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  1. Dimensional Transition

    Types you attract romantically/sexually?

    I'm an INTP male, and so far, I seem to have attracted mainly these types: ENFJ, ENFP, and ISFJ. I am not too fond of ISFJs though. They have this mother-like quality about them that kind of intimidates me. Very clingy. As you said earlier, INTJs and ISFPs seem to be quite attracted to me at...
  2. Dimensional Transition

    Used to think I was INFP but now I've seen the light

    I hear you! I understand exactly what you're talking about with the wording of the questions etc. I'm also one of those borderline INFP-INTPs, I guess. There are quite a few of them on all sorts of INTP forums, actually. There are many subtypes within the main types. It's like the Fe is...
  3. Dimensional Transition

    What mood do you have to be in to talk to people?

    When I start feeling dazed and locked up and stuck in a loop. Like I'm slowly falling into the abyss of dissociated madness. That's when I have the need to talk to people again. It's energizing, up until a certain point. Then people will start draining energy again. I just balance between...
  4. Dimensional Transition

    Is this a common personality trait in INTP's?

    Ah yeah, I recognize that definitely. You're definitely not alone in that. Every type feels as much empathy as every other type probably. Just in different ways.
  5. Dimensional Transition

    Is this a common personality trait in INTP's?

    I think almost everybody has the same trait. It's pretty normal, hah. I do understand what you mean though, I guess the threshold for actually showing emotion might be a little higher for INTPs. Someone told me a while ago I always look neutral, until I suddenly completely laugh my ass off or...
  6. Dimensional Transition

    INTP + INFJ Benefactor-Beneficiary

    Interesting. I don't know many INFJs, but with most I can get along pretty well. I haven't noticed anything benefactor-beneficiary about those relationships. Maybe I was the benefactor all along?
  7. Dimensional Transition

    why do iNTPs love mainstream music?

    I've always hated most mainstream music. Your evidence is anecdotal and subjective! Occasionally mainstream stuff is alright, but I just listen to whatever it is I like, and 95% of the time, this is indie stuff.
  8. Dimensional Transition

    Your Type of Girl Test

    Am I the first one to get the New Age girl? The New Age Chick 68% Sexy-Cute, 66% Dark-Light, 28% Artsy-Stylish Cute, Light, and Artsy, the New Age Chick is very likely to keep a small pouch full of "energy crystals" while sipping on tea made from herbs you've never heard of...
  9. Dimensional Transition


    Hahah, great.
  10. Dimensional Transition

    Please LIKE for Christmas gift

    I feel bad for the guy... But I don't have a facebook account, and I've always had a negative association with 'likes'.
  11. Dimensional Transition

    Math and CS

    Second that.
  12. Dimensional Transition

    Your Ideal Female 'Partner'

    Honest. Sensitive. Empathic. Happy. Pretty. Intelligent. Supportive. Feminine. Feminine curves. Some random pictures from the internet I find attractive: I tend to fall for the artistic, hipster-y type of girl. (But not the ones that try really hard to be part of the "hip people". I like the...
  13. Dimensional Transition

    Battlefield 3

    As an engineer I always use the A91, as an assault class I use the Famas atm.
  14. Dimensional Transition

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    You live in California! Shouldn't be that hard. You just talk to stoner people/friends, really. There's always someone with access to weed.
  15. Dimensional Transition

    Battlefield 3

    Recently started working on my Assault class. I've pretty much maxed out the engineer class now, not too interested in getting the service stars. Assault is very hard to get points with at first, but after 2 days or so I find that I've now developed a lot of pretty useful tactics, allowing me to...
  16. Dimensional Transition

    Favorite Christmas Music

    Is it weird if I say I have no Christmas music? I just listen to more depressing music in the winter.
  17. Dimensional Transition

    Money and Happiness

    That summarizes my thoughts on this exactly. You need a certain amount of money to get "access" to material things that generally make a lot of things in life easier, and thus, you happier. Once you go beyond that threshold, though, it isn't all that effective anymore. Everybody will be happy...
  18. Dimensional Transition

    A strange (INTP?) feeling

    Wait, you mean you actually wear 'costumes' for these different 'characters'? You actually plan what character you are going to play that day? That does seem a little peculiar, yes... I mean, I have different outfits, I guess, but I don't really choose them for how I'm feeling that day. Except...
  19. Dimensional Transition

    A strange (INTP?) feeling

    I don't quite understand what the problem is... Could you explain a bit more about what is bothering you about this? It just seems like normal (INTP) behavior to me. You're only making it sound like you're some sort of robot, while you're in fact just a person acting differently according to...
  20. Dimensional Transition

    MBTI = Bible?

    Ah yes, Moocow. I just realized how stupid my last post was. I'm a freakin' agnostic/atheist... I don't give a fuck about the Bible. Eh. Correction to my last post: "You should definitely not treat MBTI the same way as (fundamentalist) Christians treat the Bible." There.
  21. Dimensional Transition

    A strange (INTP?) feeling

    You make it sound kind of creepy and mad, but I do think I know what you mean. I think all types do this. You're just revealing certain bits of your real, complete self to certain individuals.
  22. Dimensional Transition

    Acrylic art

    Holy fuck. I love this so much. This is one of those cases where you can see someone is really good at drawing and aesthetics in general, but is also a master at keeping it simple. Without making everything look like a children's drawing. I've been aiming for that "feel" in my art as well lately.
  23. Dimensional Transition

    MBTI = Bible?

    You should definitely not treat MBTI like the bible. It makes sense, explains a couple of things yeah, but the complexity of people goes far beyond simple typing.
  24. Dimensional Transition


    Sometimes I think this too, but then I usually wonder if I'm just not imagining it and being an arrogant dick. I'm quite awkward, but somewhat flirtatious at the same time. Feels good though when you get stuff like eye contact, giggling, smiling, "can I sit next to you?", random hugs, etc. It's...
  25. Dimensional Transition


    I'm also for an INTP Minecraft server. Haven't played for a while, but if there was a nice INTP server, I'd definitely join.
  26. Dimensional Transition

    can't stand "s" personalities

    Some S-types think my 'crazy' abstract thoughts are endearing or fascinating. It creeps out/puzzles others. But hey. I don't get S-stuff that well either. But I try to respect and understand as much as I can. ISFPs and I have a weird 'click'. I know a couple of ISFPs, and we don't get what the...
  27. Dimensional Transition

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    Deep Puddle Dynamics - deep puddle theme song - YouTube Skip to 0:20, the first 20 seconds are quite quiet.
  28. Dimensional Transition

    The one-man-show of the INTP

    I don't know... Is it really lack of self-control? I could keep it under control, but it would just leave me feeling 'unfinished'. And yeah, I have that candid thing too. In a bit of an innocent way though. I always apologize when I notice I've said something that offended some people somehow...
  29. Dimensional Transition

    The one-man-show of the INTP

    I've noticed that sometimes, when I really get into the subject, I end up completely dominating a conversation because I keep talking and talking, sometimes temporarily negecting others' responses in between. I'll eventually respond to them, but not before I finish all I wanted to say, and I've...
  30. Dimensional Transition

    Autopilot / Not All There

    I even have coversations on auto-pilot really often. I'll answer a shitload of questions, and only later realize I didn't really think about them. Hell, sometimes I even ask questions automatically. Like "But why?" "Aha. And how did that happen?"
  31. Dimensional Transition

    Linguistic Subtleties (perceiving)

    I'm very sensitive to these types of linguistic subtleties as well. I'm not as good with them in English as I am with my mother language, but I definitely understand what you mean, and understand the example you gave.
  32. Dimensional Transition

    Poll: 2D:4D Finger Ratio ( Index vs Ring Finger Length)

    My ratio is 0.96. I'm a super manly man, fuck yeah. I read somewhere the average was 0.98 for men, 1.00 for women, and 0.92 for people with autism.
  33. Dimensional Transition


    Oh, everybody thinks I'm a latent schizophrenic probably. I laugh to myself all the time. I visualize so many hilarious things in my mind, it's crazy. And I can never really explain why some things were funny either. It's kind of sad sometimes, because I've lost a couple of interesting friends...
  34. Dimensional Transition

    Editing Posts after a day or two

    I agree with what has been said above.
  35. Dimensional Transition

    Autumn photography

    Thanks! And yeah, it seems like you would never be able to tell someone's exact personality type, but I think different temperaments could probably be predicted. It'd never be 100% correct though. Maybe there'd be a 50%-75% success rate. Thanks man! Yeah. I find that landscapes, at least in my...
  36. Dimensional Transition

    Autumn photography

    Just made a couple of pictures, it was very misty outside. I wanted to give the pictures a cool autumny atmosphere, I hope I succeeded. I wonder if personality type influences the kind of pictures you make. If it influences your composition, color usage, lighting, subjects, etc...
  37. Dimensional Transition

    What should you be doing right now?

    I should be working on a portfolio and be making a lot of pointless French homework right now.
  38. Dimensional Transition

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    New Dawn Fades - YouTube
  39. Dimensional Transition

    Greetings INTP Forum

    Hehe. I like your location. Welcome!
  40. Dimensional Transition

    Happy birthday man!

    Happy birthday man!
  41. Dimensional Transition

    Battlefield 3

    Yeah, after now playing COD for a while, I've decided I prefer Battlefield. They both have their own charm, but Battlefield feels more 'honest'. It would definitely be nice to play console vs PC, but it'd probably also become very inviting for hackers, heh.
  42. Dimensional Transition

    Funny vids

    Liam Neeson - Life's Too Short - YouTube
  43. Dimensional Transition

    finishing people's sentences

    I know... I know... It's my shittiest personality trait probably. Hmm, reading back, I don't really think nagging was the right word, but when I don't get approval I'll start acting a little... flamboyant in order to provoke SOME reaction or just become demotivated. Either one of those. It still...
  44. Dimensional Transition

    What kind of games do you like to play?[;

    I like FPS. All the other games take too much time. I just like shooting around and making up strategies quickly, and trying to win the game. I play Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 at the moment. I used to play RPGs when I was younger, but they just take way too much time. They bore me...
  45. Dimensional Transition

    Battlefield 3

    Yup. Playing Battlefield 3. On Xbox. Recently I've also gotten Modern Warfare 3, though... This is confusing. I never really know which one to play. Anyhow, I'll add you on battlelog!
  46. Dimensional Transition

    Is/was anyone else reluctant to accept their type?

    Yeah. I'm an INTP who relates to a lot of little things in the INTP descriptions, but definitely not the bigger things like main interests and empathy. I'm quite artsy, loathe making math (although I can definitely see how it's important and how it can be fun to some, it's just not for me.) I...
  47. Dimensional Transition

    finishing people's sentences

    I do that a lot. I also sometimes talk over people because I'm afraid I'll forget what I wanted to say, so I just throw it out immediately. It's pretty fucking annoying. Something I have to work on. As well as nagging people for approval. I can't stand having no comments or negative comments...
  48. Dimensional Transition

    Socionics INTp?

    Wut. I score both INTP and INTp... It's incredibly complicated. I've only very recently getting somewhat of a better grip on MBTI, and socionics just seems even more complex. So... Eh... I still don't quite get the difference. MBTI and socionics are quite different, in a way, but their core...
  49. Dimensional Transition

    Socionics INTp?

    What's the difference with the MBTI test INTP? Why is the last P not a capital in socionics? As I'm a lazy bum, I'll ask you guys if any of you can summarize the major differences in the two. What may socionics teach me that MBTI may not and vice versa? I just took the socionics test and this...
  50. Dimensional Transition

    5 things you can't live without

    In random order: Tea, music, the ability to use all senses (It'd be awful to become unable to draw/see/smell/taste/hear), females, a place for myself to retreat to occasionally.
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