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  1. boondockbabe

    Car Destroyed

    I am glad to hear you are okay. Have you checked to see if her insurance will pay for a rental? I am not sure how it works over there, but I believe you can get them to pay for a rental. Keep your taxi cab reciepts, Her insurance shoud reimburse you for the expenses you have incurred do to her...
  2. boondockbabe


    Cheese : The filth was so difficult because the of the smell. Imagine a house with thirty indoor dogs and countless cats. Now imagine trying to live in that house with three other people. All whom think it is okay to live with insane numbers of indoor animals. My mother never picked up after...
  3. boondockbabe


    I'm fine. I just get a little thin skinned sometimes. I apologize for my angry rant. I probably should have spent a little more time Thinking before I responded.;) Let this be a good example of what happens when we React without thinking. I am fine, I believe Jordan is fine, But be warned...
  4. boondockbabe


    I shared this, because I wanted to get it out and not be ashamed about having to grow up in shit and rotting filth. If some of you like living like that, then fine. But I think it is sick. Why anyone would want to live like that is beyond me. To the animal lovers: If I cannot find it a home...
  5. boondockbabe


    ApostateAbe- I had not seen that site yet. But Thank You very much for sharing it with me. to Words: Yes this actually happened. I decided that I am not going to hide behind the shame of this anymore. It happened, I had to endure it for years, and now, well now I am standing up and doing...
  6. boondockbabe


    What happens is a condition called "clutter blindness". They begin to become "blind" to the mess and the smell. I have found long-dead animals in my mother's house after we were evicted and I was cleaning up her mess. My Most frequent nightmare when I was younger was that I would die in the...
  7. boondockbabe


    For children caught in a situation like this,I would say that contacting the police is probably the surest way to insure that at least a welfare check is done. I would recommend telling more than one adult. That way the chances of intervention are higher. My house: 1 indoor/outdoor housebroke...
  8. boondockbabe


    I decided to post this here, because something has finally been done. This story is about my mother and sister. I will warn you, It is graphic and disturbing. I spent fifteen years living in my mother's house in this condition. This is the first time someone has done something. They always used...
  9. boondockbabe

    Going back to school.

    I am so sorry It has taken me so long to get back to this thread. Hermetic Alchemist- Thank You so much for the information, I am seriously going to do some more looking into Bioinformatics, I know it's a lot of work, But it is just so damn interesting :) ---------- In other news, I took my...
  10. boondockbabe

    Why can't I get a FUCKING JOB!

    I read an article in Time today, It was about college grads and employment. I have included the link for anyone interested. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2075326,00.html
  11. boondockbabe

    How to spot a psychopath

    hey, I appreciate your distinction. I am not sure what my sister is. It dosen't really matter. she will not seek treatment, I figure she is gonna kill somebody soon and then the courts will have to deal with her. I can tell you right now, she is not treatable-she will telll you there is nothing...
  12. boondockbabe

    How to spot a psychopath

    My sister is a psycopath, actually, I think they call it Antisocial Personality Disorder . Most everything I have read has hit it right on the money. These are really scary people, If you run across one, get away as soon as possible. They are beyond ruthless, they just don't care. I am...
  13. boondockbabe

    Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System Moves Forward

    It would be really nice if they told us just how much methanol it uses to create that 300watts. I am curious as to how it compares to traditional fuel cells, I am concerned about carbon dioxide, I wonder how much is released in the burn process. Really good article digital angel, I am off to...
  14. boondockbabe

    E-Book Downloads

    thank you for posting this, It rocks :D
  15. boondockbabe

    Going back to school.

    I have been gone for a while, sorry. Don't worry xbox, It will all work out and one day you will be happy. I took my placement test on friday and I scored high enough that I get to go straight to college level algebra and Eng comp. yay :) Here is a list of my fall classes: CIS-101-Personal...
  16. boondockbabe

    Now THIS is interesting!

    It will fracture you for a bit. You will re-adjust and be fine. Welcome :)
  17. boondockbabe

    The... Rock-Paper-Scissors?

    I start with paper because everyone starts with rock.
  18. boondockbabe

    Gypsy Mindset

    I actually wnt through somthing like this when I got married. I had a hard time adjusting at first. But, I discovered, Just as EditorOne said. You can change your enviornment without changing the scenery. Vacations and Road-trips rock. A lot of time just a simple drive in the truck on back roads...
  19. boondockbabe

    Systemizing/Empathy test

    Systemizing-63- Wow, Really? Empathy-23 Autism-28 Mind-25
  20. boondockbabe

    Raising my hand in this classroom

    This might help xbox. I got this from a friend. http://typelogic.com/fa.html
  21. boondockbabe

    I can't stay away from you....

    EditorOne is RIGHT ON. I have been married for ten years and my husband can tell you all about my "Alone Time". I had to take some of "our time" and make it "MY time". You dont have to do it this way. but do find the time somewhere. It will keep you happy,
  22. boondockbabe

    Eye contact with strangers.

    I can definitly agree. No problem with eye contact when I am pissed.
  23. boondockbabe

    A fantastic resource for stimulating thought... 21st century enlightenment, and beyond.

    Aou have obiousy never had a hard day in your life.
  24. boondockbabe

    Eye contact with strangers.

    I always feel like ...like when leodardo DeCaprio and that girl are walking through the dream and they have been noticed. in Inception. you guys see that? I can pull it off, but I never feel right.
  25. boondockbabe

    Member stories, lets hear some

    OMG this is like reading my life. lol. I never could figure people out. I have bluffed my way out of more popo encounters than I can count. tomorrow I'll be bace to tell Y'all 'bout the time I got busted growin' pot. I DID NOT EVEN GET A TICKET AND THERE WERE TWENTY PLANTS READY TO HARVEST.
  26. boondockbabe

    Picture Personality (Short Test)

    I dont know why I picked that piture. It just appealed to me.
  27. boondockbabe

    Picture Personality (Short Test)

    Heres what I got: You Are Inventive You are funky, outdoorsy, and down to earth. While you may not be a total hippie... You're definitely one of the most free spirited people around. You are very impulsive - every day is a new adventure. However, you do put some thought behind all your...
  28. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    Thank You everyone. :) You have helped me convince my husband that I am not a slob. I am just normal-well at least for us. Hopefully, he wont bitch so much. Are you married and catching flack for your mess? Show this thread to your Significant Other. Mabye it will help them understand :D
  29. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    Disorganized Organization huh? I love that. Im gonna tell my hubby that when he comes home and I still havent gotten anything done.
  30. boondockbabe

    Going back to school.

    I went down on friday and took my GED prep test at the college. They offer free online ged courses. But you have to take a pre-test to see what you need to be working on. Yesterday I got a call from a lady who works for the college. Apperantly, OTC has a special GED course that is designed to...
  31. boondockbabe

    What do you see?

    I will always be an equestrian. At this point horses are in my blood. And I am really attached to my little ponies. I would like to graduate from college and go into a field where I am contributing to making this planet a better place. I am a naturalist after all. I want to improve the planet...
  32. boondockbabe

    I never thought I were going to give this a go!

    You might have to adjust things for your body as you said. I cannot use a treadmill due to my bad knees so I use an elliptical machine instead. Remeber this though, No pain, no gain. You are probably gonna be sore and hurt. Some pain is normal. And if you are doing a paticular movement and at a...
  33. boondockbabe

    Actual Me test

    Left-Brain Abstract (Analytic): Think in terms of facts, details and ordered information. Left-Brain Concrete (Conclusive): Think in terms of problems and quick solutions. Right-Brain Abstract (Synthetic): Think in terms of large, global concepts and ideas. Right-Brain Concrete...
  34. boondockbabe

    Magic Eye and other optical illusions

    I had a party the other night. My husband's friends came over. Everybody spent hours on this thread. they loved it.
  35. boondockbabe

    Bullying- EJ vs. IP

    I'm not really good at keeping a cool head in those situations. But I have been in them enough I can see them coming. So I am prepared when they get to me.
  36. boondockbabe

    Bullying- EJ vs. IP

    I dont put up with that anymore. Last time somebody pulled shit with me I came unglued. I took shit for too long to put up with any more. I dont think being bullied is somthing we have to put up with under any circumstances. You just have to have enough and then stand up.
  37. boondockbabe

    Armadillos can Harbor Leprosy

    Thats why if you live in the country you shoot the little suckers on sight. Open season all year long in mo. They're really rough on the garden too.
  38. boondockbabe

    Evolving Large and Complex Brains

    Awesome, that is so cool.
  39. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    I usually get busy and get things mostly organized about once a year. Usually in the late winter when its sub-zero outside. The house would stay fairly clean, but just because I had nothing else to do. I got this darn computer in febuary and I haven't cleaned shit. I can barely keep up with the...
  40. boondockbabe

    Well hello there

    I just got here. Welcome, I too was broken by the world at a young age. It is disturbing and disenchanting. I am sorry you have had to endure that. Welcome and enjoy the conversation. I am glad to meet you.
  41. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    YAAAY!! I'm not alone:)
  42. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    Is anyone out there a terrible housekeeper. I can't ever seem to get the house completely cleaned. I always have dishes or laundry piled up. Why am I such a freak about order,and planning, and being prepared but I can't keep my darn house clean? How clean is your living space?
  43. boondockbabe

    Probably, Its been a rough day. I'm gonna put my mean kitty away now.

    Probably, Its been a rough day. I'm gonna put my mean kitty away now.
  44. boondockbabe

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    I didn't know what it meant when I was younger. My friend's boyfriend had 4:20 tattood on his right upper arm. I was like "Why do have that on you arm?"
  45. boondockbabe

    Songs to Play Twice

    This is MY song. I love this song. http://http://youtu.be/WGt-8adyabk
  46. boondockbabe

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    yes. I just got done spending two weeks inside due to the weather- I got high every day. I was sooo bored and there was nothing to do. I can go without it, but I would rather not. It knocks out my anexiety better than xanax ever could. It's fun to hang out and talk weed. Its a safe topic and...
  47. boondockbabe

    Dream Places to Live

    In your case we could call them maidservants :)
  48. boondockbabe

    extraverted sensing= out of control

    I am sooo glad I am not alone. I do not care about the everyday mundane shit that "normal" people are so infatuated with. My husband and I talk about this all the time.He says I'm insensetive. I notice things sometimes but never peoples feelings. At least in person. Here I would like to think...
  49. boondockbabe

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    hash usually really relaxis you. I love the fine and chill- that part depends on the strain you buy. The anexiety is a side effect from the bad cannabanoids-tell the Coffieshop tender you want somthing VERY LOW on the bad-cannabanoid level. and mid-range on the THC content, try to stay away from...
  50. boondockbabe

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    We need to legalize everything and find a way to moderate how it is distributed. That would really take a Big bite out of crime, especially with the southern drug cartels in mexico.
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