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  1. DetachedRetina

    Nikola Tesla

    They have him typed as an ENTP over at http://www.mypersonality.info/personality-types/entp/ can that be right? I thought he was quite a recluse!
  2. DetachedRetina

    The problem with smart people

    At least in western society. Smart kids are, from a young age, praised and rewarded simply for being smart. We are told that smarts are inherently more valuable than almost any other trait. We form our self esteem around this idea that we are "smart" and therefore "good." We criticize...
  3. DetachedRetina

    Tyra Banks

    This is the most ridiculous shit I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waMcoLnaWOY Tyra's whole premise is that she takes the most crazy people ever and interviews them and actually listens to them and acts like she has journalistic integrity. The whole time I keep thinking...
  4. DetachedRetina

    Living the INTP dream

    So I recently got set up with a job for the summer and I think you guys will be able to relate, and understand why I am in such bliss. I am working in a lab at my university and I have a key to the lab and the building. I can work whenever I want to, I log my own hours and nobody is looking...
  5. DetachedRetina

    What happened to Melllvar?

    Why is he banned?
  6. DetachedRetina

    You know how attractive you are?

    Just a simple question. Do you think you have a good grasp on how attractive you are? Strictly physically I mean, and I know it's hard to separate mind and body like that. I personally can't decide, I go back and forth. I've never really just asked a bunch of strangers if I'm attractive. I guess...
  7. DetachedRetina

    3 truths and a lie...

    So I posted this over in the poetry+blogging sub-forum too, but I don't really know where it should go. If it definitely doesn't belong here then I apologize. Anyways feel free to delete it if I'm being annoying moderators. I wrote this for a writing challenge. You had to write something...
  8. DetachedRetina

    Another Big/Medium questions thread

    How do you know somebody? How can you show yourself to someone? You can only share as much of yourself as you know of yourself. But all we are is memories and potential anyways. And hungry. It’s not that I have some big secret. That’s just it. There is no secret. There’s nothing deeper there...
  9. DetachedRetina

    I write like:

    http://iwl.me/ This is a link that analyzes your writing. I think it does a pretty decent job. I analyzed several bits of my writing and got somewhat consistent results. Then I analyzed others' writing and got different results, so at least the test is consistent. Also I analyzed a piece I...
  10. DetachedRetina


    i'm not sure I understand the difference between Ni and Ne. What is it? This has probably been asked before. Is there a search function? [Edit] I found it. Now is there a way to delete this post. Sorry :(
  11. DetachedRetina

    By INTP standards what type would you be?

    If all the world were INTPs and MBTI was renormalized. What type would you be? Me, ENFP I think. Is there a way to search if a thread like this already exists?
  12. DetachedRetina

    Fun? what if game

    A friend and I recently had a fun conversation about a hypothetical universe where, rather than acting as models to describe actual behavior, equations caused behavior. For example what if rather than describing (kind of accurately) the force of gravity as: F=GMm/r^2 You could actually...
  13. DetachedRetina

    Frame Dragging

    So... there's been talk of this gravity probe b experiment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_Probe_B And its relation to "frame dragging." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame-dragging I tried, again, in vain to wrap my head around relativity recently but frame dragging is causing me...
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