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  1. shadowmouse


    Shopping...... hummm..... No. I think not. Acquisition and Recovery, yes. Find what you want via research and then foray into the big blue room to obtain. The sole exception is weapons procurement. I could spend hours examining munitions alone.
  2. shadowmouse


    Are we so desensitized to active intrusion into our lived that as long as they veil the intrusion in false sense of choice that we are no longer opposed? I have enough issues with paranoia already, thank you very much. I have no need nor desire to know or share in the collective thoughts of...
  3. shadowmouse

    Where are you from?

    A) My mind resides somewhere between an acid trip and wormhole alien. My body is in Salt Lake City, Utah. They rarely ever meet. B) I'm ambivalent. Anywhere with access to books works just as well for me. Good food here though for some reason. C) The mormon stereo-type.
  4. shadowmouse

    See, to them, you're just a freak... Like me!

    Mirroring is fun. It teaches you so much about so many things. It's a pity I've lost the ability to empathize. It would make me a much more effective mirror. lor: Then I must be on life support on my way out. Thanks for the prop though.
  5. shadowmouse

    See, to them, you're just a freak... Like me!

    Freak is such a beautiful term : "very unusual and unexpected event or situation." but I suppose you are referring to this definition : "a person regarded as strange because of their unusual appearance or behavior" I say the following : What they all think is irrelevant insomuch as your...
  6. shadowmouse

    Social Phobia

    Now wait a minute..... I clearly remember at the last World Dominators Anonymous meeting we said we were gonna leave Tasmania out of this round. Something about it being too easy to nuke into the ocean. Hmm, social phobia. I take exception to that classification. Use of the word phobia...
  7. shadowmouse

    the INTPians' invisible audience?

    It's only paranoia if they aren't actually watching and given the number of times one is tracked via data we scatter about simply living or are simply caught on a random camera.......
  8. shadowmouse

    INTP Phobia

    Can. Not. Abide. Touching. Only years of patient reconditioning prevents me from slicing hands off. One of my personal worsts is when someone does that damn shoulder touch to get your attention from behind. For some reason I always feel like I need to disinfect the contact area, even if its...
  9. shadowmouse

    You Know Don't You?

    Spoon = Glass via molecular structure alteration.
  10. shadowmouse

    This forum is so warm

    The warmth we speak of is the ever lost light of clear expression and mutual understanding. We have stood each as individuals before the howling chaos of the world created by others and rejected it in favor of a collaborative creation that better suits our needs as people. This forum is its...
  11. shadowmouse


    Guilty. Yes. It's all my fault. It has to be all my fault otherwise I'm missing something. In which case it's STILL all my fault. I find it easiest to just take responsibility for everything bad and no responsibility for anything good. That way I can at least try and fix it. And If I fail it's...
  12. shadowmouse

    I'm an INFP, here to gather INTP men for my NT harem.

    That was a joke. I guess my sense of humor leaves something to be desired. Sorry. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  13. shadowmouse

    My Version of Marriage

    FusionKnight has my complete agreement and endorsement. The significance is in the decision to share and work at the relationship and in the continued follow through. The best marriages I have had the privilege of witnessing are between people who are capable of functioning independently but...
  14. shadowmouse

    Stalking Horse

    Physical Danger?
  15. shadowmouse

    I'm an INFP, here to gather INTP men for my NT harem.

    Is there a sign up sheet running around that I missed? *Pulls out a scanner a tunes it for high levels of improbability*
  16. shadowmouse

    Talking about you guys in RL

    Ahh, The irrationality of the social stigma. I think part of the reason that there is such paranoia about people you interact with online is that all those clues are missing. As INTP's we disregard most of these cues when we interact with people at a meaningful level anyway and place our...
  17. shadowmouse

    Paradise in the eyes of an INTP

    I agree. Paradise as a single place, or even a single world/universe is much too limiting. Needs change so the ever evolving mindscape is perfect. As for the second statement, don't we all. Fortunately, we're all fun and interesting to talk with here. :)
  18. shadowmouse

    Archetypal Men & Women

    Gender Archetypes are a form of knee-jerk understanding. By choosing to pander to these archetypes by viewing the generality over the individual is unfortunately a persistent flaw in humanity (and myself about 1/2 the time. Working on it.). I tend to view it as a form of intellectual...
  19. shadowmouse

    Weird mind state(s)

    I have a fun one on occasion. It feels kind of like a buffer reset and usually happens when I'm doing something instinctual, like dressing or walking. All of a sudden it's like my mind just totally blanks and I forget where, who, what I'm doing, and usually what I am. This sense of total...
  20. shadowmouse

    Kinesthetic Knowledge

    As normal as it sounds, I find that I most enjoy running or biking because I can just focus on "existing". It's a highly enjoyable experience. Unfortunately I dislike running on treadmills or in the cold. With as far north as I am the cold is a problem about 2/3 of the year. Swimming is nice...
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