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  1. Dormouse

    Duelity Short

    So, here is a short film I loved a few years ago that I have recently re-discovered: YouTube - Duelity - Vancouver Film School (VFS) I suggest you watch it on this site, as some of the animation really is beautiful, plus you have the option of watching each stream seperately. Though...
  2. Dormouse

    Lions and Tigers and Predatory Bush Crickets

    For lovers of strange animals and the preservation of nature... http://www.arkive.org/ Has media on pretty much any creature you can think of, as well as a bit of info on endangered species and their protection. Lemurs, antelopes and dwarf adders: Yes, evolution is awesome.
  3. Dormouse


    Be it fundraising, asking for reference letters, or even shamelessly brown-nosing, I simply hate self-promotion. It annoys me in others, and if I try it myself I either fail miserably or just feel like an idiot. Being in my last year of highschool, I've begun applying for various...
  4. Dormouse


    We come in peace. Well, I do. We, I, only the tiniest of differences, right? Um, yeah Hello there! I just recently found out I am an INTP. Creepy test could apparently read my mind . . . Or at least knew alot more about how it works than most people seem to. So anyhow, I'm an...
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