. I think the notion of species is somewhat malleable. And maybe the boundaries are a bit fuzzy (sometimes more so than others). For example ring species and the like.
  40. Thurlor

    Hybrids and Humans

    I've been reading a bit about various hybrids that exist in nature (liger, wolphin, pizzly bear, etc) which has raised a few questions. Are hybrids considered to be a new species if they can breed true? Maybe an isolated population is required (not sure). If a population of humans are found...
  41. Thurlor

    Eradication of Unwanted Behaviours in Others.

    How could a society eradicate unwanted behaviours in it's citizens and would this even be desirable? For example, murder is widely considered as wrong/immoral. What could a society do to completely eradicate murder? Would any solution be worth the cost in personal freedom?
  42. Thurlor

    Culture Wars

    Too many people seem to become offended for the sake of others. Usually hypothetical others. I'm not sure if it is an over active sense of empathy or just virtue signalling. Some groups see their cause as a moral issue and some people (maybe most) believe that they have an obligation to...
  43. Thurlor

    Why is there 2 ways to write lower case "a"?

    I believe it is to help distinguish between a and o.
  44. Thurlor

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    I'm a bit surprised no one has mention the cetaceans. They have complex social structures, languages and cultures. They may lack tool usage but I think that is due to environmental constraints. I'm reminded of the two dominant 'cultures' that orcas have based on their respective food supply...
  45. Thurlor

    There Will Never be a Human Civilization on Mars

    Whenever I hear people claim that something is impossible or will never happen I am reminded of all the people that said humans will never fly (in machines) or go to the moon. I think the only time you can realistically make such a statement is for things that are physically or logically...
  46. Thurlor

    Why is it wrong to stereotype?

    I recently got into an argument with a family member regarding the moral status of stereotyping. They claim it is always wrong. I disagree. Is it wrong to stereotype sharks as dangerous? If not, is that because they don't have feelings as we know them? Most people have no problem making...
  47. Thurlor

    The seat of moral conscience

    More often than not moral decisions seem to be shaped by disgust.
  48. Thurlor

    There can be no malice without fear

    What about greed and jealousy? Greed - A rich person kills to increase their wealth. Jealousy - A scorned lover/spouse kills their ex because if they can't have them no one can. I'm sure there are many other 'primal' reasons for murder as well as all of the 'rational' reasons. I'm not quite...
  49. Thurlor

    Incest against the law, yes or no?

    To a lesser extant this also applies to all relationships. Beyond that, I think we need to trust someone's expressed motivations and desires until given a reason to do otherwise. I realise that some might consider incest to be such a reason, but I'm quite confident a psychological expert...
  50. Thurlor

    Incest against the law, yes or no?

    I think a distinction needs to be made regarding the different forms of incest. There is a vast difference between a loving and consensual relationship and an exploitive one. If you wish to argue against reproductive incest on the basis of genetic health then you would logically also have to...
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