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  1. terraxceles

    INFP to INFJ type conversion - How is this possible?

    This post is going to sound terribly self-indulgent and rambly, but bear with me. I'm just confused as to why my personal experience doesn't fit with the MBTI convention. And you guys seem to know a lot about INFJs, even more so than the people at INFJ forums... so... here's hoping... Up until...
  2. terraxceles

    Hello. I am new, make me feel welcome!

    So um hey everyone. I've been lurking on these forums on and off for a couple of weeks, and you all seem like nice people so I thought I'd join! :) Anyway, I'm 18. I like music, artsy fartsy cinema and reading. I also like surfing the internet and listening to different people talk about their...
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