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  1. Mr. Robot

    So, after mentioning it in my introduction, I'm gonna post this and ask: what do you guys think of Mr. Robot, particularly in the context of all this MBTI fun stuff. Not that I'd necessarily type Elliot (I'm not good at typing myself much less other people) but when I watched that movie I was...
  2. Er der danskere her?

    Jeg lærer dansk og jeg leder efter nogen at snakke med. :) I've been messing with it for a couple years now and have watched more Danish television than I care to admit. Anyone from Denmark? [Min dansk er ikke meget godt but I try!]
  3. Less than Concise

    Because, of course, I wouldn't feel special if I didn't have my own thread, I'll quote my earlier reply here and then elaborate. So, understanding myself as an INTP seems like a good way of moving forward in the world. My life to date has been something of a gongshow because nobody told me...
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