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  1. GYX_Kid

    Cheating on your Girlfriend

    Kick ass
  2. GYX_Kid

    Shooting in Aurora Colorado (at Batman premiere)

    Batman, the Joker, these Rock n' Roll bands and Fruity Pebbles are all plagued by Satan I tell you! Kids these days need to learn some wholesome ....uh, ........earwigs. Anyway, the shooter did actually say something about being the Joker, didn't he? First thing I thought after hearing about it...
  3. GYX_Kid

    Where in the name of the Lord did you find that avatar!

    Where in the name of the Lord did you find that avatar!
  4. GYX_Kid

    I've been there, definitely. Also what myers-briggs lets you do is rationalize contexts of...

    I've been there, definitely. Also what myers-briggs lets you do is rationalize contexts of misanthropy/apathy with "Fi projects in this way because ___ and I'm free from ultimately caring because of Ti" or whatever. I once let dislike of arrogant people and general apathy get so bad that I let...
  5. GYX_Kid

    Thinking something is wrong vs. Feeling it.

    *yeah FJ in mbti terms, as emphasizing Fe with Ti in the low end. INTPs might naturally become more like FJs, when they develop Fe- but they might also be able to as equally substitute using Ti for aspects of low-end Fi, thus having more appearance of TJ in them. That would be the "unnatural"...
  6. GYX_Kid

    A LiveScience Article: IQ - men vs women

    xbox, will you piss on me?
  7. GYX_Kid

    Beyond The Brain?

    You mean like this? ..."dammit, i'm in the weird part of youtube again"
  8. GYX_Kid

    How close are you to your theoretical type?

    I fit INTP well in a lot of areas though may have somewhat of an ISTP 'spirit' and behave at times like an ENTP who specializes in particular areas instead of having more general broad knowledge.
  9. GYX_Kid


  10. GYX_Kid

    Thinking something is wrong vs. Feeling it.

    What are broadly-defined differences between Fi and FJ?
  11. GYX_Kid


    Evolve and then use DRAGON RAGE :cool:
  12. GYX_Kid

    being single

    You haven't experienced *hammered* until you've drank a lot and done the spinny jumping harmony dance.
  13. GYX_Kid

    being single

    The only way I've successfully danced with a girl was by grabbing her hands and jumping around in a circle, with gradually increasing force
  14. GYX_Kid

    Damn. xD How are you on this lovely evening Or in "thinker not feeler"s terms, ...What are you...

    Damn. xD How are you on this lovely evening Or in "thinker not feeler"s terms, ...What are you on this lovely evening
  15. GYX_Kid

    Unban artsu tharaz plz

    Get a grip Artsu, you're stronger than Bird
  16. GYX_Kid

    Unban artsu tharaz plz

    INFJ when losing grip
  17. GYX_Kid

    Coolydudey's new avatar!

    ^ I said his old one looked like crucifix-patterned windows
  18. GYX_Kid

    Staying happy, how do you do it?

    Keep control of your mind, if you start getting physically unhealthy it can interfere with your mental state for example. If you're too lazy for regular exercise then even just some quality omega-3s and a daily multivitamin can make a difference. Of course there's also alcohol etc for momentary...
  19. GYX_Kid

    Hope you like steak and trophies [IMG]

    Hope you like steak and trophies [IMG]
  20. GYX_Kid

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    7.9/10 +.5 point for being Finnish. This is older Ulver, showing the variety this group is capable of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNyIWBCFq5Y
  21. GYX_Kid

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    6/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70RsXfgn7D8 @cghhmnrtt That particular Ulver track seems to be extremely popular among INTPs this past 2 months, in the Skype group too.
  22. GYX_Kid

    Correlation between alcohol and higher thought processes

    Yeah, same here. Might have something to do with a default habit of narrow over-analysis of a detail which may or may not be relative bullshit. Then when drunk, that tunnel-visioned focus eases up but we're still being analytical
  23. GYX_Kid

    Fictional INTP's

    Tweek and Craig, it seems There was one episode where everyone set them up to fight each other, and they both had the same "why? well... at this point, eh why not" attitudes. Kyle might be an INFJ. Dr Mephisto, not sure, maybe ENTP? I've heard INTx for Stan before
  24. GYX_Kid

    Socializing with other types

    I've gotten along kind of easily with some ISFJs. ESFJs, I think the ones I've run into, maybe communicated superficially for about 3 minutes. That is most likely the type I've had least interaction with, due to not even getting communication. I had an art teacher in elementary school who...
  25. GYX_Kid

    Your posting experience

    It's more specific than just shyness, I might make a thread about that soon INTPs are (with the potential to be) like Megaman who goes and fights all the other types and learns their powers. Except instead of necessarily fighting, just any experience that brings back memories and analysis of...
  26. GYX_Kid

    Hi, my name is Ben and I am a fairly recently self discovered INTP

    He's so INTP, too INTP for this forum's members to handle
  27. GYX_Kid

    Your posting experience

    Well I originally joined this site because of having lots of confusion and self-doubt. I made a lot of "mentally ill" or dumb, bad posts in my opinion now. Though they usually got replies because there was maybe thought put into them intpforum = more likely to create dialogue intpcentral =...
  28. GYX_Kid

    Hi, my name is Ben and I am a fairly recently self discovered INTP

    The actual 'bots are the only INTPs that consistently stir up mischief
  29. GYX_Kid

    That annoying sense of superiority

    Well no, because there was also an actual point in the post Sorry if it seemed like I was targeting you in particular, it was more replying about what the topic had become. Point was that there are people who give grammar a little too much merit over real substance. The sentences' appearance is...
  30. GYX_Kid

    Was there, like, a rapper called Puppetmasta, or something?

    Was there, like, a rapper called Puppetmasta, or something?
  31. GYX_Kid

    ESTP Lust

    I must have seen an ESTP female before, though none come to mind...
  32. GYX_Kid

    That annoying sense of superiority

    The point is expressed in two separate things you said, which can be joined together. (Edit: maybe you already were making the point that follows) There is a narcissism epidemic, causing ego-ridden ants to type and present themselves as intelligent people. People would have to see subtle...
  33. GYX_Kid

    Investigating and correcting typical illogical behavioral patterns of INTPs: forgetfulness

    Yeah. Also if I have many scattered reminders saved on a digital device, I like to include some word marker in the note for later organized filing (example, "song:" if it's lyric ideas)
  34. GYX_Kid

    Classification Paradox

    You'd classify it as that, wouldn't you
  35. GYX_Kid

    Classification Paradox

    Reality made classifications in His image, hallejuldsfnfdfb
  36. GYX_Kid

    People confuse me.

    I think worrying about the details of exactly what to say is an INTP thing to do. Since you're an INTJ, why not just date rape her with some kind of complex chemical that you know about, which alters her mind Okay in all seriousness there's some truth to the "what to say" thing, but...
  37. GYX_Kid

    Classification Paradox

    Assigning any category label onto yourself/people will force you to believe in it. But you can also add others to use as well. Like racial stereotypes, for example I find MBTI helpful as information to sprinkle on what I already know about a person or about myself. I went through a period of...
  38. GYX_Kid

    being single

    It wasn't masturbation you were doing at 80-90 mph in response, was it
  39. GYX_Kid

    Post here alL your "To-Do's List"!

    -send Andrew an Impaled Nazarene and maybe an Unsraw album -figure out what I'm doing school-wise -record some music, do something else with summer
  40. GYX_Kid

    What would you do if?

    Look and make sure someone was taking care of it, if people around. Call ambulance if nothing is happening. If alone, drive them to a hospital/safe place/my basement
  41. GYX_Kid

    being single

    You in theory have Se pouring from every socket. Do you move around a lot when excited? Hi, well any habit is addictive. Maybe you could use more time being single. Or like others have said, go do shit while you're still young. Personally I've never even taken a relationship seriously enough to...
  42. GYX_Kid

    People confuse me.

    I confuse people, especially NFs. Then there are others who put a label on me and have decided one identity of mine, and they would be proven wrong shortly after- if they had not already made their decision. I try to predict people on autopilot. But enough about me, how about this elephant...
  43. GYX_Kid

    President Obama's Temperament

    I've heard ENFP before, but who knows. My grandmother is charmed by him. She seems like an ENFP. She has this auto-signed photo card of him, since she voted. The photo is of Obama in a grassy field, petting a dog. Then he "thanks" [enter voter's name]. Who thinks they can do a better job of...
  44. GYX_Kid

    Favourite pokemon?

  45. GYX_Kid

    Favourite pokemon?

    Oh yeah. Ones like this, too http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/%E3%82%A5_.4
  46. GYX_Kid

    "Te he."

    But yeah, people who act friendly and then suddenly the opposite
  47. GYX_Kid

    Favourite pokemon?

    Scyther or Metagross
  48. GYX_Kid

    Hello... disenchanted INTP chick here...

    Hello. I'm a stream of thoughts inside your head. Gathering lots of knowledge and data is stored in your internal library as Si, I think. Ti reviews what's there, and Ne makes connections. Si means INTPs need memories of identical or similar things to understand what they're experiencing in the...
  49. GYX_Kid

    Top 5 singers

    ^ Accessible enough for pop/rock radio stations The key is versatility with this vocalist: This is Devin Townsend, btw
  50. GYX_Kid

    Anyone Else Generally Bad at spelling

    I tend to just automatically remember what every word looks like
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