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  1. Lithorn

    Do you plan for the zombie apocalypse?

    Come on. Admit it.
  2. Lithorn

    Random Ramblings

    So, I live in a dorm with around 25 other people. The other day my roommate used some milk from the refrigerator for her cereal. She said "I'm just taking a tiny bit. They'll never notice" But that's the thing. She doesn't know where it started out. Twenty people could have taken just a...
  3. Lithorn

    Mozart is overrated

    Any thoughts?
  4. Lithorn

    Victor Frankenstein

    I'm writing and essay on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", discussing how Victor Frankenstein lives only in a theoretical world, blind to practical application. It occurred to me that this sounded rather intp. But he has way too much focus and follow-through. INTJ maybe...?
  5. Lithorn

    INTP male/female ratio

    So I've read that there are more male INTPs than female INTPs. Is this: true? false? unsubstantiated? Are there any theories about it?
  6. Lithorn

    Any other massive Tolkien fans out there?

    I thought it might be fun to have an LOTR thread.
  7. Lithorn

    Hi. Thought I should introduce myself.

    Hi. Umm...not much to say. I'm an INTP. I love books and movies (especially of a fantasy/adventure nature). I also enjoy pretty much every artform: painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, metalworking. I also like music. I play the cello and compose a bit. Among my favorite things are...
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