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  1. Thurlor

    Is the term 'ditto' offensive?

    For those who don't know ditto means 'the same thing again' and is used to agree with something said without having to repeat it. Recently I got into an argument with an ex and she called me a cunt. My immediate response was 'ditto'. Apparently that makes me a misogynistic arse-hole, despite...
  2. Thurlor

    Obesity: My toxic best friend

    I have to deal with the opposite. 183cm tall and 80kg. Lanky bean-pole. But I'm not complaining. All the studies done on lab animals have shown about a 15% increase in life-span for those which are kept at the brink of malnourishment. Consequently I have no desire to put any weight on...
  3. Thurlor

    Does anyone else prefer songs in foreign languages?

    Most songs are about love and other boring topics. Consequently I have a preference for either instrumental music or foreign language songs. Recently I discovered a japanese musical unit called 'Nowisee' (pronounced 'noise') and something about their sound makes me start to tear up. Which is...
  4. Thurlor

    Other Worlds

    @Cognisant I'm not sure how common bilateral symmetry will be amongst alien life. Sure, most life on earth is bilaterally symmetrical but from my understanding that is only due to a mass extinction event and luck of the draw. The optimal solution for aero/hydro-dynamics may be very different...
  5. Thurlor

    Which country has the slackest gun laws?

    I have a desire to question the narrative presented by any country and its media. When people claim the US is the best country in the world I argue that it isn't and when people claim that it is the worst country in the world I also argue that it isn't. I am just fed up with people with a...
  6. Thurlor

    Which country has the slackest gun laws?

    @Hadoblado You are right about the differences in statistical collection methods between countries. Just as an example, I only found out yesterday that the US counts suicides amongst gun crimes/violence. Considering that they account for anywhere between 50-65% of the rates, the US would be...
  7. Thurlor

    Which country has the slackest gun laws?

    I don't think that the publicization of mass shootings in the US is greater than that of most countries. Maybe some shit-hole countries hide their figures but that is a different thing.
  8. Thurlor

    Which country has the slackest gun laws?

    My google-fu skills must really suck. I have spent the last few hours trying to find a list of school shootings that is broken up by country that also shows how strict each country's gun laws are. My reason being that I find it hard to believe that the US has the slackest gun laws in the world...
  9. Thurlor

    How can I help an ex who seems content to be abused in her current relationship.

    Sorry to have taken a while to respond, but this whole situation is eating up more of my time than I would like. The range of suggestions has been great and has opened my eyes to a few new options. Still not sure how to play things out. I'm tempted to start communication with her sister as...
  10. Thurlor

    How can I help an ex who seems content to be abused in her current relationship.

    I can't believe I am going to ask a relationship question (ew) but this situation has me confused and worried. I am still in contact with my most recent ex (broke up nearly 2 years ago) and recently she has been complaining to me that her current partner is beating her (she thinks he broke her...
  11. Thurlor

    Can shadows have holes? About definitions.

    @Cognisant Nice 'thinking outside the box' there. @Rook I know this is me being pedantic, but I don't think you are right about the difference between shadows and darkness. The inside of a box is only dark because it is in the 'shadow' of its surface. Also, ambient light is a thing. @dr froyd...
  12. Thurlor

    Can shadows have holes? About definitions.

    Can shadows have holes? I can't come up with a satisfactory answer to the above question. The answer depends on the subtleties of our definitions of shadow and hole. In one sense shadows are holes (in the cast light) so the question becomes 'can holes have holes?'. In another sense...
  13. Thurlor

    Is it possible to be prejudiced about something that doesn't exist?

    This was the question asked of me by my friend's son who seems to be on the spectrum. We have spoken since then and it appears that he was mainly interested in the concepts of race and racism. He has been taught that race doesn't exist, so he is questioning how racism can exist. This is a...
  14. Thurlor

    Is it possible to be prejudiced about something that doesn't exist?

    I'm not exactly sure how to word this, but is it possible for an individual to hold prejudiced views regarding an object or class of objects that don't exist? An example would be something like unicorns or people with purple skin. Maybe a person could be considered prejudiced against those who...
  15. Thurlor

    The narrative and hypocracy of capitalism

    I don't understand this insistence that people must work to be fulfilled and happy. At the most I will acknowledge that we feel the need for a sense of purpose in our lives. But that purpose does not need to come from work. Besides what does that mean for the unemployed? As far as I am aware...
  16. Thurlor

    Just spiders

    The first one looks like an Orb Weaver of some type. I have fond memories of seeing a paddock full of webs on a foggy morning in Central Vic. The second one looks like a Wolf Spider. They are quite interesting to watch when they are hunting.
  17. Thurlor

    To 'know' something that is later proven false.

    I have been wondering if it is possible to 'know' something that is false. Given that the most common definition of 'know' is justified true belief I would say that it isn't possible. Do all conditions need to be met for something to be known? Is a true belief that isn't justified considered...
  18. Thurlor

    Alternative for the term 'phobia'.

    The term phobia has come to mean both fear and hatred/aversion, with the deciding factor appearing to be whether the target is a group of people. Some examples, Arachnophobia - The fear (but not necessarily hatred) of spiders. Cynophobia - The fear (but not necessarily hatred) of dogs...
  19. Thurlor

    Looking for interesting sports.

    I've never been a big fan of sports (probably because I'm not good at any), but lately I've been searching for sports that allow unusual/atypical plays without everyone instantly accusing the player of a lack of sportsmanship. I want to see a sport where 'thinking out of the box' is rewarded...
  20. Thurlor

    Burden of Proof question.

    Who has the BoP in regards to claiming some action is good for your health? My understanding is that it would be the one making the claim. Would an Appeal to Authority or an Appeal to Consensus constitute proof?
  21. Thurlor

    What is the function/purpose of pain?

    I was under the impression that the function of pain was to let us know when we were harming our bodies or compromising its integrity. If pain serves a valid purpose why aren't medical professionals more concerned about its occurrence? Blood tests cause me pain yet every doctor and lab...
  22. Thurlor

    How can people be against things that their existence relies upon?

    Do they not realise that their very existence is contingent upon all past events involving their ancestors? A few examples (that aren't very controversial); - Citizens of colonial countries being against colonialism. - Australian's descended from convicts who claim it was wrong to send...
  23. Thurlor

    I believe so that I may understand

    I think we should start with a clear definition of belief as it relates to this discussion. As with faith it means different things to different people. I don't want to make assumptions about which version of belief you are referring to.
  24. Thurlor

    Time probably doesn't exist as we culturally conceptualize it

    Unless you are willing to factor out constants isn't this true for all units of measurement?
  25. Thurlor

    the goal of life is self perfection

    Is this specifically in regards to humans? I ask because I believe all living things share the same goal. Reproduction or replication. Everything else is just a means towards that end. Maybe it could be said that humans have extra goals but they aren't the goals of life.
  26. Thurlor

    Regarding Indoctrination

    I have heard many people excuse the behaviour of others by claiming that such behaviour is not their fault because they were indoctrinated. A few things about that have always struck me as wrong. - We see people who have escaped their indoctrination, so it can be done. Either they are...
  27. Thurlor

    How does one prove they are not a bigot?

    @Hadoblado I can't remember ever having been called any kind of bigot. But it seems that if an accusation of bigotry is unfalsifiable that it could easily be weaponised and deployed against anyone, especially non-conformists (which INTP's tend to be to some extent). @washti You are correct...
  28. Thurlor

    How does one prove they are not a bigot?

    Given that the public discourse of the last few years seems to focus in some part on rooting out certain forms of bigotry I feel that this may be more important than it may seem at first. Are claims of bigotry falsifiable? How would a person disprove a claim of bigotry laid against them?
  29. Thurlor

    What is the point of killing mosquitos?

    After they have already bitten you? Isn't it just a response born of anger or irritation? Would such a response be appropriate for a dog bite or a cat scratch? I ask because I have heard numerous vegans claim it is wrong to needlessly kill animals yet they will happily kill all insects and...
  30. Thurlor

    A question about languages.

    I figure that this is probably the most linguistically diverse 'community' that I am a part of so this might be a good place to ask this question. Does anyone know of any language in which meaning is formally embedded in the speed at which a word is said? So, if a word takes 0.5 seconds to...
  31. Thurlor

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    Thanks for all the responses. I've only just woken up so this will just be a few quick points. - I'm not sure that it is fear of the unknown as I doubt these people are fearful of tomorrow pr turning a corner or crossing a crested hill. - A fear of losing control would also result in being...
  32. Thurlor

    What we choose to fear makes no sense.

    It seems only logical to me that if a person fears x then they should also fear anything with a greater chance than x of occurring. A few examples; - People afraid of strangers should also fear friends and family as statistically we are more likely to be hurt by a loved one. - People afraid of...
  33. Thurlor

    Racism is innate

    Apparently every single community has a list of taboo topics. Kind of dissapointing that our taboo topics are the same as those of society in general.
  34. Thurlor

    Thoughts on circumcision

    I'm so disappointed that there is such a double standard for circumcision regarding boys and girls. If it is a girl it is automatically considered mutilation (FGM) despite the fact that at least 2 of the 5 forms of female circumcision practiced don't even involve the removal of any body parts...
  35. Thurlor

    Excuses for bullying.

    Thanks for all of the responses. I was starting to think my daughter and I were in the wrong. My daughter knows why she is being bullied, but as she has pointed out to her mother the why doesn't matter. Bullying is wrong. My daughter knows karate but she doesn't want to use it in a 'real'...
  36. Thurlor

    Excuses for bullying.

    My daughter (16) is going through an issue with being bullied. Nothing too bad, but enough to upset her. The other day she asked me why everyone is always making excuses for the bullies. Apparently her teachers and even her mother (my ex) have repeatedly told her that her bully is obviously...
  37. Thurlor

    Rape is usually about sex drive

    Yes, rape (by a male) requires sexual arousal. This implies that all prison rape is carried out by homosexuals or bisexuals. Why do you think rape is a learned behaviour? It seems more likely that not raping is a learned behaviour. Non-human animals rape, implying it is a natural behaviour...
  38. Thurlor

    Racism is innate

    I hate to be the one to ask this but what definition of racism are you using? What you are describing seems more like in-group vs out-group dynamics.
  39. Thurlor

    NS debate split from LBGT INTP

    I may be a bit late to all of this but here goes. No one seems to have mentioned bisexual individuals (maybe I missed it) and the possible role they could play in the heritability of homosexuality. Other than a search for truth, does it matter? What I mean is that this search for truth can...
  40. Thurlor

    How do we prove causation?

    @Grayman So a repeatable test in a controlled environment would be required? What if the environment can't be controlled? For example what if the studied environment was the solar system, how could it be controlled?
  41. Thurlor

    How do we prove causation?

    How exactly can causation of anything be proven (beyond any doubt)? Most of the time when I hear about x causing y it is just a correlation between x and y. Cigarettes and lung cancer, poverty and crime, etc. It seems rather unethical to claim knowledge of a cause when at best you have...
  42. Thurlor

    geometry and shape of universe seems to be not flat

    @sushi Wouldn't curvature be impossible to determine in an infinite universe? At any scale in which we observe the universe, wouldn't space appear 'flat'? @Cognisant All paths on the surface of a sphere are three dimensional. If you were to take a two dimensional path you would have to leave...
  43. Thurlor

    Who determines whether or not something is a joke?

    Just as the title asks. I'm not asking who determines whether or not something is funny as that seems to be a purely subjective determination. But whether or not something is a joke is a matter of fact. A person need not find every joke funny. Have any of you ever judged something to not...
  44. Thurlor

    In a perfect world, _____________________________________

    In a perfect world everyone would choose to do the right thing and there would be no need for governments to compel us.
  45. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    I think the term I am looking for is Regressive Tax. But all of the definitions of tax rates seem to focus on the percentage of income paid into taxes as opposed to the actual dollar amount which seems a bit disingenuous. Progressive Tax - The higher the income the higher the tax rate...
  46. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    The size of the community is irrelevant to my question. I'm just wondering what the name is for a tax system that charges everyone an equal figure.
  47. Thurlor

    What type of tax?

    What type of tax charges everyone the same dollar value (not tax rate)? As in the expenditure of a community divided by the population of a community. It's not a Flat Tax as that only refers to percentages.
  48. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    @Pizzabeak I'm not exactly sure how to reply to any of that.
  49. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    @Cognisant We know the exact value of pi. It is pi.
  50. Thurlor

    What can't be automated?

    Is there any productive activity that due to it's very nature can't be automated even with the use of some future Super AI? Personally, I think not. It seems to me that if a 'system' is capable enough then it can learn any activity that humans can. I'm not saying that everything that can be...
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