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  1. Inappropriate Behavior

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    You can change one no vote to a yes vote as I didn't count the time in 6th grade when a book report assignment had me read a biography and then do a presentation behaving as the person it was about. I did the salute during those few minutes I pretended to be Erwin Rommel. 2 of the 8 jews in that...
  2. Inappropriate Behavior

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    No, the same thing does not happen. You are inserting a notion you cannot prove. Not believing is not inserting a notion, therefore nothing to prove. No logic of any kind allows for making something up which theists did. They never had evidence. All they had is things they couldn't explain and...
  3. Inappropriate Behavior

    For god's sake someone play this goddamn game

    Played both Portal games. I feel guilty that I only paid 3 bucks for both of them because they are well woth full price. It got me playing a lot of the other first person type games. The strategy games, RPGs and platformers have taken a back seat for now. It won't last I'm sure and I'll get to...
  4. Inappropriate Behavior

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    Not knowing the answer to something is not an excuse to insert an explaination without evidence. Doing so doesn't make it evidence. It's whole cloth. You want answers to the immensity of the universe, that's fine and good. Creating explanations for that which we don't know (yet) is a primitive...
  5. Inappropriate Behavior

    For god's sake someone play this goddamn game

    I have it's predecessor Limbo and this is on my wishlist. I've only played maybe an hour+ of it and while I like it, I haven't felt compelled to try to get through it as of yet. I bought way too many games on sale around thanksgiving ($150 for 43 games) and I've tried all of them, but some I...
  6. Inappropriate Behavior

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    Believing in freedom is stupid. Get born in country A, get certain set of "freedoms". Get born in country B, get different set of "freedoms". Force can take away those "freedoms" from either country. Inalienable rights has to be the dumbest line ever used. We've just been lucky to live in a...
  7. Inappropriate Behavior

    Paradise Lost Sci-Fi

    A thought if I may, and please know I have no objections to the notion of taking "a stab at Christianity". A truly evil villian (the Captain) would be evil in intent, action and consequence. A pretty common portrayal of villians. Perhaps playing with intent to get a mix of...
  8. Inappropriate Behavior

    Prompt my sweet ass

    About a half dozen pulp romance novel covers circa 1983 says hi. And gay nazis being chased through woods has been done to death by now. It's pretty much the dogs playing poker of man on man jew hating at this point. Start with something simple. Say 4 pre-Genghis Mongolians sitting on a bench...
  9. Inappropriate Behavior

    I have been summoned.

    Being an insufferable turd is the key to immortality.
  10. Inappropriate Behavior

    I have been summoned.

    Scared? Comforted? Disappointed that you are all still alive? I feel like I'm supposed to feel something. Does that in itself count as a feeling? I still have my old avatar, that makes me feel something. I should probably stop before someone comes in and catches me though.
  11. Inappropriate Behavior

    Forum Commentary - The Peanut Gallery

    Hi there, haven't posted in years and since my last I've looked in maybe a half dozen times just to see the ol' place. The last time wasn't that long ago and it seemed that the old software was no longer being updated/supported or something like that and the place was about to die. So tonight I...
  12. Inappropriate Behavior

    Changing the world

    15? You must be young (ish). I say this not just because of the 15 year thing but also this: While the number of "smart" people in government certainly hasn't risen, it hasn't lowered much either. Because it can't really. There was just as much of teh stupidz 15-35** years ago as there is...
  13. Inappropriate Behavior

    How do you beat economics?

    You "beat" them by carving out your own niche. Open your own business and get a BIG internet presence. If you know how to do the latter yourself, bonus. If not, hire a professional. Mine is located in one of the most out of the way places the east coast of the U.S. has left. I see a traffic...
  14. Inappropriate Behavior

    Do you suddenly lose interest?

    Take a nap. You don't even need to go into full sleep mode. Just find the quietest place you can, drown out intruding noises and get into a state where your subconscious leeks in. 15-20 minutes of that has done the trick a lot of the time (not always) for me. It may not reignite the interest in...
  15. Inappropriate Behavior


    hmm i thought everyone here was a social reject. Sometimes this place is interesting. Sometimes it's fun. Such things are relative though. I keep coming back because...hmm. Well, I generally like the kind of people this place attracts. I can't say that about other places but then again I don't...
  16. Inappropriate Behavior


    I used to have a role here. Not sure what it was but I'm sure it was there. I part lost it, part abandoned it. Anyway, doesn't matter. If you want a role, pick one. There's plenty still to go around. Our rules are like a god. Some believe they exist and some don't.
  17. Inappropriate Behavior

    We must be damn near deaf

    You may be experiencing motivated auditory perception.
  18. Inappropriate Behavior


    And 9 months later.. Well nothing to show for it actually. World dodges bullet.
  19. Inappropriate Behavior

    "Being rich isn't about how much you have, but how much you can give."

    The highlighted, underlined word is in there for a reason. Read the quote without it and it takes on a meaning that would be more precise if we are assuming that was the intent. Would need the context of the quote before making that assuption. But if I do.. My first take on the quote was to...
  20. Inappropriate Behavior

    answer some questions (pretty please)!

    Not quoting each question as that seems unnecessary. Also, we can only give our experiences/memories of the times. Asking if it is "normal" can't be determined by anecdotal evidence that we could provide. Is it "believable" might be a better wording since you're doing this for a story. You...
  21. Inappropriate Behavior

    Good Values, Love, and Happiness?

    I watched the first one. It seemed to me he set up a nice straw man right from the beginning with his "the so called Age of Reason" telling us that "Reaon alone" would usher in a "better world". I would like a citation on that claim. I'm sure there may have been individuals who made such claims...
  22. Inappropriate Behavior

    Proxy just tried to kill me with fire AMA.

  23. Inappropriate Behavior

    Proxy just tried to kill me with fire AMA.

    Keep a box of baking soda with you AT ALL TIMES! Either that or a one size fits all lid for frying pans...if they make such things.
  24. Inappropriate Behavior

    Which is better, to live with serious pain or to be dead without pain.

    Level of pain to level of the individuals pain threshold - check The thing about terminal pain is not so much the physical discomfort as the psychological impact it has over time. I know there are times when it drives me crazy and lets darker thoughts creep into the forefront. I'm not going to...
  25. Inappropriate Behavior

    Forum Death Pool

    *invents time machine in under 15 minutes because I can motherfuckers!* *attempts to ban CC early last March* Damn, the only time I ever wanted administrative powers and I don't have them! *gets back in time machine to prevent the murder of this obscure Austrian artist whose work ended up...
  26. Inappropriate Behavior


    What does Australian smell like? And welcome Xo.
  27. Inappropriate Behavior

    Needs more cowbell.

    Well I do have a clapper. Unfortunately I have nothing to bang it against that will make a dinging sound and boy have I ever tried.
  28. Inappropriate Behavior

    i'm using you!

    There are governments that will pay you to develop a world melting death ray (North Korea and the United States comes to mind). You can still make your weird music in your off time but most importantly, you can end it all! Sure no one else will really know it was you so your name won't be...
  29. Inappropriate Behavior

    Favorite game genre

    I've prefered real time strategy/turn based stretegy games although I'm seeing the appeal more and more of RPGs but my experience is limited. I didn't vote yet because I'm not understanding why simulation and strategy are lumped together. When I'm seeing simulation I'm thinking flight simulators...
  30. Inappropriate Behavior

    How to stop being a fattie fat fat?

    Do you consider yourself a foodie? Someone who appreciates the quality, tastes and textures of food? Do you appreciate the art of food preparation even if you lack the skill or confidence to do it yourself? Or Do you sometimes minlessly eat an entire bad of chips while trying to focus on...
  31. Inappropriate Behavior

    Which Philosopher are you?

    Which philosopher are you? Your Result: Plato (strict rationalists) 91% There is a transcendent, absolute truth. We can get to this truth by pure reason, in the form of dialectic. Everyone wants truth. Truth is virtue, is happiness. Your philosophy might boil down to: You are right and those...
  32. Inappropriate Behavior

    Forum Death Pool

    Yes..burn you filthy bridges burn. http://ilovemylsi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Burning-bridges..jpg See you in two weeks :D
  33. Inappropriate Behavior

    How Old Are You?

    I've answered "8/4/67, whatever that makes me now" before. You do the math, I'd rather not. I try not to keep the answer in my head and I'm very good at it. Not remembering things is sometimes easier than remembering those things. Not always. Some things I wish I could forget especially if it is...
  34. Inappropriate Behavior

    Absence from the forum

    My "plumbing" may be old and obsolete. I may sweat profusely and be out of breath long before I get it to do what I want. Bot once will not be enough. The fire within me burns baby! Although it could just be the chlamydia. And I'm not fat, I'm big boned! ;) At least that's what I tell myself.
  35. Inappropriate Behavior

    Favorite TV Show(s)?

    Thanks, I just got one (Roku) but haven't plugged it in yet. I look forward to exploring what these things have to offer.
  36. Inappropriate Behavior

    Absence from the forum

    But I love fire based porn!!! http://omidsafi.religionnews.com/files/2013/12/love-in-fire.jpg Is this one of those damned new rules?! If so I will NOT SUBMIT!!
  37. Inappropriate Behavior

    Amnesiac Greetings

    Lungs? Seriously? I usually throw them out as they have no discernable nutritional value and the texture is just grody. But whatever floats your boat. I hear the trashman coming down the block so I better go dig them out real quick. Take as many as you think fair and leave the kidneys in their...
  38. Inappropriate Behavior

    Amnesiac Greetings

    Hello, Is this the proper venue for placing an order? If so, I would like to purchase two kidneys from you. They need to match blood type AB- and come from a bum who had a taste for Mad Dog 20/20 Peach "wine". Note: I will be testing to make sure it is AB- at least 3 times. AB+ tastes...
  39. Inappropriate Behavior

    The State of the Forum

    Sometimes lines aren't just thin or blurred but exist in multiple dimensions. I don't envy the moderator's job. I'm not liking this garden analogy that has sprouted up (HA! A pun!) in this thread. On my property in the RL, I have both a flower and vegetable garden. All the plants there are...
  40. Inappropriate Behavior

    What is your favourite colour?

    Sometimes I get songs stuck in my head. It can last for days. A little over a week ago, I had that song stuck in my head. It took 3 days to get it out. Thank you Jenny. Thank you very much. Oh I think I will medidate upon red, the color of rage
  41. Inappropriate Behavior

    What is your favourite colour?

    *breaks down in tears* I understand this forum is considering providing extensive therapy* to the emotionally traumatized. Succor me *No, no it's not. “From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day...
  42. Inappropriate Behavior

    What is your favourite colour?

    I like natural colors as they appear in the world. Sometimes, for reasons I don't know or can control, I see them in stark contrast to each other and they stand out so vividly (I lack the words to define it). It doesn't happen often unfortunately. The neon colors o o o o tend to annoy me. And...
  43. Inappropriate Behavior

    Favorite TV Show(s)?

    Bit off topic but not worthy of making a new thread: Does anyone use a Roku or the "Find Gary Busey!!" device? I don't have time to watch much tv anymore but there are things I'd like to watch but don't get to when they air. I'd probably check through this thread for ideas on what I might...
  44. Inappropriate Behavior

    A Revitalization of Spirit

    It would still be new drama, new politics, new taxes and new so forth. I'm at the stereotypical age where I'm supposed to have some sort of midlife crisis. Maybe it's something that simple. How many years do those things last? I feel like I'm going on 8-10 and counting. I'd like to...
  45. Inappropriate Behavior

    The State of the Forum

    An ides I'll throw out like yesterday's garbage: How about when you ban a person, it doesn't show as "banned" under their username? It can just look like it normally does and we non-mods can wallow in our ignorance as to the fate of that person. Was he banned or simply leave? Did she die in a...
  46. Inappropriate Behavior

    Leaving my box

    I come and go all the time. It's not that hard, I just delete any links to this place when I don't want to be tempted and then come back whenever for whatever. A lot of people here have said they don't feel like they belong even though they do. That common feeling of not belonging is what...
  47. Inappropriate Behavior


    I will paint the walls with your blood! This discussion is going nowhere. You make a good point. (sarcastic) BOOBIES!!
  48. Inappropriate Behavior

    Re: Drones

    It depends on how we go down. If it's an implosion then I guess you're right. But what if we explode? What if we become a problem the world needs to rise up against? Have you seen some of our wannabe "leaders"? You haz rescources? We wants them! Oh, you have Abrams tanks? You might as well...
  49. Inappropriate Behavior

    Re: Drones

    Our national discourse is infested with red herrings and straw men. Like locusts on a cornfield, they are wrecking it. Voices of logic and reason are pushed to the fringe. Whenever I try to think of what the future may bring, I see fewer and fewer reasons to believe there will be a United States...
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