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  1. TriflinThomas

    Tips on flushing my system of thc

    To start off: I'm 19, 5'9, ~130 lbs, and I bike 8.2 miles a day. It's been almost a week since the last time I smoke and it was about half a bowl (and the last time I smoked before that was 1.5-2 weeks). My friend is getting me a job, but I have to pass a pee test to get the job. I took a home...
  2. TriflinThomas

    INFJ vs INTJ

    I'm wondering what the difference is between the two, especially in regards to how the tertiary functions displays itself. I've scored INFJ on a couple MBTI tests, and I've scored INFp on multiple socionics tests (same test, just took it multiple times) and I scored INTp a couple times too. As I...
  3. TriflinThomas

    Help me, INTPf. You're my only hope.

    For months, I've been trying to find a way to root my AT&T HTC One X (also known as the HTC One XL), but have yet to find a safe & simple method. My phone is on android 4.1.1 (firmware 3.18) and I have a Macbook Pro, if that helps.
  4. TriflinThomas

    Clarification of Inferior Function

    Being an INFJ, my inferior function is Se. It's said that the inferior function shows up in times of stress. Most of my stress comes when a plan has to be changed but there's not sufficient time to make changes to the plan. (ex.: I'm having friends over, but one of them needs a ride. The friend...
  5. TriflinThomas

    INFJ Salesman (it is possible haha)

    I recently got a job with a marketing company. So far, I'm doing pretty well. My boss says I have a "friendly and disarming presence" that works in my favor. I never thought I'd be a sales rep, but it's a whole lot easier than I thought; and it's helped a lot with my self-confidence. Just...
  6. TriflinThomas

    Do We Use Our Tertiary Functions More Efficiently Than Our Auxiliary Functions?

    I've been mulling this over for weeks now, and can't seem to figure it out... Do we use our tertiary functions more efficiently than our auxiliary functions? Because they're (for lack of the proper term) positioned in the same direction as our dominant functions. PS: if someone could show me...
  7. TriflinThomas

    I'm Still Alive ^_^ and I Have a Question for Y'all

    I'm just starting to notice that I hang out with a lot of SP's (mostly xSFP's). My two best friends are ESFP's, and I have two other good friends who are ISFP's. I just thought it's was weird/cool that I seem to attract these types because they're a lot of fun :D What's your type, and what...
  8. TriflinThomas

    Just for Shiggles

    http://www.xeromag.com/fun/personality.html Found this whilst surfing the web. Although it's satirical, it's quite accurate :D
  9. TriflinThomas

    Compare/Contrast Pi Func's?

    What are the similarities/differences between Ni-doms and Si-doms? My mom (Si-dom) and I (Ni-dom) hardly "get" each other. I would think that we would get along better as we're very similar, but alas...
  10. TriflinThomas

    What's Your Best Friend's Type

    My best friend is an ESFJ. I met him in 6th grade (about 7 years ago). We actually hated each other at first and talked shit to each other during P.E. before we became friends. He's hilarious, super sweet, and we get along swimmingly.
  11. TriflinThomas

    Will People Give Up Their Reproductive Rights For Longer Lifespans?

    *first off, let's assume that we are stuck on earth* It's inevitable (with the advances in medical science) that humans will start living longer. This will eventually lead to overcrowding, unless a worldwide birth control policy is implemented. Will people give up their reproductive rights in...
  12. TriflinThomas

    Socionic's Reversal of J/P for Introverts

    Socionics reverses the J/P lettering (e.g.: INTP (MBTI) = INTJ (Soc.)), but not for extroverts (e.g.: ENFJ (MBTI) = ENFJ (Soc.)). At first, it made sense to me because Js would always have a judging function first, likewise with Ps. But, I was thinking that it also doesn't make sense. Here's...
  13. TriflinThomas

    Intuition Seems to Temper the Harsher Characteristics of Judging Functions

    I've noticed that my Intuitive friends are consistently nicer/less harsh when contrasted with my Sensor friends. This is especially apparent when I look at the differences between: ENTP/ESTP, ENFJ/ESFJ, INFJ/ISFJ. I've been wondering, what qualities of intuition tend to soften characteristics of...
  14. TriflinThomas

    It Has Been My Experience That I Am Generally Correct About Most Things

    Peter, from Family Guy, said this to Lois. But, it applies to me, too (and, to some extent, all introverts). I'm not correct about everything, nor do I presume to be; but, my friends insist that I'm usually right about things. I appear to be correct often because I don't butt in on subjects that...
  15. TriflinThomas

    Let's See If I Got This Right: INTP Foresight

    It's been my experience that people look at Ni as a mystical function, because of the foresight capabilities of Ni-doms. Ni's "mystical" abilities comes from its prowess as a system-building function. Ni's main reason for existing is to improve predictability (in different situations). I saw...
  16. TriflinThomas

    Are SJs Prone to Mild PTSD-like Symptoms

    I made a new friend in my math class, and we've been hanging out for a while. I've typed him as an ESTJ; he said to me, one day, "if someone of authority is teaching me something, I'm gonna listen" (Si? Or Te?) He tends to hurt other people's feelings without noticing (Te), so that's how I got...
  17. TriflinThomas

    We May Soon Find Out if We're Living in the Matrix

    http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429561/the-measurement-that-would-reveal-the-universe-as/ " First, some background. The problem with all simulations is that the laws of physics, which appear continuous, have to be superimposed onto a discrete three dimensional lattice which advances in...
  18. TriflinThomas

    If You Shot Yourself in the Head Would You Feel It?

    I've been watching a lot of horror movies lately. In a few of them, people have committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head. Do they feel pain? Does pain travel faster than a bullet to the head?
  19. TriflinThomas

    I Have This Odd Sense of (Faux) Deja Vu

    I'll see something or be watching a movie and then later on, as I think about it more, I start to get this feeling that I've seen it before. Although, I'm never quite sure whether I've actually seen it before or whether it's some kind of glitch in my memory. Is there an explanation for this?
  20. TriflinThomas

    My Experience at the INFJ Forum

    The infj forum is so vapid. There are so many posts, but there's no substance (of course, that's just my opinion)! Have any of you been over to http://www.infjs.com? If so, what do you think about the threads over there? This one was my favorite...
  21. TriflinThomas

    Evolution is a Blind Watchmaker (Video)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcAq9bmCeR0 Discuss.
  22. TriflinThomas

    What's Your Age?

    Just wondering. I'm 18.
  23. TriflinThomas

    Using Your Awkwardness as a WEAPON

    A couple years ago, I started using my awkwardness to my advantage. When someone would make fun of me, I would pretend not to know what they were talking about so they had to explain their jokes (which took all the hilarity out of it) or they would just leave me alone. If they fell for my gambit...
  24. TriflinThomas

    An Aggregation of Helpful Smartphone Apps, Tips & Tricks, etc.

    Hi, I've noticed that many people don't use their smartphones to their full potential because they simply don't know what their phones are capable of, or that there are apps that provide the needed functionality. Hopefully together we can help people get the most out of their phones. :^^: To...
  25. TriflinThomas

    Where Do I Go to Deactivate my Account

    I can't seem to find where to deactivate my account (if it's even possible). Can someone enlighten me?
  26. TriflinThomas

    Netflix Movie Recommendations?

    Post movie (and tv show) titles that are worth watching on Netflix. God Bless America is an amazingly hilarious movie about everything that wrong with America, and is pretty much the only movie that I can comfortably recommend. Also, Red State is a really good movie. Sgt. Frog is a really...
  27. TriflinThomas

    The Theoretical Trajectory of Native American Technology

    What would Native American technology look like if it was allowed to develop naturally? Let's say that Native Americans were left alone by the Europeans, I think they would have come up with more environmentally-aware/sustainable technology. I also think that their technology would have advanced...
  28. TriflinThomas

    At Last, a Scientidic Study has Proved That Marijuana Stops the Spread of Cancer

    *Scientific http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/19/marijuana-and-cancer_n_1898208.html What effect will this have on the legal status of marijuana? Will this help the fight for legalization at all?
  29. TriflinThomas

    Time Does Not Exist

    http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-09/book-excerpt-there-no-such-thing-time Or maybe it does, I don't know. Do you think time exists?
  30. TriflinThomas

    My ISFJ Mother Will Be the Death of Me...

    Ok, not really... but she gets on my nerves. She seems to think that the way she lives her life is the way I should live my life, and pretty much all our problems stem from that. The Si/Fe combo makes for a very controlling household, and is the oil to my water (Ti/Ne). I can't seem to get it...
  31. TriflinThomas

    I Haven't Seen a Thread About This So...

    Seasonal Affective Disorder, I'm pretty sure I have it. Every year, around this time, I just start getting blah. Then, by December, I'm all mopey/depressed. Then, it starts getting better through January and February; and by March, I'm back to regular. I've tried ssri's, but they don't help...
  32. TriflinThomas

    I Was Going to Make an Account on infjs.com But I Ran Into This...

    Which is complete and utter bullshit. I used to jokingly refer to Fe as" The dictator function," I guess I was more correct than I thought...
  33. TriflinThomas

    Would You Raise a Clone of Yourself?

    Let's say you were around 35 years old (or however old you consider child-rearing age) and you could raise a clone of yourself instead of having a child (you have a steady job with ample pay), would you do it? I think it would be interesting to see how I would have grown up if I had a better...
  34. TriflinThomas

    I'm an INFJ (I think)

    After analyzing my functional stack, reading all the INFJ profiles I could get my hands on, and observing others on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that I am most likely INFJ. I started with the inferior (Se), and how it relates to the INFJ, especially this excerpt: And, as a whole...
  35. TriflinThomas

    What it really means to be judger

    The only thing judging (vs perceiving) means is that the persons judging function is extroverted. The same with perceiving. This lead me to a revelation as to why SJ's tend to be more traditional; if you are an SJ, that automatically means that either your dominant or auxiliary function is Si...
  36. TriflinThomas

    Have Fun Blowing Up Posts

    It's called "fontbomb" javascript:(function%20()%20{var%20s%20=%20document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src',%20'http://fontbomb.ilex.ca/js/main.js');document.body.appendChild(s);}()); Bookmark it (copy and paste it), and have fun destroying the web.
  37. TriflinThomas

    Maybe My Fe is More Developed Than I Thought

    One of my good friends, who I haven't hung out with in a while, invited me to a BBQ at her house. I showed up and there were people there who I hadn't seen in years. So, I sat down with some of them and chit-chatted about school, how they've been, shit like that. Then, a couple of us played soda...
  38. TriflinThomas

    Fe: Extroverted Feeling

    I, like many others, had a hard time finding a good definition/explanation of extroverted feeling. So, I went to Google and found some great definitions, here they are http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/Cognitive-Functions/Extraverted-Feeling.cfm...
  39. TriflinThomas

    I Love My Dog More Than I Love Anyone

    I have no idea what it is, but I love my dog more than I love any person (even my family). I will get small anxiety attacks if I think about my dog getting hurt or dying; I almost started tearing up once when me and some friends were talking about a hypothetical situation where our pets were...
  40. TriflinThomas

    Sleep Aids

    This is just a thread to share your experiences with sleep aids (which ones work best, which ones don't work, etc), whether they're natural, herbal, or OTC. I use doxylamine succinate because it puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep, due to the long half-life of 6 hours. I've tried...
  41. TriflinThomas

    Android vs iOS (vs WP7)

    Which do you prefer? And why?
  42. TriflinThomas

    Random Moments of Tranquility

    I get these random moments of tranquility where my mind slows down and I'm completely calm and immersed in the present. Any similar recurring experiences?
  43. TriflinThomas

    Sarah Palin

    Does it pain you to listen to her? I'm embarrassed that she was almost the vice president of the United States. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/wed-august-15-2012/democalypse-2012---the-new-new-low-edition
  44. TriflinThomas

    The Twilight Zone

    It's a series from the late 50's. Has anyone seen it? :storks:
  45. TriflinThomas

    Roger (from American Dad) an INTP?

    I was thinking one day that Roger might be an INTP. He stays at home a lot, has many different personas (kind of like our chameleon-like trait), he's devised many random but cunning schemes in his free time.
  46. TriflinThomas

    Automated Responses

    I have a set of automated responses that I use when I meet people or engage in small talk. I can't recall them right now but I find myself saying the same things to people because either I'm tired or I'm preoccupied with my thoughts. Does anyone else do this?
  47. TriflinThomas

    Belated Introduction

    Hi, my name's Thomas. I've been on this forum for a couple months, and I never got around to properly introducing myself. I'm an 18 year old college student living in SoCal. I like reading, cycling, and hiking. I'm an INTP (obviously), and that's pretty much it.... :confused:
  48. TriflinThomas

    Sensor Hate

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxYe4scS28k Discuss.
  49. TriflinThomas

    You Have Become Dictator of the World

    For some strange reason, the actions you have taken in your life have led you to the place of Unseen Dictator of World. What would you do (if anything) to change the world? My first order of business would be to execute all bad drivers, people who annoy me, etc. Then, I would reinstate the...
  50. TriflinThomas

    The Bad Guys Never Win: Bane

    I watched the new Batman a couple days ago. And, (as usual) even though Bane was a veritable genius, and physically stronger than Batman, I had originally thought that the triumph of the good guys through unimaginable hardships was a product of the American ego, but now I'm not so sure. What...
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