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    Flow State

    I sometimes get into flow state when drumming. I play percussion and drums, after warming up for about half an hour, if at least one or two of the other people who are playing also get into this mood, it feels like my body is just playing on it's own (kind of like when driving or riding a bike)...
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    But anyways... What do you guys think the future holds for bitcoin? A few options I can think of are: 1) It continues to grow in popularity, becomes regulated and taxed, and starts becoming the main currency of the internet. (obviously if this happens it won't stop there, but I don't want to go...
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    Did you take into account the rising price of btc? My 1070 dollar investment more that tripled itself in just a few months...
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    Get Rid Of Shyness - Stop Being Shy And Quit Being An Introvert!

    Thats a really good point, I never thought of it that way.
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    do any of you intp's work-out?

    When I was in the army I was fit as fuck... Nowadays I'm just travelling, so I have no running shoes, and I'm afraid I'll wear out my good hiking boots if I run in them too much, so I don't run anymore. But I do walk on average probably 2-4 hours a day, often with about 15-16 kilos on my back...
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    Interested in learning programming

    Okay!:D So (almost 6 months after my OP, like any good INTP) I've finally started! I got a job which requires only a few hours of work a day, can be done from anywhere in the world, so long as I have an internet connection, and with pay that is ridiculous (I feel like I'm cheating in life). I...
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    An introvert's desire for social interaction

    From what you're describing, it sounds like you're experiencing something very similar to something I've experienced. I think it stems from a combination of a sort of boost in confidence you get from learning that you actually have good social skills, basically cancelling out social anxiety...
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    INTP in despair.

    I can relate to everything you're saying here. I know where you are, I've been there too. There are two important things you will need to learn if you want to get through this with your sanity intact: 1) "Doublethink" as George Orwell called it. Knowing that it's all a farce, that you are...
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    INTP in despair.

    What do you do in the military? I was in the Israeli army for three years, honestly, I enjoyed most of it. I found that doing brainless tasks meant I had lots of time to think, and I also made great friends. What can you do to get out of the military as fast as you can, or what can you do to...
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    Should I study physics or computer science?

    Just out of curiosity, what does that mean?
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    Should I study physics or computer science?

    I'm going to start university next year, and I need to decide what to study. So it boils down to this, physics really really fascinates me, and I kind of feel like it should be the basis for erything else I learn, like it's the ABC's of scientific thinking and understanding. On the other hand...
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    Interested in learning programming

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what exactly is UNIX? And does having it make things easier or having it built in make things easier, and why? Is there a reason not to buy a cheaper second hand one from Ebay? Would another laptop with LINUX be a good alternative? It's just the whole, you...
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    Career Help

    From the op, it sounds like you haven't learned yet that your life will not follow a predetermined course. I would suggest learning how much you don't know (especially about the future) before deciding. Take a gap year, go travel, talk to people from all walks of life, hear their stories, work...
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    Interested in learning programming

    Thanks for all the info. When I started this thread I was in a routine which didn't leave me enough energy to start leaning, so I didn't. Now I'm travelling the world for a year or so, until I start university next year where I plan to study computer science. What I plan on doing in the not too...
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    Your most arrogant statement.

    "Would you stop arguing with me?! I'm never wrong! *stands up in the middle of math class* Has anyone ever seen me be wrong?" I was a stupid ~13-14 year old.... It's one of those memories I cringe when thinking about. However another time the teacher asked if I did my homework, and I lied and...
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    Do you have a motto?

    I have a friend who adopted this thing, whenever he needs to decide between two options, he flips a coin, where tails means doing the responsible thing, and heads means doing the impulsive/potentially interesting experience/new thing. My motto is just whenever you need do decide what to do...
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    Male sexuality: Double standards & social shame

    :eek: nvm... I could never do that...
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    Where I live I live in Jerusalem, Israel, in an apartment which is part of the house I grew up in, which we used to rent out, but now I live here. My dad and his Fiance live in the house. I love this city, it's unlike any other city in so many ways, it's always interesting here. Weather...
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    Male sexuality: Double standards & social shame

    Please tell me more; how do I do this? My problem is that lots of girls are attracted to me, but I think I just give off this asexual vibe, and I always feel like it would be inappropriate to do anything...
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    looking for a coop rpg game

    Baldurs Gate 2!
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    Your career ascent (or downward spiral)

    1. Waiter 2. Slave (a.k.a soldier) 3. Security guard (until the police refused to let me have a gun because I smoked weed as a teenager, despite being a combat soldier for three years and now a reservist...) 4. Bartender 5. Fuck having a job/backpacking around Europe 6. Digger in an...
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    Intuitive spotting

    While the body type may be a rough indicator of S/N, you shouldn't rely on it. I know plenty of fat or skinny sensors, and plenty of very fit Intuitives (myself included)
  23. Beholder

    Intuitive spotting

    Just talk to them, bring up something new and see how they respond. Intuitives can think and give you a new opinion on the spot, conversations which aren't small talk won't just die out. Discussions with Sensors tend to be repetitive, with them mainly focusing on expressing the same opinion...
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    MBTI Quirks

    ENTPs and INTPs do share all of the same functions. Something an ENTP friend of mine pointed out to me today is that people tend to use their auxiliary function when meeting new people/trying to make an impression. For example, I try to appear more extroverted and easygoing (Ne/maybe Fe), and...
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    MBTI Quirks

    Sure, everyone does something like that, but Se/Ni users have a very specific kind of intense focus which we're talking about. I don't know any INxJs well enough to say, but all the ESxPs, ISxPs, and ENxJs I know do it, with (what seems to me) an obvious correlation between how low their Ni is...
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    MBTI Quirks

    Ni focusing...
  27. Beholder

    MBTI Quirks

    Today I asked a female ENTJ from my workplace if she feels like there's an ego battle between her and a few other ENTJ males also from our workplace, she said yes.
  28. Beholder

    MBTI Quirks

    I know four ENTJs who have to be completely naked when taking a shit, and NO others (the fourth one told me today, I plan on investigating further and looking for a possible correlation...). IxFP males often have a masculinity complex; I think because their dominant function (Fi) is kind of...
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    languages and MBTI

    Makes sense. I speak two languages, so I can relate to that. I think it probably is more of a Fe thing, adapting to the different cultures. But it's also the context each language has to you. For example, English is my first language, that I use with my family and used with almost all my...
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    MBTI Quirks

    I've noticed it in ESTPs as well. Maybe an Se thing? ENTPs are often bad with grammar, and have a tendency to assign their own meaning to specific words and using them without realizing that to everyone else these words don't have the same meaning. ISFPs never find NP humor funny...
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    The Hebrew Thread

    I don't really know all these rules with the vowels and stuff, and also I don't think you can write the vowels with windows. I think you should teach the אותיות סופיות with the regular ones, they're the same only they're used at the end of the word. (unless there are some other rules I'm...
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    The Hebrew Thread

    the old ק (Koph, meaning monkey) actually kind of looks like a monkey in Proto-Cananite.
  33. Beholder

    The Hebrew Thread

    Ok so I talked to an Archaeologist about it today (I work in an Archaeological dig), Phoenician and Ancient Hebrew aren't the same language, although Ancient Hebrew evolved (obviously) from Phoenician. And I was wrong about the Bet/Vet thing, so ignore that. In my conversation with the...
  34. Beholder

    The Hebrew Thread

    Wow, it didn't occur to me how complicated Hebrew writing is... And that's the simple part. I can't believe I managed to learn all this shit in grade one. I guess it's easier if you speak the language first. Oh and also the letter Bet is always called Bet, even without the dot. (unlike Shin...
  35. Beholder

    Interested in learning programming

    I'm sure there are already threads about this, so I apologize in advance for asking the same questions (I wouldn't mind being referred to said threads if they answer my questions) I want to learn to program, my interest currently lies in artificial neural networks, especially evolving ones...
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    Self-Induced Hallucinogenic State

    I think the very ideas of "objective" and "truth" are subjective and Human. I don't think the question of whether there is such a thing is relevant to Humans. I guess you could say that there are "truths" which are common to most Humans, which is as close as you're going to get to an answer...
  37. Beholder

    Cognitive Evolution

    Most people's E/I preference tends to get much more pronounced during their childhood, whether or not they have some kind of pseudo-psychological explanation for it. As for me, I think it came from the development of my Fe, a social awareness that made me more aware of how others perceived me...
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    INTP main character in a movie?

    sounds more like an ENTP
  39. Beholder

    INTP main character in a movie?

    He is an INTJ, the way he snaps and starts yelling, loosing his temper, the way he talks - Te galore. Although his actual emotional detachment seems 'INTP like', he's not actually detached, as evidenced by his crazy emotional outbursts resulting from built up emotional stress (as opposed to the...
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    thoughts on outdoor work

    I work as a digger in an archaeological dig. Get up at six every morning, walk about fourty minutes to work, on the way watch the sunrise from Mount Zion. Good physical work, but not too tiring, lots of interesting and fun people, everyday I laugh so much and have awesome conversations. -Best...
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    I think every INTP has probably had an existential crisis based on this thought

  42. Beholder

    Were you military?

    We did our navigations alone, but I can definitely see how having more than two people doing it would be disastrous...
  43. Beholder

    Were you military?

    I actually found creative outlet in finding the most efficient ways of completing all kinds of tasks, a lot of maintenance work and stuff. I also liked learning how everything worked, the last year of my service I was coaching reservists on really old artillery where everything is done manually...
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    Were you military?

    Yes. I got around 170~ USD a month (712 NIS), and at the end a 3K grant, plust about 7K which I can only use on education or starting a business or something like that. Ya it's pretty pathetic, but then, it's not a professional army like in the US or most countries.
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    If you don't know what he's talking about, why reply?
  46. Beholder

    Were you military?

    I recently finished three years of compulsory service in the IDF... Glad I did it, even more glad it's over. I learned a lot, and made some really good friends, so that's all that really matters. Although I recently traveled around Europe and it was kinda disappointing meeting all these people...
  47. Beholder

    Repressed Self?

    Great line of reasoning right there
  48. Beholder

    Idiot's Guide to INTP: does it exist?

    Um... Don't know how to break it to you, but I don't think desperation means what you think it means. (It comes from Desperate not Despair)
  49. Beholder

    Alien abductions and crop circles

    So aliens from light years away coming all the way to earth to leave enigmatic and seemingly meaningless/purposeless "cosmic graffiti" in fields is more likely than humans living on this planet who claim to and have shown that they know how to do it doing it? Please elaborate.
  50. Beholder

    INTPs and Ants

    I love ants, I find them fascinating. When I was a kid I used to spend hours just slaughtering ants in all kinds of creative ways, and when you kill them more ants always come to collect the bodies, so they just keep coming. At some point I discovered that if you put ants from different nests...
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