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  1. murkrow

    pretty sure I'm an ENTP

    and not an ENTJ more info to come.
  2. murkrow

    I just quit my job through text message

    (name), I am giving you my resignation. Please mail all remaining cheques to (address), thank you. ------------------------------------------- your thoughts?
  3. murkrow

    Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Ruined "Dark Knight". 1. she's not attractive enough to match the script. 2. she's not a strong enough actor.
  4. murkrow

    RIP INTPf?

    Why so slow recently?
  5. murkrow

    XXXX a good thing?

    if someone were XXXX would that be good? how would they act?
  6. murkrow

    Holy shit

    The chicks in DR. No are like, amazingly beautiful.
  7. murkrow

    The Olympics

    Who gives a shit? I have a very hard time seeing anything really amazing in athletics. I mean, wow you put a lot of time into getting your body to do something, right on. Also the Olympics have such a moral agenda, yuck. So my question is, do the Olympics and sport in general interest you...
  8. murkrow

    weird shit makes me cry.

    So I'm watching this batman cartoon movie thing http://videogrounds.blogspot.com/2008/06/batman-gotham-knight-2008.html and this kid saves batman my hitting a good with his skateboard and I like, well up and almost burst. Sad stuff doesn't really make me cry, but sad things happening to...
  9. murkrow


    Okay so this site is telling me that Han Solo is an ISTP... I don't know about that! I just don't think his individualism goes to the point of being an ISTP, he always had chewwie around didn't he?
  10. murkrow

    If I were to go somewhere and be useful, where?

    So I'm thinking that I can easily pursue my arts and philosophy anywhere in the world, I should be doing people some physical good while I pursue them. Where in the world should I deploy my aid? Where is it most needed?
  11. murkrow

    Creative merit [thread split]

    Rowling a genius? I think I'll stop writing forever now. Heaven forbid I should challenge someone's views on good writing!
  12. murkrow

    The hardest gaps to bridge

    So I'm currently going through a possible ending of a long term friendship with an INFP. I have recently had a parting with an INFJ which had a very similar pattern and set of problems. Originally I had considered that my lack of "feeling" was a cause of the problems but I don't think that is...
  13. murkrow

    Genuinely good person?!

    Okay so I met this girl on a dating site and while we were talking on MSN I was ASTOUNDED by her extremely self sacrificing and good meaning nature. She's studying "child studies" in order to work with mentally challenged children for the rest of her life. I asked her several questions...
  14. murkrow

    personality types by body type

    has anyone ever seen a study or survey that measured what types tall/short or thin/fat people tended to be?
  15. murkrow

    celebrity attractions

    I went through my entire life considering the idea of celebrity attraction to be ridiculous and incredibly immature. I was sure that the people who claimed to be enamored with celebrities were simply exaggerating their feelings for effect or totally stupid. But recently I have become mildly...
  16. murkrow

    romantic comedies

    I love them.
  17. murkrow

    enneagram poll

    wondering what enneagram types INTPs fall into
  18. murkrow

    reversi challenge!

    someone want to play me in reversi? PM me for my MSN
  19. murkrow

    Corporate schools.

    Assume total lack of government support for schooling. To get a free education you must either be noteworthy enough to be granted a scholarship, be lucky enough to be taught by a charity supported school or enlist in a corporate run school. Would you have a problem with enlisting your children...
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