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  1. walfin

    Alpha Beta Omega Personality Test

    https://www.quizony.com/alpha-beta-omega-personality-test/index.html You are a(n) Sigma You're a black sheep. You are a mystery to those around you and tend to be seen as an outsider. While you may not enjoy socializing as much as others, it doesn't mean you don't...
  2. walfin

    INFPs gather!

    Let this be a refuge from the vast lands of the INTP domain. Where are you? How did you end up on an INTP forum? I ended up here as I used to be an INTP and a refugee from INTP Central; however, for some reason or another, my T slowly shifted to F and now I solidly test as an INFP.
  3. walfin

    Black users, where are you?

    I'm just wondering where all the Black users are since there don't seem to be any Black users outraged by what ApostateAbe is saying in the "Racism is innate" thread. Black users, are you offended? Are you past being offended? Or do you just think the debate is a waste of time? It would be...
  4. walfin

    IQ and life outcomes

    This is a fork from the Racism is Innate thread by ApostateAbe as an interesting point came up about intelligence. It would seem that people (both between as well as within races) are, with some exceptions, valued in proportion to their IQs. IQs appear to predict not just raw brainpower per se...
  5. walfin

    How you overcome depression

    How do you overcome a persistent feeling of dreading going to work and feeling demotivated to do anything, even things you used to like?
  6. walfin

    Any other lawyers here?

    Surely I can't be the only one.
  7. walfin

    Anybody else here on a Ketogenic diet?

    I'm currently trying to be on a ketogenic diet both to lose weight as well as for its purported health benefits. Is anyone else here trying this as well? What are your experiences?
  8. walfin

    Are INXP or INTX a thing?

    Or XNTP or IXTP for that matter. MBTI and Jungian function theory suggest no. The Big 5 (insofar as it correlates to MBTI) suggests yes. What would the Jungian function ordering for somebody with an ambiguous type be like?
  9. walfin

    How many people here are software developers

    Hobbyists included. I'm sure this has been done before but I was just wondering. What do you like coding in? My current poison is Quasar (https://quasar.dev).
  10. walfin

    Happy belated Pi day!

    It was Pi second yesterday. Won't come again in a century. 3/14/15 9:26:53 My apologies if anyone else had already posted well wishes.
  11. walfin

    What jobs might be useless in an ideal world?

    My girlfriend suggested lawyers and doctors, since those professions live off the problems of others.
  12. walfin

    Losing the capability for abstract thought

    When you feel it slipping away, how do you get it back?
  13. walfin

    Is Architect a misogynist?

    Just wondering. ;)
  14. walfin


    https://www.personalitystyle.com/ Weigher of Scales Wal, as the "Weigher of Scales", you are self-directed and self-motivated. You can display a significant amount of creativity in your ability to solve problems utilizing your logical and analytical skills. With a natural talent for...
  15. walfin

    Relation between MBTI and DISC

    Think there is any? http://www.48days.com/25-personality-styles/ I used to test as, and still identify as, a Contemplator (CSD). But I took a free test today just to see if I was the same, and I ended up with DIC (Chancellor) which I don't really identify with. I suspect most IN?Ps...
  16. walfin


    Why the significance? To my knowledge most cultures celebrate birthdays. But for some cultures certain events could be more significant than birthdays (Bar Mitzvah for instance). What would a culture which didn't celebrate birthdays be like?
  17. walfin


    I mean, I personally wouldn't want to be husband #2 or #3 if I had a choice (while wife in question is still with husband #1), but why not allow it? Surely there has got to be a balance to the polygamous Arab countries.
  18. walfin

    Ad packages for Android apps

    Any recommendations? I would use Google Admob but it doesn't support Singapore yet.
  19. walfin

    water skiing/wakeboarding

    Anyone does this?
  20. walfin


    I mean those wristbands you wear that tell you the time. I like digital watches but I don't like rubber straps. So I have a metal digital watch. I don't like analog watches. Somehow they just feel backward. I would much prefer a digital watch that has a classy design like analog watches do...
  21. walfin

    An alternative to war - a Geneva Convention on paintball

    Or maybe tasers. I know this will not work, but... Wouldn't it be far more enlightened? The benefits are: It preserves the tradition of war Nobody dies Due to its finality, it can be used for the determination of political disputes where negotiation goes nowhere A competition may be a more...
  22. walfin

    What is your race?

    Just curious, because of the George Zimmerman thread. An anonymous poll, so you can't be racially profiled (at most, this forum can :eek: ).
  23. walfin

    Predictability of myself

    I can't surprise myself. That sucks.
  24. walfin

    No offence to anyone

    I just wanna say that I can be a bit caustic at times. That's probably a characteristic that's shared by more than one person on the forum. So I think we should have a place to post disclaimers. Here's mine. If I say anything against you, I have nothing against you as a person. Even if I say...
  25. walfin

    Dirty Dancing

    I watched the play yesterday. Woohoo! Absolutely great, all dance fans should go watch it.
  26. walfin


    Yeah, I know, the bugger got banned, and one shouldn't click on spam ads, but... It actually does seem like a rather interesting game. I downloaded the trial. NB: Upon request, I have linked the original thread, which was locked. http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?p=369662#post369662
  27. walfin

    What do you think will be the next programming paradigm?

    For a long time, there was pure imperative programming. There was assembly, and then there was BASIC. Nothing existed except for the tetragrammaton of GOTO, sacred to the flying spaghetti (code) monster. Then came functions, and with it came structured functional programming. C and Pascal...
  28. walfin


    http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/ INFP If your closest personality type is INFP then you have some deeply-held values, though there are probably very few people, if any, who know what those values actually are. Privately, you may be a people-person, but others may not recognize it as you show...
  29. walfin

    Nice or snarky?

    I find it easier to be nice but I love it when others are snarky to each other.
  30. walfin

    The philosophy of the weak

    I hate any thought of the strong flourishing. Of the capable dominating society. Of anyone being better or deserving of more rights by virtue of being more intelligent, more confident, more whatever. Not for a moment would I believe in equality. All of us are unequal. And that is why power is...
  31. walfin

    "The unexamined life is not worth living"

    I disagree with the premise. First, I would say that "unexamined" in this case most probably refers to lack of examination of a living organism by itself, not by others. There are many unexamined lives worth living. Consider a plant. It examines not itself, nor perhaps even its surroundings...
  32. walfin

    Romantic fiction, chick lit, etc.

    How many of you read this kinda stuff? I wonder if I am atypical for an INTP or if it's actually rather common.
  33. walfin

    Do you watch porn?

    Do you watch porn? What sort of porn do you like? Have you a special preference or is anything fine? Unfortunately, you are not allowed to share your favourite videos here due to forum rules. Discovery Channel is not counted.
  34. walfin

    Measuring degrees of randomness

    I heard about this from a postgrad maths student yesterday. Has anyone here done any stuff on this before? Supposedly it involves measure theory and algorithmic analysis (the maths type, not the computing type), neither of which I understand.
  35. walfin


    I just got rejected for boarding a flight due to lack of 6 months validity on my passport. WHAT THE DAMNED FUCK. FML.
  36. walfin

    Remove mention tags from quotes?

    This is a problem.
  37. walfin

    The INTPf invention ideas thread

    Appears that there isn't one like this. Post your ideas for new inventions for discussion, redacted if needs must due to IP protection reasons. If what you propose already exists, others can point it out so you won't waste money trying to file a patent or whatever. My latest ideas are...
  38. walfin

    Web 2.0 forum software one day?

    Have we ever considered stuff like this, for example? http://vanillaforums.org/ Not that I'm dissatisfied with the current forum, but just something to think about.
  39. walfin

    What's the difference between Oubliette and Siberia?

    Just asking.
  40. walfin

    The INTPf High Court of Justice

    WHEREAS the netizens of INTPf have no forum in the forum in which their grievances may be redressed; there is criminal punishment dispensed in Crime & Punishment but there is no way of enforcing civil rights and righting civil wrongs; and a Court of competent jurisdiction capable of dispensing...
  41. walfin

    Happy new year!

    To all for whom it has come only now.
  42. walfin

    Weather insulation dome

    So it's been the rainy season where I live since a few months ago, which royally sucks. Think torrential downpours every darned day (well, not quite so bad now), which render umbrellas useless. And I was thinking, what would be needed to build a dome which could cover the entire country...
  43. walfin

    Suicidal Feelings

    How does one deal with this? Especially if they are long term. For quite a while I dealt with it by using my opposition to the death penalty to counter it. I argued to myself that committing suicide is the same as penalising myself and sentencing myself to death. Regardless of whether it is...
  44. walfin

    Jungian Function Development

    Not the original test I took a few years back but it'll do for now. http://cognitivequiz.com/quiz.html Your Cognitive Functions: Introverted Feeling (Fi) ||||||||||||||||| 7.94 Introverted Thinking (Ti) |||||||||||||||| 7.22 Introverted Intuition (Ni) ||||||||||||||| 6.925 Extroverted...
  45. walfin

    Ex-INTPs' support group

    Based on the results of a personality test I just (re)took, it seems that I have become an INFP. It's only one test. But anyway I've felt the shift for a number of years now. I took it just to confirm it, basically. And yes, of course, I kinda knew what the answers meant (personality tests are...
  46. walfin


    http://www.colorcode.com/choose_personality_test/ MOTIVE [ Peace ] Whites are motivated by Peace. They seek independence and require kindness. They resist confrontation at all costs. To them, feeling good is more important than being good. They are typically quiet by nature, process things...
  47. walfin


    http://www.testcolor.com/personalitytest/personalitytest.php Testcolor : THE personality color test Test color is the result of original research conducted and validated by a team of clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts and mathematicians. Test color can generate over 50 million...
  48. walfin


    Pretty accurate for mine, though it's a bit horoscopish. http://colorquiz.com/quiz.php Your Existing Situation "Searching for a close bond with others which are accepting and kind. Needs a safe, peaceful atmosphere." Your Stress Sources "Wishes for freedom and independence, free from...
  49. walfin

    I wrote a game.

    OK, it's a rather silly and pointless one (but could be further developed). And the technology is rather old school. I did it primarily to prove a point, that Java is in no way deficient for writing RTT/RTS games. There's a dearth of such games written in Java. But most importantly it was fun...
  50. walfin

    Birth order

    So, this supposedly matters very much, especially in relation to success in politics. To the chagrin of those of us who are youngest in the family. What's your birth order in the family?
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