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  1. SkyWalker

    Space station in spin makes artificial gravity, but why exactly?

    THIS IS QUITE A CHALLENGE... A space station in spin will make artificial gravity, this is the way we can live in space according to sci-fi. (e.g. So you can walk on the inside of the circle of the circular spinning ship and have artificial gravity) But now think relativity: You can also think...
  2. SkyWalker

    retarded ISFPs/ESFPs with disorders

    Lets talk about superretarded ISFPs/ESFPs (even though good ones exist). I mean those ISFPs/ESFPs gone bad, the evil hateful ones. The ones with an evil cluster B personality disorder (histrionic, borderline, narcissistic, etc). Think strippers, whores, and other low class trailer park scum...
  3. SkyWalker

    is EAV the DNA of memes?

    I challenge you guys: What meme/thought/concept cannot be stored in an Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) database? ----- Entity-Attribute-Value(EAV) storage model: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity%E2%80%93attribute%E2%80%93value_model memetics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memetics ------- I...
  4. SkyWalker

    ENFJ vs ESFJ

    I am trying to type a person. I am sure this person is ExFJ (e.g. an Fe-dom), yet I cant decide if its ENFJ or ESFJ. The person I am trying to type can talk a bit about abstract/big-picture ideas and can also talk a bit about details/facts/small-picture ideas. How would you guys decide if...
  5. SkyWalker

    female distraction & projects

    I have some major intellectual projects I want to finish in my life. They need immense focus and lots of time. I'm ENTP (NeTi) and I already have trouble finishing, but with discipline I can. The problem is that lust-for-the-female seems to destroy my discipline... Am I weak minded? I...
  6. SkyWalker

    Cult initiation by VI video typing is pretty smart

    Scientology's e-meter auditing was a pretty smart trick: You tell a person their most personal flaws (or strengths) and touch them on their core with this stuff, as if you have done something so magical nobody has ever done to them, and then you promise them you can improve them on that...
  7. SkyWalker

    Why is slavery wrong?

    I think slavery is wrong from a subject perspective, dont get me wrong, yet I can't conclude why if I rationally try?? So I am just devil's advocate here: ----- We keep livestock as cattle. Animals do work for us and we literally eat them. Because we farm animals we have more free time to do...
  8. SkyWalker

    Se vs Te: Freud's ID / pleasure principle <vs> Freud's ego / reality principle

    In Freudian psychology: The pleasure principle is the psychoanalytic concept describing people seeking pleasure and avoiding suffering (pain) in order to satisfy their biological and psychological needs The reality principle is the psychoanalytic concept describing circumstantial reality...
  9. SkyWalker

    Challenge: "Find a word without an antonym"

    Challenge: "Find a word without an antonym" My theory = "There exists no word which has no opposite word" (e.g. words/thoughts/concepts in our mind can exist as opposites only) Try to disprove it?
  10. SkyWalker

    VI: Visual Identification

    VI: Visual Identification ---- I know there is a branch of Socionics that say they can type people by visual interpretation. It would be so awesome to be able to do that. If you say it correctly to strangers, then you will shock the shit out of them! Can you imagine? What are the best books...
  11. SkyWalker

    My Active Imagination Experiment

    I bought and read Jung's "The Red Book" and I'm quite impressed by it. I'm going to try to do active imagination as Jung did it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_imagination http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Book_(Jung) According to the theory the unconsious is always on as background...
  12. SkyWalker

    IxxP: a P, but judgement function first

    The definition of J vs P: They say the Ps are more perceptive (more open to wait for more data from perception instead of deciding now) and the Js more decisive (less open to wait for more data from perception). So it would be logical that Js have a judgement function first and Ps have a...
  13. SkyWalker

    Feeling is group-thinking

    Feeling is group-thinking It is thinking for your collective/group/culture (whatever group you are associated with) instead of your independant self. Fi = Ti for the group Fe = Te for the group
  14. SkyWalker

    Explain difference between Si and Ni

    Could you guys give your personal best description of Si and Ni? For example: how do you recognize an ENTJ (TeNi) from an ESTJ (TeSi), as quickly as possible?
  15. SkyWalker

    Ti = Sleepy ?

    Te is answers to HOW questions (applicable solutions) Ti is answers to WHY questions (philosophical maps) Us INTPs and ENTPs (me) use Ti a lot. To me it feels as if Ti makes me sleepy. Is Ti a sleepy function? Does it work best in a kind of sleepy state? Does it have a slow rhythm as well...
  16. SkyWalker

    Raging ISFP (they call this introverted?)

    Can you guys help me type someone? I know someone, who is very people oriented (F), does not like to think or do logic (no T), and lives totally in the moment (never considers past or future) and reaps all benefits of the moment immediately (Se). He is extremely wasteful ( not Si) He is...
  17. SkyWalker

    Ni worries more than Ne?

    Are Ni-doms more prone to worrying / sadness / depression / pessimism, compared to Ne-doms? Your opinion please? And why? (lets leave Si/Se out to keep it simple)
  18. SkyWalker

    Are N-s more intelligent than S-es?

    I think N-s would score higher on IQ tests than S-es on average
  19. SkyWalker

    Irrational/perception = without choice, Rational/judgement = choice (profound!)

    Irrational/perception = without choice, Rational/judgement = choice -------------------------------- Perception is without choice: If I show you the color red, you can't help but perceive it. It is not a matter of choice. Perception functions (Se, Si, Ne, Ni) are not influenceable by you...
  20. SkyWalker

    In search of the dominant Jungian functions of Narcissists (NPD), Borderliners (BPD) and Histrionics

    In search of the dominant Jungian functions of Narcissists (NPD), Psychopaths/Anti-Socials (ASPD), Borderliners (BPD) and Histrionics (HPD) ---- These cluster B personality disorders are a type-gone-wrong. I would like to find the dominant functions of these types-gone-wrong. My best guess...
  21. SkyWalker

    Mapping Big Five to Jungian functions

    0% Extraversion = Fi 100% Extraversion = Fe 0% Orderliness/Conscientiousness = Ti 100% Orderliness/Conscientiousness = Te 0% Inquisitiveness/Openness = Te/Ti/Fe/Fi dominance (Judging/rational dominance) 100% Inquisitiveness/Openness = Se/Si/Ne/Ni dominance (Perception/irrational dominance) 0%...
  22. SkyWalker

    Jungian "Tree of Life" (Wow!)

    WOW! I have "discovered" the Jungian Tree of Life! It is the graph of how the 8 Jungian functions are connected according to MBTI's table of function ordering. It looks a bit similar to the Kaballah's Tree of Life. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirot ) The logic behind the graph...
  23. SkyWalker

    The new movie limitless

    What do you guys think of the new movie Limitless? Ritalin propaganda?
  24. SkyWalker

    Ti&Fi or Te&Fe combo is impossible in the first 4, why oh why?

    This would be the full judgement spectrum: And this would be the partial judgement spectrum of MBTI: In MBTI the Te&Fi combo and the Ti&Fe combo are linked in the first 4 functions (see table): - The more Te, the less Fi, and vice versa. - The more Ti, the less Fe, and vice versa...
  25. SkyWalker

    ADD = Ti, ADD in hyperfocus = Te, thus Ti&Te in the same person

    ADD-ers constantly avoid the wrong task, This is strong Ti at work. Thoughts are task. ADD-ers constantly avoid the wrong line-of-thought, that's why they switch line-of-thought all the time, that's why they procrastinate etc... To explain it in a bad way: They pretty much do something only to...
  26. SkyWalker

    the F-function is mammalian? (limbic system related?)

    I can see the same human MBTI types in other mammals. I guess you all agree with that. However, I dont see it in non-mammals, like reptiles. The entire F-function seems to be missing in reptiles. Reptiles seem indifferent selfish thinkers to me. They seem to have a T-function, but no...
  27. SkyWalker

    Ti-dom = P-dom (P-dom does not exist, MBTI is wrong)

    Te pursues the pleasure of task completion > Te manifests/finishes/single-tasks Ti avoids the pain of the wrong task. > Ti procrastinates/complicates/philosophizes/switches-tasks/multi-tasks I think all xxxP types have more Ti, thats why they seem to keep on perceiving instead of deciding...
  28. SkyWalker

    Expanding Earth theory! (WOW!)

    YouTube - Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing
  29. SkyWalker

    only seeing win <vs> only seeing loss

    I have observed the following in real life: A- some people only see what is there to win (blind for losses), e.g. the opportunistic/gambling type B - some people only see what is there to lose (blind for winnings), e.g. the over-safe type. C - and some probably also see both A & B in equal...
  30. SkyWalker

    my new simplified perception hypothesis

    Se perception focuses on what there (ALREADY) IS to WIN Ne perception focuses on what there MIGHT BE to WIN Ni perception focuses on what there MIGHT BE to LOSE Si perception focuses on what there (ALREADY) IS to LOSE opinions please?
  31. SkyWalker

    Can introverts have NPD? (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

    There is a scale of narcissism in personality from lack of narcissism to healthy narcissism to extreme narcissism (NPD). I know quite a few extreme NPD-ers and I have typed them all as ENTJ up to now. I think ENTJ is quite prone to narcissism. Of course introverts can be narcissitic as well...
  32. SkyWalker

    Who's into memetics?

    What books/websites do you recommend? what is your opinion on the subject?
  33. SkyWalker

    What is EVIL?

    define it
  34. SkyWalker

    DID: Dissociative Identity Disorder; Alters same or different MBTI type?

    “What is dissociative identity disorder? Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a mental illness that involves the sufferer experiencing at least two clear identities or personality states, also called alters, each of which has a fairly consistent way of viewing and relating to the world. Some...
  35. SkyWalker

    Challenge: name an absolute moral (a moral that is true for every human culture)

    killing - not absolutely wrong, because killing a bastard makes you a hero lying - not absolutely wrong, because it might save your life cannibalism of an already dead friend - not absolutely wrong, because he's dead already and it's a waste of meat etc come with something better that...
  36. SkyWalker

    The logic behind alternating e/i in function ordering of MBTI types?

    What is the logic behind alternating extraversion/introversion in function ordering of MBTI types? For example, INTP: Dominant: Introverted Thinking Auxiliary: Extraverted Intuition Tertiary: Introverted Sensing Inferior: Extraverted Feeling Question 1: What is the source? What is the first...
  37. SkyWalker

    damaged feeler?

    I (male 31) had a date yesterday with a pretty hot 22-year old girl. She is a Feeler and kind of histrionic/theatrical, not just in the way she acts, but also even in the way she dresses (provocative). After arriving with her in a restaurant and saying my name for the reservation: I asked the...
  38. SkyWalker

    anybody out there that knows Kaballah?

    I have a hunch that 8 of the 10 sephirots can map to Te/Ti/Fe/Fi/Se/Si/Ne/Ni. Anybody here with Kaballah knowledge that likes to discuss that? example: binah / chockmah pair = thinking (introverted and extraverted opposites of thinking), etc...?
  39. SkyWalker

    Overcoming your type restrictions, possible?

    Do you guys think it is possible to overcome your type? Is it possible to develop all functions equally in perfect balance (so you will have no primary function and no inferior function)? For each situation a certain type would be most beneficial / have the best tactical advantage. - Would...
  40. SkyWalker

    what is the most dominant/aggressive type?

    What is the most dominant/agressive type? Or if it is about one function, what primary function will make a person more dominant/agressive?
  41. SkyWalker

    Ne vs Ni vs Se vs Si

    Ne vs Ni and Se vs Si - Can you guys explain the i/e difference to me in S and N? I am trying to make sense out of it...
  42. SkyWalker

    how vs why thinking opposites

    There are 2 opposite ways of thinking: - How to finish the task? > Creates sub-tasks (builds a task tree structure) - Why to finish the task? > Looks for the super-task (destroys a task tree structure / goes back to root) Both are thinkers, both are not really concerned with Feeling...
  43. SkyWalker

    Enneagram, how would it map to MBTI?

    Since the Enneagram personality theory has an uneven number of types (9 types), I came to the idea that one of the types of the Enneagram (probably the middle one) would be an all-round/balanced type? The one that is missing from MBTI? Although this is just an <intuitive> hunch.. I am not...
  44. SkyWalker

    Opinions on Feeling (F) of MBTI

    Feeling (F) = empathy = thinking about OTHERS. - Introverts (I) & Extraverts (E) think about OTHERS, both in their own special way. - The Ambivert is a non-introvert & non-extravert, basically indifferent to OTHERS. I suggest the Ambivert is the pure Thinker (T) of MBTI I suggest T makes...
  45. SkyWalker

    my pain & pleasure model of MBTI dimensions (your opinion appreciated)

    MY PROPOSAL FOR A PAIN AND PLEASURE MODEL: --- judging = pursue the pleasure of task/thought completion - effect: single-tasking of thoughts (shuts down options and enforces will over enviroment) = focus/long-attention-span/internal-how-questions perceiving = avoid the pain of wrong...
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