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  1. boondockbabe


    I decided to post this here, because something has finally been done. This story is about my mother and sister. I will warn you, It is graphic and disturbing. I spent fifteen years living in my mother's house in this condition. This is the first time someone has done something. They always used...
  2. boondockbabe

    Are You a Good Housekeeper?

    Is anyone out there a terrible housekeeper. I can't ever seem to get the house completely cleaned. I always have dishes or laundry piled up. Why am I such a freak about order,and planning, and being prepared but I can't keep my darn house clean? How clean is your living space?
  3. boondockbabe

    If a 5yr od pointed a gun at you

    I had a friend ask me this question and I thought it rather odd but apperantly it just depends on who you are? If a 5yr old pointed a gun at you and they were going to shoot you would you shoot first? I know this is a distressing thought but my friend was in the war and this happened. I...
  4. boondockbabe

    How life affects Sensing/iNtuition

    Having faced humiliation and sometimes extreme emotional/physical abuse for ten plus years of my life. I have been wondering for awhile. MY question is this: How much would this affect your Sensing/iNtuition. This is somthing serious to a few of us who have been pm about it and I said I would...
  5. boondockbabe

    Going back to school.

    I'm thinking about getting my GED and going to college. It has always been a dream. I have the time. I feel so stupid- almost everything I know is self-taught. What have you guys done? has anyone gotten a late start?
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