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  1. Dimensional Transition

    The one-man-show of the INTP

    I've noticed that sometimes, when I really get into the subject, I end up completely dominating a conversation because I keep talking and talking, sometimes temporarily negecting others' responses in between. I'll eventually respond to them, but not before I finish all I wanted to say, and I've...
  2. Dimensional Transition

    Autumn photography

    Just made a couple of pictures, it was very misty outside. I wanted to give the pictures a cool autumny atmosphere, I hope I succeeded. I wonder if personality type influences the kind of pictures you make. If it influences your composition, color usage, lighting, subjects, etc...
  3. Dimensional Transition

    Socionics INTp?

    What's the difference with the MBTI test INTP? Why is the last P not a capital in socionics? As I'm a lazy bum, I'll ask you guys if any of you can summarize the major differences in the two. What may socionics teach me that MBTI may not and vice versa? I just took the socionics test and this...
  4. Dimensional Transition

    Dream moods

    I love this site. You should probably take it with a grain of salt, but it's interesting. http://www.dreammoods.com/ You basically just search for things that were in your dream, and it will tell you what metaphors it might stand for. Last night, I dreamt I was smoking quite a lot, so I...
  5. Dimensional Transition

    The forum seems to be really slow lately...

    Does anybody have an idea what is causing this? Am I the only one? For the past few days it seems to take AGES for pages to load here. Of course, now I'm making a thread about it it seems to be getting better, but it's still relatively slow.
  6. Dimensional Transition

    Wanting to retreat

    Sometimes I feel like I'm sick of a lot of people. I wish I could just restart, not knowing anybody. Or just retreat in general. I don't like it when people look at me, or even think of me. The thought of that makes me uncomfortable. It's not always like this, but feelings like these...
  7. Dimensional Transition

    Acting and INTPs

    I love acting. Improvising, making up characters, giving them a special voice, a history... Playing them especially, of course. I think a lot of INTPs would enjoy acting. Our ability to imagine we're someone else is very beneficial when doing so. I often find that others in my drama club keep...
  8. Dimensional Transition


    Do any of you play terraria? It's quite a fun game, it's like a 2D RPG and Minecraft made love to eachother on a hot summer night, and this is their secret love baby. This'd be a thread to share nifty little discoveries/tips/tricks, et cetera.
  9. Dimensional Transition

    INTJ - INTP compatibility

    How well do INTPs and INTJs get along? I've just been kind of surprised by the sudden coldness and weird judgemental(shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was) behavior of a female INTJ I've been talking to for a while. It feels like she has been wanting to go somewhere with me all the time...
  10. Dimensional Transition

    Anxiety/Panic attacks

    It's that time again. I know I'm prone to anxiety and it seems to be creeping up on me again. I constantly feel a little detached, unreal, and I have this constant "nervous rollercoaster-feeling" in my stomach. How do you guys deal with anxiety? What could be causing this sudden return of...
  11. Dimensional Transition

    How to support an *NFP

    My dad's an *NFP(he's always kind of melodramatically claiming he has no friends, but at the same time he always claims to like being alone... Bit 50/50 really.), and he recently lost his job. Now I've always gotten along really well with my dad and I would like to support him a little more...
  12. Dimensional Transition

    Suggestions for a project

    Okay, I passed this grade, but barely. Because I only barely passed, my school gave me a summer-assignment. Now I'm glad I passed of course, but this shit is still eating me from the inside all the time. I don't want to make homework in the summer ): I have to write a 700-word essay about the...
  13. Dimensional Transition

    Typing famous people

    I don't think there's a thread about this yet, right? There's a thread about famous INTPs, that's all I know. Let's start with a predictable one: Bob Dylan? Personally, I don't really have a strong idea about what type he might be. I think an INTJ perhaps, or INFJ... I'm pretty sure about...
  14. Dimensional Transition

    Distrust in people

    How distrustful of people are you? I'm pretty distrustful. I don't like it when others prepare my food when I'm not there to see they're not slipping some poison in it or something. I'm starting to wonder whether I should be worried about this. I'm also afraid of people having too much...
  15. Dimensional Transition

    Influence of parents on functions

    My parents are both feelers, my mother is an extrovert, and my dad is a bit 50/50 on extroverted- and introvertedness. I like to think I have a pretty well developed Fe for an INTP because of this. Could this be true?(I'm talking about the first part, without the spoiler.) What types are your...
  16. Dimensional Transition

    Sudden thoughts

    I sometimes hear a word or sentence in my head out of nowhere. It's not exactly a voice, it's more some sort of... sudden thought or so. For example, today when I went outside, I suddenly 'heard' the word 'schizophrenic dog'. It's not really a hallucination or voice... Just, a thought. It may...
  17. Dimensional Transition

    I need your help. PLEASE.

    I need your help. (fixed!) EDIT: It can be deleted now, I guess. Thanks for the suggestions guys :)
  18. Dimensional Transition

    INTPs and the nerd stereotype

    INTPs are often described as the standard nerd, however, in reality, I have found this to be pretty untrue. I have a few INTP friends, and they tend to be a bit impossible to put inside some sort of single high school cliché... Definitely not nerds, though. Generally they seem to hop in between...
  19. Dimensional Transition

    Urge to use 'creative' words

    I often find myself using alternative words in common sentences, I don't exactly know why I do it, I think to cause some sort of change or slight surprise in people or so... But I just do. I've noticed I do it really often. Especially to make offensive or mean stuff a little more goofy. Is...
  20. Dimensional Transition

    Standing in front of a class

    Nothing ever went wrong. I have to give presentations and stuff every year, but for some reason, I completely shut down today. It started out pretty well, but after 4 sentences I completely forgot what I was talking about and I just got this gigantic dark feeling of 'you're gonna fuck this up so...
  21. Dimensional Transition


    I have picked up the habit of doing this a lot. Does this make me an INTJ? I just find it easy. It comes in really handy, and feels especially good(but afterwards stupid) when angry. I am very (sometimes maybe too) aware of the world definitely not being black and white, though... I usually do...
  22. Dimensional Transition


    Does anybody have any information on it's effects? Are the supposed dangers true? (highly carcinogenic, hemotoxic, possibly lethal) As before the 1960's I read it was used in a lot of products. Not planning on using it, just curious, as there is so little to find about the psychoactive...
  23. Dimensional Transition

    Failing school

    I'm close to grade retention, it kind of makes me sad. I know I could probably easily make this year, if I paid attention. But I can't seem to do that. I got a 2.9/10 for economy today. I think my average grade for economy is a 4.5 now... Last year I ended the year with a 7.5/10 for economy, and...
  24. Dimensional Transition

    ESFJ mother problems

    Just something I have to get off my chest. My mother is a good person, really. But we're so different... I'll give you some examples, which exist out of stuff that seems insignificant, but when you are confronted with them every day, it really becomes annoying. When she puts stuff in the...
  25. Dimensional Transition

    Post your Big Five test results

    Extroversion |||||||||||| 46% Orderliness |||||| 30% Emotional Stability |||||||||||| 46% Accommodation |||||||||||| 44% Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||| 70% http://similarminds.com/big5.html I'm quite balanced on I/E
  26. Dimensional Transition

    Opening yourself up!

    It kind of feels like I can't get really close to anybody other than other INTPs(who are rather rare). Sound familiar? I have a few pretty good friends, yet I still feel this certain gap between me and them, except for my one best friend, an INTP. It feels like he's the only one who knows...
  27. Dimensional Transition

    Should we be concerned about the nuclear disaster in Japan?

    Are we all going to die? What is going to happen? Please give your opinions. I have so little information about this, and my father just keeps telling me we're all going to die of cancer in a few years now... Which seems rather dramatic, but who knows? I have no clue of how bad this is going...
  28. Dimensional Transition

    Every woman is now a lesbian.

    Not really, but alright, listen up. I've noticed that it seems to be hip for girls to be 'lesbian' now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against homosexuality, feminism, whatever... But has anybody else noticed this? It just seems really ridiculous to me. Especially the more...
  29. Dimensional Transition


    I hate parties. I keep on trying to join in on the 'fun' but I can't. The music in clubs is too loud, alcohol is not my thing, and I just can't seem to fit in with the whole dancing, not talking, making-moves on physically attractive people thing. You're supposed to flirt and such I guess, and I...
  30. Dimensional Transition

    Giving too much information.

    Sometimes when in the heat of a fun conversation I tell some things about myself I would never normally tell to someone, and then in the end I will feel a bit ashamed and feel as if I have exposed myself too much. It makes me feel weak. I've told this to the people I've had this with, but they...
  31. Dimensional Transition

    Not comfortable with the atmosphere of one's self?

    The last few weeks I've been getting increasingly uncomfortable with the vibe I feel like I'm spreading. It's hard to explain, but it feels like the person I am when socializing is so different from how I really am, when I am alone, that people think I'm somebody completely different from who I...
  32. Dimensional Transition

    The INTP voice.

    What is it? Can you give examples? What does your voice sound like? I've noticed that personally, my voice really changes depending on the situation. Usually I have a bit of a crackling "uhhh", bored voice, but when really getting into a conversation or having some sort of extroverted outburst...
  33. Dimensional Transition

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    I was wondering how many INTPs here have experimented with drugs recreationally, and with what kind then. This is gonna be a pretty complicated poll, but I hope the result will be interesting. I know there is another 'drugs' topic, but I really missed a poll. I have tried caffeine, alcohol...
  34. Dimensional Transition

    INTP: The dream shatterer?

    INTPs are often seen as know-it-alls and annoying grammar nazis, do you think this is true for you? I very often find that I'm a bit of a party pooper. When somebody is really enthusiastic about something that's often... say a really big global misconception(sorry I can't think of any good...
  35. Dimensional Transition

    Dopamine and caffeine

    I find it fascinating to find that after literally MONTHS of not being motivated to draw something, in 2 days I've already completed 5 drawings and I've never felt so energized. In a way it is really a bit scary, because this means the 'come down' will be pretty annoying, but damn it feels good...
  36. Dimensional Transition

    Asymmetrical faces

    Take a picture of yourself on your webcam, right now. Now flip it horizontally. I've never freaked out as much as I do now. My nose is crooked, one eye is bigger than the other, my mouth is asymmetrical, it's fucked up. Your brain automatically corrects any asymmetrical mistakes in your face...
  37. Dimensional Transition

    INTP/INFP switching

    Would being in the wrong place for an INTP cause you to become more INFP? Even though I always test as an INTP, I've been 'feeling' a lot lately. Feelings of depression and regret keep coming back, can't finish my animation and art projects... I've been more insecure, and less rational than...
  38. Dimensional Transition

    Explain the difference between S and N please?

    To be honest, I don't completely understand the difference between the two, and it doesn't seem to be as important to me as all the other personality aspects. Definition of sensing: a. An intuitive or acquired perception or ability to estimate: a sense of diplomatic timing. b. A capacity to...
  39. Dimensional Transition

    Looking people IN THE EYES!

    I find this really, really hard. I always try to when it's a serious conversation, for example a job interview, but after a few seconds of looking that person in the eyes I feel like I need some 'air', look away for a moment. Sometimes I think people might think I'm paranoid because I'm...
  40. Dimensional Transition


    Which wikipedia articles about psychology & neuroscience have interested you the most personally? Which articles do you keep visiting every once in a while? Interesting wikipedia articles I probably read too much: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highly_sensitive_person...
  41. Dimensional Transition

    Are you creepy/weird?

    I've just found out half of my school thinks I'm 'creepy'. Because I tend to say whatever I mean/think, which might be abstract at times, or extremely flamboyant and exaggerated. For example, when someone shows me some drawing that looks alright, I might scream 'That's fucking AMAZING!' And take...
  42. Dimensional Transition

    Schizotypical Personality Disorder

    Schizotypal Personality Disorder I was wondering, do you all also feel like you have a lot of the symptoms of this disorder? I just came across a Wikipedia page on it. Here are the symptoms: -Inappropriate or constricted affect (the individual appears cold and aloof); -Behaviour or...
  43. Dimensional Transition

    Confessing your love for someone as an INTP

    I know most of us are no real Casanovas, but how do you guys do this? It's a real cliché concept, but almost all of us have to do it sometime... It's so scary. Finding the right moment, finding out how to bring it... oh boy.
  44. Dimensional Transition

    Friend committed suicide

    He wasn't a friend irl, but a friend I met online. I hadn't spoken to him in months and I found out just recently, but I felt like we could talk about a lot of things, share a lot of thoughts. I knew he was suicidal, but now I feel really bad and afraid. Just before he died he told everybody...
  45. Dimensional Transition

    Creepy clingy people

    Do you find you often somehow attract these people? I've noticed that for some reason(or maybe this is just my perspective because I don't appreciate having a lot of close friends, that actually seems the most likely) I attract a lot of annoying creepy people. Like I sat next to one guy a few...
  46. Dimensional Transition


    Lately I've been having daily random... let's call them daze-attacks, I will feel very slow and unfocused, everything will seem rather fuzzy, and I can't seem to listen well to what other's are saying. They last for about an hour to 2 hours, and occured twice a day for the last 3 days. I've had...
  47. Dimensional Transition


    According to the test, INTPs tend to be unemotional and find it hard to describe them etc... Now I've been wondering, do ALL INTPs have this, or are there exceptions? How do you feel towards emotions? Because I feel like I fit completely in the description of an INTP, including feeling socially...
  48. Dimensional Transition

    My surreal/fantasy/psychedelic art

    However you may call it. Here's some art I made, I'm not sure if you're supposed to make a thread for yourself or not though, it feels kind of arrogant. I hope it's not!
  49. Dimensional Transition


    I've been lurking on this forum for a while now, and figured 'why not join this forum?' So yeah, tah-dah! I'm a 15 year old guy(turning 16 this month actually, how exciting), did a MBTI test last year and this year, and both told me I'm an INTP, which seems right. Except that I do like to...
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