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  1. kubikub


    I've been meaning to try out some 5-HTP lately, they sell it at my work as well. I bought some tea infused with st. john's wort a while ago, completely forgot I had it until I had gone through the rest of the tea I had. Drank it about once every day or so just to get my tea fix, didn't expect...
  2. kubikub

    What jobs have you held?

    My first serious job (you know, outside of bagging groceries when I was like 16) was at a independent movie theater. I worked as a floorstaff for about a year then got promoted to assistant manager, a position I held for another 2 before quitting. That was a rad job. I worked projection a lot...
  3. kubikub

    Partial blindness and brain hemispheres?

    I saw a thread recently that mentioned left-handedness being linked to artistic proclivities and right-brained functions. I haven't done any research to look into this further (it's almost my bedtime and would be getting very little sleep if I started now) but I had a fun little thought I wanted...
  4. kubikub

    Typing by facial features

  5. kubikub

    College students, what's your major?

    Illustration. I want to get into concept art or at least work as a freelance illustrator. I like the idea of being able to manage my own schedule and work from home doing what I love. If I can draw monsters all day I don't think I'd need much else in life
  6. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    I must be his poster child then :twisteddevil: I first discovered poi at Burning Man when I went in 2009 for the first time. I spun in the Great Circle this year. It's been quite a journey. I don't have too many videos of myself, it's something I like to just go out and do without planning to...
  7. kubikub

    How do INTPs express emotion?

    My emotions express themselves. I am terrible at hiding how I am feeling. Anger, sadness, boredom, and irritation are usually the ones that shine through easiest. I can control my actions and it usually takes quite a lot to get me even minorly enraged, but I know my face will belie my calm...
  8. kubikub

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    oh, I almost forgot. Sex. Weed makes sex fantastic.
  9. kubikub

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    It's nice for watching movies (which I won't remember later) or listening to music, and it's something I've done on occasion by myself, but otherwise I'm not a big fan. It seems to greatly amplify my internal monologues and thoughts to the point where it becomes distracting. I find conversation...
  10. kubikub

    5 Favorite Bands/Music Artists

    Shit... this was hard. Radiohead Devendra Banhart Timber Timbre PJ Harvey Muse Here are the rest of the contenders. Couldn't resist. Crystal Castles Blood Brothers Gogol Bordello Nosaj Thing MGMT Boards of Canada Velvet Underground Flying Lotus Portishead Henry Homesweet Bjork PJ Harvey Jimi...
  11. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    I'm been spinning for a little over a year. I learned most of the moves I know off of youtube actually. haha. Recently I sought out others in my area to spin with and discovered there's a pretty big community. Of course, I live about an hour and a half from LA, where there are a lot more...
  12. kubikub

    What's your worst fear?

    I don't fear death as much as I used to. The thing that worries me more about it is the impact it will have on those around me, all the loose ends I will never get to tie. I think what really gives me anxiety is the thought of getting old. Not in a 'buh I'm gonna be all wrinkly and pathetic'...
  13. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    Hello guys, it's definitely been a while, I became pretty preoccupied with school and forgot about this place. In the two years I've been gone I seem to have picked up a rather interesting hobby of dancing with fire. My tool of choice are poi, which are essentially balls of kevlar on the ends of...
  14. kubikub

    Thom Yorke = INTP?

    heh, fellow diehard Radiohead fan as well. As much as I would like him to be an INTP, I'm going to guess he's either an INFJ, as stated before, or INFP.
  15. kubikub

    How would others type you?

    Given the company and how much sleep I've had I can be quite extroverted, and have actually been labelled as such by several people. it can be quite draining, though, and I'll go through bouts where for several weeks I'll be extremely social, and then turn into a recluse for about a month.
  16. kubikub

    Human level AI: One step closer.

    heh! Great links, I somehow find Basil strangely cute in a robot-y sort of way. I also enjoyed this quote from the article. Spoken like a true INTP
  17. kubikub

    he really is. I think my favorites bounce between "Tango Til They're Sore" and "Singapore". I...

    he really is. I think my favorites bounce between "Tango Til They're Sore" and "Singapore". I only have Rain Dogs, though, which I have to say is still a fantabulous cd.
  18. kubikub

    mad props on the tom waits avatar

    mad props on the tom waits avatar
  19. kubikub

    Sleep Times

    I usually go to bed around 2-4 am and wake up from 9-11 am on weekdays, I fortunately signed up for only afternoon/night classes so I usually get a good amount of sleep. On weekends I might sleep til 12 or 1 pm but not later. I find regardless of how much sleep I actually get I'm incapable of...
  20. kubikub

    What Tarot Card Are You?

    You are The High Priestess Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education. The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by...
  21. kubikub

    Do you chew pens?

    I don't actively chew pens but I do put them in my mouth. If one isn't available and I'm sitting down or concentrated on something I'm usually fiddling around with my mouth in some sort of way. Like I'll kind of chew on my nails, not hard enough to break them, I more just play with my teeth...
  22. kubikub

    Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modifications

    @Zero: You go out to get them gauged? Why don't you buy the earrings and do it yourself? Though granted I'm not sure what that jump might be like, as mine are only 4s, but I never bothered getting them stretched by another person as there's not too much that could go wrong as long as you go...
  23. kubikub

    The Personality Defect Test

    Robot You are 71% Rational, 29% Extroverted, 14% Brutal, and 29% Arrogant. Do I sense a trend here?
  24. kubikub

    Halloween? Anyone?

    Speaking of drunken shenanigans, I was invited to a festive game of Edward Fortyhands (also referred to as 80 Ounces to Freedome or Amy Winehands) which I might partake in come Halloween. I thought the name was fitting for the holiday, the first one at least.
  25. kubikub

    Halloween? Anyone?

    I was planning on dressing up as either the Warden from Superjail or Trianna from the Venture Brothers, but ran out of time and cash. I'm working anyway, and supposedly if we dress up as a Ghost Busters character our boss is giving us $50 to Rubys. So I guess that's what my costume is going to...
  26. kubikub

    how important is touch?

    Human touch isn't something that bothers me very much unless I either don't know the person, I don't like them, or they're bothering or annoying me in some sort of way. Let me rephrase, I don't mind touch if it's from someone I'm in good standing(s?) with. I never initiate hugs or anything else...
  27. kubikub

    Bad Films

    I think Black Sheep was one of those movies so horribly, undeniably terrible that it somehow tricks your brain into thinking its amazing. Genetically engineered zombie sheep? I mean, just look at the tagline...
  28. kubikub

    Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modifications

    My personal reasons for liking this sort of thing vary from pure aesthetics to participating in a "taboo" artform performed by mankind for thousands of years, in many different ancient and tribal cultures.
  29. kubikub

    Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modifications

    So what is the general consensus here on bodyart? Do any of you have any of the above? I, obviously, am a supporter. Not that ears count much, but mine are pierced and stretched to a 4g. Not going any larger, I tend to dislike the look of huge plugs. I have my septum pierced (yes, the...
  30. kubikub

    How much do you spend on clothes?

    I do care about my appearance, and try to dress snazzy without conforming to any trends. I feel like the clothes I wear can say a lot about the person I am, and I definitely agree with the sentiments that being well-put-together can make you feel more confident. I do like my shirts, I...
  31. kubikub

    "Staging" Conversations

    Oh, they absolutely do. But, I don't hold the assumptions I make as things I should expect from them, should the topic come up in 'real life.' Regardless, I still enjoy these conversations to a certain extent, and I feel that basing them on specific people with mannerisms and opinions I already...
  32. kubikub

    Suicide = educational ?

    I never attempted, but when I was younger I used to contemplate suicide, and I think my final thoughts would also have been about my family... although more along the lines of, "Yeah, take THAT. NOW how do you feel about the way you treated me?!" Fortunately I've evolved. Doesn't quite answer...
  33. kubikub

    "Staging" Conversations

    Forgive me if there's already a post relating to this, but I will often find myself staging hypothetical conversations or full-fledged debates with people I know, completely within my head. It is often enlightening, as it opens you up to new perspectives on the opposite end of whatever you might...
  34. kubikub

    What's your top five anime?

    Re: Recommend some anime Oh man, I used to be super into anime back in early high school. I don't think my interest ever really waned, but I don't watch tv anymore and to find a good manga (that I would enjoy at least) it took some pretty intense crap-filters. There is a looooot of manga I...
  35. kubikub

    Burning Man

    That Morton's List seems really interesting, actually, thanks for the link. I went for only three days as opposed to the entire week because of my conflicting school schedule. However, it wasn't what I would describe as "unyielding" (thank god). I went with two close friends of mine, and we...
  36. kubikub

    Burning Man

    Having gone for the first time this past September, I was curious as to whether or not Burning Man was an event that appealed to other INTPs, or if some here have even attended. I personally had a fabulous time-- it wasn't neccessarily life-changing for me but it did affect my perspective on...
  37. kubikub

    Science Fiction Films

    Never seen 1984, but Bladerunner is probably my favorite sci-fi. Close runnerups are Sunshine, Moon, and The Matrix.
  38. kubikub

    Compliments and the INTP

    They make me uncomfortable in that I don't know how to respond to them. I either will blurt out the first easy respond that comes to mind, which usually ends up being 'oh really?' or 'yeah I know' and so I feel like I look like a 'tard or arrogant, respectively. Or I'll try to come up with a...
  39. kubikub

    Where the Wild Things Are

    I just saw it. Didn't cry, but wooowwww I haven't seen a film that good in a while.
  40. kubikub

    The Evil Overlord Test

    Nom Anor 45% Evil, 83% Intelligence, 65% Common Sense Nom Anor is a member of the intendant caste of the Yuuzhan Vong, a brutal, warrior-based alien society that despises all lifeless forms of technology. In planning for their invasion of a galaxy far, far away, the Yuuzhan vong sent Nom Anor...
  41. kubikub

    Random laughing

    I've been there before... haha. I tend to stage conversations and interactions with people inside my head, and it's while I'm doing this especially that the facial expressions come out. I do get random laughter quite often. It happens a lot of times in movies-- I'll be watching a scene and my...
  42. kubikub

    Crank: High Voltage

    Agreed whole-heartedly. I feel like I snorted crack everytime I watch it, which I somehow sense was part of the point...
  43. kubikub

    One Night Stands

    though I might add I don't think I've had any very much better than just 'alright.'
  44. kubikub

    One Night Stands

    Pineapple is quite delicious, but BBQ chicken complete with a side of ranch... nothing compares. and as far as one-night stands, depends on the combination of how drunk and/or frustrated I am. they're alright every once in a while but not something I do very often or would ever see myself...
  45. kubikub

    of course, only the most awesome of bands are permitted to grace my tshirts.

    of course, only the most awesome of bands are permitted to grace my tshirts.
  46. kubikub


    As many others have mentioned, I think that frustration is my primary reason for crying. Only a small handful of songs, books, and movies get to me, but the ones that do bring with them a ridiculous amount of tears and generally will send me into state of depression for a few hours. I do well-up...
  47. kubikub

    About you?

    What is your name? Alexis. and basically any other possible variation derived from it-- Lex, Lexi, Alex, Alexi, Lexis... I've heard 'em all, and I'm not partial to how much of my name you chop off as long as it's recognizable as mine. Where are you from? I come from Orange County. it's rather...
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